Apple is not the most popular names when it comes to watches. In fact, the brand might be the last you will mention when asked to name brands of watches you know. This doesn’t change the fact that Apple watches are one of the most high-tech watches available today. In simple words, Apple watches bring the world to your wrist. Welcome to a generation where you can access the world on your wrist. Welcome to the ecosphere of Apple watch.

If you desire a watch that combines swagger with quality and durability, then Apple watch should be among the first brands you consider. Apple have built a reputation for themselves in the phone industry and continue to show their excellence in the production of this smartwatch series. Only few would have imagined the possibilities Apple watch bring few years back. What gives Apple watch edge in the market is the special feature that helps you connect your phone to your wristwatch.

apple watch prices in zambia

Considered as Apple’s most personal device ever, Apple Watch allows users to do every day things more conveniently. When you surf through the features of Apple Watch, you might easily forget it was mainly designed to check the time. The truth is, Apple watch is not just a watch, it is a wrist-computer. The watch boast of high technology and yet simple tantalizing features. You can even monitor your heart rate and body temperature with the watch.

You will expect the Zambian market to welcome this innovation with open arms. Deservedly so, Apple watch is becoming the latest watch trend in the nation. Although the likes of Gucci and Rolex still record more sales, Apple watches are gradually moving towards the peak in the wristwatch market. In fact, it is now among the top five most sought after wristwatches in major cities in the country. Price aside, Apple watch is the definition of the perfect gentleman wristwatch.

Prices of Apple Watch in Zambia

The Apple watch is becoming more popular by the day. It is readily available in watch and computer stores across the country. It can also be purchased from online stores or local Apple distributors across the country.

Here are the prices of the Apple watches available in the market today.

  • Apple smartwatch Series 3: KW170,000 – KW240,000
  • Apple Smart Watch Series 2: KW150,000 – KW180,000
  • Apple Smart Watch Series 1: KW140,000 – KW150,000

The variation in prices is as a result of inconsistent currency exchange rate, custom  charges and other similar factors.

Things You Should Know About the Apple Watch

Apple is regarded as one of the top mobile phone manufacturing companies. They are known for their high-class, unique, creative and outstanding phone models. Their diving into watches does not come as a real surprise though. Close followers of the Apple brand will by now be used to their ground-breaking inventions and willingness to do more. Thankfully, the Apple watch is another testimony of that.

The Apple watches practically make life easier to live, with their scintillating features allowing for more convenient day to day activities. Apple watches feature in-built sensors that keep track of the wearer’s heart rate. They also feature apps that enable wear make or receive phone calls, send and messages and chat with Siri. The Apple smartwatch, like it is also called, opens the floor for a generation of computerized watches that can be easily connected to your cell phone.

Since the release of the first model some 3 years ago, the product has powerfully evolved to be among the most computerized wristwatch in the market. Two more series have been released since, with the latest Apple Watch series released less than a year ago. Although there are no much differences in the functionality of the three series, the latest versions are more fashionable, convenient to wear and are generally easier to operate.

Apple Watches can be personalized. In fact, the WatchOS 2 takes personalization to a new level. It enables you to customize your watch face. You can decide to use the default watch face or use your favourite image as you watch face every time you wear the watch on your wrist. The WatchOS 2 also comes with lots more interaction choices. The OS redefines the way you express yourself and makes it easier to navigate around the general interface of the smartwatch.

Apple watches may not be the finest fitness tracker in the market, but it features apps that will enable you keep track of your metrics like numbers of step walked, calories burned and heat rate. The classy design of Apple watches makes it convenient for people to wear and goes with any outfit and occasion. It is not too flashy but will always be noticed. It suits official settings as well as informal gathering.

The first version of Apple watch could not run third-party apps without an iPhone. This has been one of the few limitations many users have noticed. This challenge has been resolved in the latest series of Apple watch. Users can now launch apps on latest Apple watches.

Things You Will Like About Apple Smartwatch

Apple Watch is fast becoming a trend in the market. While it is not the cheapest of watches available, it guarantees you value for your money. Here are some things you will surely like about the Apple Watch.

  • Fashionable Design: Apple watch is one of the finest wristwatches you will ever see. Apple are never short of designs and is evident in their phones. The sleek, simple and classy design makes the watch suitable for any and every occasion. It is also so convenient that you might forget you have a computer in your wrist.
  • Smart Interphase: The interface of Apple smartwatch is so smooth that you can easily forget it is not a mobile phone. The 2nd and 3rd series offer amazing user experience more than the first.
  • Convenient OS Update: Like Apple smartphones, the Apple watch OS updates conveniently and fast, making it easier to use and enjoy better experience.

Things You May Not Like About Apple Smartwatch 

Apple watch is great, but it has some very few downsides. Here are some,

  • Costly: You will expect a watch like this to be expensive. Although it has made exploit in the market, the watch is not the cheapest available.
  • Battery Life: The battery is not very strong and might need consistent charging. The batter life is just one day.
  • Limited In-Built Apps: Unlike the iPhone, the Apple watch as limited in-built apps. While it is possible to download other apps on it, the options of available apps are limited for now.

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