In the heart of Southern Africa, Zambia is witnessing a surge in the gaming industry. With the rise of eSports and the increasing demand for high-performance hardware, the market for gaming laptops in Zambia is booming. This article will provide an in-depth look at the best gaming laptops available in Zambia, their key specifications, and where to buy them.

Understanding Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are a breed apart. Unlike their regular counterparts, they’re built to handle the intense demands of modern video games. They come with high-end processors, powerful graphics cards, ample RAM, and fast, spacious storage. But what makes a laptop suitable for gaming?

Best Gaming Laptops in Zambia

Key Specifications to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop

  1. Processor (CPU): The CPU is the brain of your laptop. For gaming, you’ll want at least a quad-core processor, like the Intel Core i5 or i7, or AMD Ryzen 5 or 7.
  2. Graphics Card (GPU): The GPU renders images, animations, and videos. For gaming, a dedicated GPU like the NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon series is a must.
  3. RAM: RAM is your laptop’s short-term memory. The more RAM you have, the smoother your games will run. Aim for at least 8GB, though 16GB is ideal for more demanding games.
  4. Storage: Games take up a lot of space, so ample storage is essential. An SSD (Solid State Drive) is faster and more reliable than an HDD (Hard Disk Drive), though it’s usually more expensive.
  5. Display: For a great gaming experience, look for a laptop with a high-resolution display (at least 1080p) and a high refresh rate (120Hz or higher).
  6. Battery Life: Gaming can drain a laptop’s battery quickly. If you plan to game on the go, look for a laptop with a long battery life.

Best Gaming Laptops in Zambia

In Zambia, several brands offer gaming laptops that cater to different budgets and needs. Here are some of the best options available:

  1. HP Omen: The HP Omen series is known for its powerful performance and sleek design. With high-end specs and a fast refresh rate, it’s a top choice for gamers.
  2. Lenovo Legion: Lenovo’s Legion laptops offer a great balance of price and performance. They’re equipped with the latest processors and graphics cards, making them suitable for most games.
  3. Dell Alienware: Alienware, Dell’s gaming line, is renowned for its high-quality build and top-notch performance. These laptops are on the pricier side but are worth the investment for serious gamers.
  4. Asus ROG: The Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) series offers a range of gaming laptops with powerful specs. They’re known for their innovative cooling systems, which help maintain performance during long gaming sessions.
  5. Acer Predator: Acer’s Predator laptops are another excellent choice for gamers. They offer a good balance of performance and price, with features like high-refresh-rate displays and customizable RGB lighting.

Remember, the best gaming laptop for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider the types of games you want to play and any other tasks you’ll be using your laptop for.

What are the best gaming laptops in Zambia?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best gaming laptops in Zambia in 2019. These laptops can be able to run the latest games at medium to high settings. The FRAME RATESwill be in the high double digits.

Criteria used, gaming laptops in Zambia with more than 2GB of graphics card memory only. Also, Intel Core i7 CPU is chosen exclusively. We decide not to include Intel Core i5 since you will run into various bottlenecks when using them for running the latest games. Furthermore, computers with 4GB RAM have also been left out.

This article, also contains both the major graphics card producers (i.e. NVIDIA and ATI/AMD). The laptops are available at Jumia. Use the links provided to view the laptops. Also, find out the cheapest laptops at Jumia.

The list below has the best gaming laptops in Zambia (2023)

Price: Kshs 150,000Jumia Zambia Offer

Price: Kshs 100,000
Price: Kshs 80,000
Price: Kshs 75,000
Price: Kshs 72,000
Price: Kshs 72,000
Price: Kshs 85,000
Price: Kshs 80,000
Processor Intel® Core™ i7-7500U (2.7 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 7TH generation
Graphics AMD Radeon™ R7 M440 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)
Ram 8 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM 1 x 8 GB, Transfer rates up to 2133 MT/s
Storage Space 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA
Display 15.6 inch diagonal HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit (1366 x 768)
Operating System FreeDOS 2.0
Weight 2.23 Kgs
Pros Latest generation of intel core i7 processor, Radeon graphics processor
Cons Screen

The best gaming laptops Price list in Zambia

Laptop Price
HP Omen: Core i7, 4GB Graphics Kshs 150,000 Jumia Zambia Offer
HP ENVY M7: Core i7, 2GB NVidia Kshs 100,000 View Jumia Discount
HP 15-ay120ne: Core i7, 2GB Radeon Kshs 80,000 See Offer at Jumia
HP Probook 450 G3: Core i7, 2GB Radeon Kshs 75,000 Order Now
HP 15-ay014ne: Core i7, 2GB Radeon Kshs 72,000 Buy Now
Toshiba Satellite L50t-B1388: Core i7, 2GB Radeon Kshs 85,000 See Jumia Offer
HP 15: Core i7, 2GB Radeon Kshs 80,000 SEE JUMIA KENYA OFFER

Where to Buy Gaming Laptops in Zambia

You can buy gaming laptops in Zambia both online and offline. Here are some places to consider:

  1. Online Retailers: Websites like ZambiaPrice offer a wide range of gaming laptops. You can compare prices, read reviews, and have your laptopdelivered right to your doorstep.
  2. Electronics Stores: Physical stores like Game Stores and Mobile City offer a variety of gaming laptops. You can check out the laptops in person and get advice from the sales staff.
  3. Authorized Resellers: Brands like HP, Dell, and Lenovo have authorized resellers in Zambia. These stores offer the latest models and often have knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right laptop.

When buying a gaming laptop, remember to compare prices and check for any ongoing sales or discounts. Also, consider the warranty and after-sales service.

Maintaining Your Gaming Laptop

Investing in a gaming laptop is just the first step. To ensure your laptop lasts and performs at its best, you need to maintain it properly. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep it Clean: Dust and dirt can clog your laptop’s vents, causing it to overheat. Regularly clean your laptop’s keyboard, screen, and vents.
  2. Update Your Software: Keep your operating system, drivers, and games updated. Updates often include performance improvements and bug fixes.
  3. Use a Cooling Pad: Gaming can make your laptop hot. A cooling pad can help keep temperatures down and prevent overheating.
  4. Don’t Overcharge: Leaving your laptop plugged in all the time can degrade the battery. Try to keep your battery charge between 20% and 80%.
  5. Handle with Care: Gaming laptops are high-performance machines. Handle your laptop with care, and avoid dropping it or exposing it to extreme temperatures.

Remember, a good warranty and after-sales service can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong with your laptop.


The gaming industry in Zambia is growing, and with it, the demand for high-performance gaming laptops. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an eSports enthusiast, there’s a gaming laptop out there for you. From understanding the key specifications to knowing where to buy and how to maintain your laptop, we hope this guide has given you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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