is an online resource designed to help Zambians (and others) to keep abreast of current prices of products and services available in the country.

The site was created in December 2020 to fill one of the most pressing needs of Zambians, which is to know the price (and other details) of any product or service before hitting the market for it. And for those who are not ready to buy the product or service yet, the information available on the site will help them plan and draw budgets with correct and concrete figures in mind.

It should be noted that the website does not sell any products or services directly. What it majorly does is to reveal the current prices of products and services, compare prices between the various options within the same category, and (sometimes) give recommendations on how and where to get the best offers in Zambia.

More importantly, the website also features valuable details about each product or service that will help users make well-informed buying decisions, especially since there is more to buying a good product or service than just knowing its price.

So, whether you are ready to buy a product or service and are looking for the best price available in Zambia, or you simply want to be informed as regards the price, this website is for you.

Already, we have posted the current prices of various products and services that cut across multiple categories, and we strive to the best of our capacity to update these bits of information as at when due. We are still expanding and hope to achieve, within a short period, our goal of becoming Zambian’s most preferred site for information on latest prices of products and services available in the country.

Why we stand out

  • We do not just publish prices. For each product or range of products, we explain why prices vary, and we give additional details that you need as a potential buyer to make a buying decision that you will never regret.
  • The details on our site are constantly updated. So, you can rest assured that you are getting information that you can really trust.
  • Our site is user-friendly. Just check the list of categories in the sidebar and navigate through to get more details about any product or service.

Our mission

To help Zambias make well-informed buying decisions by revealing the current prices and other helpful details about products and services available in the country.

Our vision

To become Zambia’s number one authority site for information on current prices (and other valuable details) of products and services.