Remember the slogan “water sustains life?” Well, it does and has become a huge business for so many entrepreneurs in Zambia. One aspect of the water business that has been booming for several years is the “bottled water business.”

A very important piece of equipment used in this business is known as the “bottled water machine.” Without this machine, you can scarcely run the bottled water business sustainably. In this post, we will discuss how much a bottled water machine costs in Zambia.

Bottled Water Machine Prices in Zambia (2022)</p

Cost of Bottled Water Machines in Zambia

There are different kinds of bottled water machines on the Zambian market. The major difference between these machines is their capacity. This refers to how many bottles that each machine can bottle per hour.

After checking different vendors offline and online, we have come up with a list of prices for you. Check the list below to find out more about the prices of bottled water machines in Zambia.

Automatic Bottled Water Machine – KW3.2 million to KW4 million


  • Automatic bottling line
  • 12 washing heads
  • 12 filling heads
  • Single capping machine
  • Conveyor line

Water Bottling Machine – KW7.5 million to KW8.5 million


  • Monobloc 8-8-3
  • 3000 bottles per hour
  • Water rinsing, bottling, and capping machine.
  • Bottles between 50CL and 1.5L
  • Designed for hygienic water production

Automatic Bottled Water Machine with Automatic Cap Loader – KW5 million to KW6 million


  • Monobloc 8-8-3
  • 4000 to 6000 bottles per hour
  • 8 washing heads
  • 8 filling nozzles
  • 3 capping heads
  • Capable of bottling other liquids

Automatic Bottle Water Machine – KW5.5 million to KW6.5 million


  • Straight-line bottling machine.
  • 12 washing heads
  • 12 filling nozzles
  • 1 capping head
  • Steam labelling
  • Highly efficient

Factors to consider when choosing a Bottled Water Machine

Starting a bottled water business is no child’s play. One of the most difficult aspects is finding a bottled water machine to suit your purposes. It is even more difficult when you are a novice in the industry.

As we mentioned above, the quality of the machine that you purchase is integral to the profitability of your business. Because of this, you must pay rapt attention to the machine that you will purchase. There are so many brands on the market, most of which are unknown to new entrants. This is why we added this section to show you some factors to consider when choosing a bottled water machine.

Machine accuracy

Bottled water machines are mostly automatic, as you would have seen from the list above. What this means is that accuracy is a very important factor in the operation of this machine. If the filling line is not accurate, you could be facing a lot of trouble that will stifle the growth of the business.

How is this so? When bottles are over-filled, then you have problems with your packaging. On the other hand, if they are filled below capacity, it could be a turn-off for your customers. Either way, you could have customers agitated and complaining about your end product. This could mean losing them to the competition which signifies a downturn in the market share of your brand.

We must not forget the fact that overfilling the bottles can also lead to wastage. This means that you will be spending more on running your company than you should. Your best bet is to seek professional help in checking the accuracy of the bottled water machine before purchase.

Level of automation

Great, you have money to invest in a bottled water machine and you know that it is accurate. That’s just part of the problem solved. You now need to figure out how much automation you want from your machine. What this means is that you must put into consideration your production capacity and how fast the machine can work.

You must have noticed from the machines listed above that each machine has a number of bottles it can fill per hour. Also, the machines have different capacities when it comes to washing heads, filling nozzles, and capping. There are a few questions that you must answer in this regard and we have listed them below:

  • How many bottles do you plan to fill per hour?
  • Do you need the machine to wash the bottles?
  • Should the machine cap the bottles after filling?
  • Can the machine accommodate an increase in production capacity over the next year?

These are just a few questions that you must answer. Your answers will make it easier for you to decide on what to do. This will save your company from unnecessary expenditure in the nearest future.

Level of integration

A very critical factor that you must consider is the ability of the bottled water machine to integrate other pieces of equipment. Most times, the problem lies in trying to integrate a manual component with an automatic machine.

Before you purchase a machine, you should take a peek into the future of your business. Factor in what other machines you might need to incorporate into the bottled water machine. Now, ask questions about the capacity of this machine to integrate such components. If it is not capable, we suggest that you move on.

Type of container

You must put the type of container that you will be using into consideration. The container is a very important aspect of the production process. Bottled water machines are no compatible with all kinds of containers.

As such, you must first figure out the kind of container that you want to use. After this, you should then consider if the machine that you want to purchase is capable of handling this sort of material. Some machines are designed to handle PET bottles while others will only work with glass bottles.


Finally, you need to consider how much you are willing and able to spend on a bottled water machine. The amount of funds at your disposal will determine to a large extent the kind of machine that you can purchase.

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