bose home theatre price in zambia

Bose Home Theatre Prices in Zambia

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If you want a sound system that combines high quality sound output with durability and efficiency, then the Bose home theatre should be at the top of your list. There are reasons why Bose home theatres are rated among the best ever sound systems and these reasons are not farfetched. It will take you less than 2 minutes listening to the sweetness of the sounds that come out of Bose home theatres for you to fall in love with the brand.

Are you a fan of good music? Are you a person that loves to feel every sound in a movie or your favourite TV program? Then getting a Bose home theatre shouldn’t be an option for you, it should be among your “must buys”. Almost everything about this brand is worth praising. Is it the commanding presence the products boast of or their wonderful features? Don’t get this twisted, Bose home theatres are in a class of their own.

bose home theatre price in zambia

They are not the most popular home theatre brands, they might not have as much presence in this part of the world like other electronic brands, but they proudly stand as one of the best home theatre brands out there. Their products come in different sizes and models, with each model channelling the brand’s brilliance and high taste of smooth sounds.

Bose home theatres are more popular to DJs because of their heavy duty sound output. One thing you will get from Bose home theatre is efficiency and great sound delivery, whether in the house or for indoor or outdoor party. With Bose home theatre, the fun just begins.

Prices of Bose Home Theatres in Zambia

Bose home theatre are not the most popular brands in the market although they are gradually gaining their ground.  They have been in the market for a while and are only appreciated by those that really know the brand. Never disappointing, never out of place, Bose sound systems offer more than just a sound. They are available in limited models and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or distributors across the country. They are also available for purchase online and can also be bought from contemporary local dealers.

Here, we will take a look at prices of some common models of the brand. It should be noted that prices are not affected by the year of production of the products, they are rather determined by the features, place and time of purchase, currency exchange rate at the time of purchase and similar factors.

  • Bose Home theatre 738516-1100 Lifestyle: KW1.5 million – KW2.0 million
  • Bose Cinemate 120 Wireless Home theatre: KW1 million – KW1.2 million
  • Bose Acoustrimass 5 series home theatre: KW240,000 – KW300,000
  • Bose 20 series Home Theatre: KW150, 000 – KW200,000
  • Bose Sound System V35: KW1.2 million – KW1.5 million

Things You Will Like About Bose Home Theatre

Beauty: Bose home theatres have classy designs. They come in different colours and shapes. They can easily fit into any décor without any hitch and, apart from the wonderful sound output, beautify your living room, bars, party or anywhere they are placed, the more.

Sound Quality: When it comes to smooth and heavy duty sounds, only few brands can stand Bose. If you are a fan of great sound, then these gadgets are for you.

Ease of Use: The features are very easy to use. Instructions are clearly stated and explanatory. You don’t need any special technical knowledge about the gadget before you can use them. They are also very easy to set up.

Things You May Not Like About Bose Home Theatre

  • They are relatively expensive
  • Once faulty, you might require an expert to fix them.

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