Apple needs no introduction. Right from their classy logo down to their innovative and absolutely fascinating products, no one can doubt the completeness and the absolute quality of the brand. Since their establishment some decades ago, the brand has always been on the up and from the products they introduce to the market every year, they rank among the most innovative brands in the gadget industry. There is only one major challenge with the brand, and especially, their latest 4k TV.

Apple TVs, just like other Apple products, are expensive. In fact, their products are always among the most expensive in whichever industry they dive into; their phones, computers, smartwatches, among other products. Although these products guarantee absolute value for your money, they are still considered costly when compared with other brands.

apple tv prices in zambia

In this post, we will take a look at the prices of the types of Apple TVs available in Zambia. We will also consider reasons why the TVs are considered among the best and also take a look at why some are sceptical about purchasing one.

Prices of Apple TVs in Zambia

Apple TVs are available in two types; the 32GB and 64GB 4k TVs.  The main difference is the sizes of inbuilt memory available for each.  The 4th generation 32GB 4K TV can be purchased for between KW100, 000 – KW120, 000 while the 4th generation 64GB 4K TV can be gotten for between KW115, 000 – KW140, 000 in the current market. The variation in these prices is as a result of certain factors which include the time and period of purchase, currency exchange rate among other factors.

As it stands, Apple TVs can only be gotten in certain places and parts of the country. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and are also available in Apple stores around the country. Although they are also available for purchase in some online stores, they are still not popular in the TV market in Zambia.  If you are a TV lover and fan of Apple, then Apple TV should be your next target.

Things You Will Like About Apple TVs

Whether or not the Apple TV is worth it is actually a personal judgement. Generally, the TV has been top notch and with lots of positive reviews, one can successfully class the Apple TV among the very best TVs available today. Still wondering why? Let us take a look at some of the advantages of Apple TVs.

  • Fast Processor: When it comes to responsiveness, you have nothing to worry about with Apple TV. The both types available today are very responsive, thanks to the processor.
  • Lovely Design: Apple never slacks in design. All their products show how creative and innovative they are with designs. The Apple TV is compact, classy and sleek. They are designed in a way as to suit other devices. They also add elegance to wherever they are placed.
  • 4k Video Support: Although the Apple TV cannot connect to all TVs, they support 4K and HDM Videos. The great news is that most new-generation TVs are 4K TVs which makes the connectivity less stressful.
  • Amazing Viewing Experience: Apple TVs offer viewers amazing experience with endless online streaming possibilities, amazing online channels and Apple channels.

Things You May Not Like About Apple TVs

  • Expensive: This is no news. If you are a follower of Apple, you will know by now how expensive their products are. You may need a minimum of KW140, 000 to buy one.

Apple TVs: Other Things You Need to Know

Apple is probably the last name that comes to mind when it comes to televisions. In fact, there is a chance you don’t know an “Apple TV’ exist before you opened this article. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Apple TVs are not the most popular TVs in this part of the world. If you are a fan of Apple gadgets and are familiar with their Operating System, then you surely know what to expect from this exotic and unique TV.

Apple is more than just a brand; it is becoming a legacy. They have built a lasting reputation that ranks them among the best in whatever industry they dive into. Their phones are among the best and the most sought after in the market; their PCs rule the computer market; and you can surely expect their TVs to dominate in coming years. Apple TVs bring us to another level of TV experience.  With Apple TVs, you can easily connect to the internet, watch the latest movies, follow the latest happenings all over the world, and lots more. It tight, relax, Apple TV is the next big thing.

The overall functionality of this TV is just magnificent; from the compact box to the remarkable in-built features, you can be guaranteed a nice time with the Apple TV. The TV offers users the opportunity to rent and watch movies, football matches or your favourite program on HD. You can easily choose from thousands of movies available in High Definition right there in your room. You can also surf the net, browse and stream live videos including football matches, YouTube trending videos, your favourite TV shows and other related programs. The Apple TV brings a greater level of convenience for TV lovers.

The latest 4K Apple TV supports various TV connections. They can be used with various TVs that is 4K enabled.  With lots of new generation TVs now 4K enabled, getting a TV that supports the Apple TV is not a problem. Apple TVs are mainly available in two different types. Although both of the available types boast of almost the same features, the main difference is the inbuilt storage capacity. One boasts of 32GB inbuilt capacity, while the other has 64G inbuilt capacity.

The Apple TV has been gracefully embraced in Zambia. Although they are not the most sought after TVs in Zambia and are quite unknown at this stage, they are rated as one of the best available. Fans of Apple will know well what the brand is capable of and anticipate the success of the TV in the market.

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