Power banks are one of the most important mobile gadgets in Zambia today. Apart from the fact that the device helps curb the distressing effect of the unstable power supply in the country, it also serves as a convenient and handy way to power and charge your mobile devices regardless of where you are.

50000 mah power bank price in zambia

It is not enough to have a power bank; it is also important to be sure the power bank can serve you very well. There is no power bank as reliable as one with 50,000 mAh power capacity. While there are only a few brands that manufacture this heavy-loaded power bank as it stands, it is still important to take a look at how much they go for. This post considers prices of various 50, 000 mAh power banks in Zambia today.

Prices of 50,000mAh Power Banks in Zambia

Power banks come in different power output qualities, sizes, and designs. While some brands have enjoyed a level of monopoly in the market, new ones are emerging daily and making names for themselves with high quality products.

For the purpose of this article, we will be looking at the prices of the ultra-high-capacity power banks specifically the 50, 000 mAh. This high-capacity power bank can power larger devices like laptops. If you’re planning to purchase an ultra-high capacity power bank to keep your gadgets powered, here are the prices for most of them;

  • MAXOKA 50, 000 mAh 6 Port (5/12/120v) Power Bank – KW46,000 – KW50, 000
  • SMART DIGITAL (5v/8.4v/9v/12v) Power Bank – KW52, 000 – KW55, 000
  • POWERADD 50, 000 mAh Power Bank – KW40, 000 – KW45, 000
  • KRISDONIA 50, 000mAh laptop power bank – KW64, 000 – KW67, 000
  • VOLESSENCE 50, 000mAh Laptop Power Bank (5/8.4/9/12/16/20V) – KW54, 000 – KW58, 500
  • IMUTO 183Wh 50, 000 mAh Portable Power Bank – KW54, 000 – KW55, 000
  • ASMOTECH 50, 000 mAh Power Bank – KW50, 000 – KW55, 000
  • CALLMATE 50, 000 mAh Portable Power Bank – KW54, 000 – KW55, 000
  • ROMOSS PEA57 50000mAh Portable Power Bank ­ – KW53, 000 – KW56, 000
  • AUS 50, 000 mAh Power Bank – KW54, 000 – KW55, 500

The prices above are estimated values of prices as seen in current market prices in Zambia. Variation in prices is due to some market factors such as the manufacturer (some brands are known to be expensive), place and period of purchase, and most importantly the exchange rate of the Naira against international currencies.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Power Bank

We already established earlier that power banks come in various power qualities, sizes, design and overall durability.  No matter the brand one is purchasing it is advised to consider some important factors before purchase.

There is a colossal amount of options when it comes to power banks in the market. And it can be a backbreaking task to make a good choice in this pool of options.  It will be worthy to note that despite the large number of brands available, there are differences between them, thus below is factors to consider before spending money on Power Bank:


One of the very important factors to consider when buying a power bank, regardless of the power capacity, is the brand. While some brands have established themselves among the very best in the industry, some others are still trying to find where they belong. It is advisable to go for a brand that is already established in the industry. You can read reviews about the brand and see what people who use their products have to say about the brand.


You should also consider how portable the power bank you are going for is. Generally, the bigger the power capacity of a power bank, the heavier the device will likely be. If you are considering a 50, 000 mAh capacity power bank, then you should be conscious of how heavy the device is. Hence, you should be careful to chose one that suits your lifestyle. A very heavy 50, 000 mAh power bank does not necessarily mean it would be more efficient than a lighter one of the same power capacity.

Power Output and Capacity

The power capacity of a power bank is the primary reason you are buying it. Any power bank, you are buying must have least, x3 of your device’s battery and 2.1A output and at least 2 amperage to charge. This aids in charging your device multiples times and also helps the power bank to fast charge.

USB Port Connections

The number of USB each power banks come with is another thing to consider when getting one. It is ideal only when you have multiple devices to charge at once.

The numbers of output ports of a power bank affect output current when charging multiple devices simultaneously.  But that will be negligible when using an ultra-high capacity power bank .So it is advisable to get a higher power capacity of power when intending to use more USB ports.

Battery Type

It is important to also consider the type of rechargeable battery technology the power bank is made of. Generally most the power banks are made of either Lithium Ion (Li-ion) or Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol) Battery.

Note: All battery types are susceptible to different levels of risk of fire/explosion due to the inherent nature of electric current. So it is advisable to get an in-built Li-Poly battery with double overcharge and discharge protection. This is very important for regions with voltage volatility.

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