Tablets are becoming extremely popular in Zambia and it is quite easy to see why. They are easy to handle, convenient and very mobile. They combine the features of PC and easy usability of mobile phones. They are smaller than a PC and larger than mobile phones.

With the market of tablets growing every day, lots of manufacturers have entered the industry, manufacturing breath-taking products that combine class with efficiency. With the array of options available, buying a tablet has only become more difficult. Hence, the need to go for brands that have been tested and won the admiration of the general public, one of which include ASUS.

asus tablets prices in zambia

If you are a follower and lover of gadget modern day gadget, you will understand why ASUS not only ranks among the best tablet brands in the market but also stands among the most sought after. The tablets are strictly designed for those that appreciate efficiency, durability, strength and class in a tablet. ASUS tablets are sleek and compact, beautifully designed in different colours. Apart from the fact that they boast among the most functionally efficient tablets in the market, they boast of features that user friendly. They are so easy to use that even kids can easily operate the tablets.

ASUS tablets, like any other brand, are available in different types. These types vary in sizes, RAM sizes, internal storage capacities, battery strength, screen resolution and other basic features. They also, of course vary in prices. The prices of ASUS tablets are dependent on the features already mentioned and the year of production. They are readily available in various mobile gadget and computer stores across the country. They can also be purchased via online platforms.

Prices of Asus Tablets in Zambia

In this post, we will take a look at various ASUS tablets available today and how much they go for in the market. It should be noted that the variation in the prices below is as a result of certain factors which include time and place of purchase, currency exchange rate and other similar factors.

Here are the ASUS tablets available in the market today.


When it comes to portability and mobility, it is hard to look beyond ZenPad S. This sleek tablet is so portable that you can carry it everywhere with you and barely even notice the weight. Thanks to its IPS LCD display screen, the picture quality is top notch. With no question, ZenPad S is among the best tabs in the modern gadget market. The tablet runs on a 2 GB RAM and is available in three storage models: 16GB, 32 Gb and 64GB. It features a 5 MP primary camera (8MP for some few models) and 2MP secondary camera.

Price: KW90, 000 – KW115, 000

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

If you are a gamer, then this tablet is a no brainer for you. Favourite among young people, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity gives you that amazing experience just like your PC. It is built in such a way as to handle the most demanding gaming applications thanks to its Nvidia Tegra 3 Processor. Graphics is wonderful and the RAM size only makes you fall in love with the tablet.

Price: KW120, 000 – KW170, 000

ASUS Transformer Book T100

This tablet is perfect for everyday use. With basic features and standard requirements all met in the tablet, you can comfortably use the tab without any issues. They boast of relatively powerful battery and operates smoothly with complex professional software packages like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Powerpoints. The tablet comes with Windows office making it a great option for students and entrepreneurs.

Price: KW85, 000 – KW100, 000

ASUS MemoPad 7

If you are just starting to use a tablet, then MemoPad is a great option. The tablet is relatively easy to use and boasts of user-friendly features. The tab also comes with ASUS’ ZenUI interface that allows you to customize the tablet to suit you in every way possible.

Price: KW45, 000 – KW60, 000


The Asus VivoTab RT hybrid gives you the best of both laptop, in terms of functionality, and tablet, in terms of portability, worlds thanks to its detachable keyboard. They are among the tablets with the strongest battery life which can last up to 16 hours of continuous use.

Price: KW180, 000 – KW330, 000

ASUS ZenPad 10.1

This is another ASUS tablet that you can carry without noticing the weight. They are beautifully built and compactly designed. They are highly efficient and boast of powerful features including the ASUS PixelMaster camera, ZenUI personal assistant and VisualMaster.  It runs on Android OS v6.0 (Marshmallow) and boast of 8 MP primary camera and 5 MP secondary camera. It also features 7800 mAh battery capacity and 3 GB RAM.

Price: KW115, 000 – KW140, 000.

ASUS ZenPad 3S

This tablet has an amazingly fast hexa-core processor and a 4GB RAM. It is highly efficient and widely regarded among the best tablets available today.

Price: KW120, 000 – KW170, 000

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