cat generator prices in zambia

CAT Generator Prices in Zambia

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You will be right to name CAT generators among the very best in the market today. They have not only established themselves among the most reliable in the industry, but their competitive prices also rate their products among the most sought after in the industrial generator market today.

This post takes a look at some of the brand’s most popular products, highlighting how much they go for in the current market.

cat generator prices in zambia

Prices of CAT Generators in Zambia

CAT generators are up there among the most sought-after industrial generators in Zambia today. Their products’ efficiency, ruggedness and durability mark them out among the very best. They are also readily available and can be gotten in various parts of the country. Here are prices of some of the most common CAT Industrial generators available today.

  • Mantrac 12.5 KVA GEP13.5 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW2.5 million – KW2.7 million
  • Mantrac 16 KVA GEP16.5 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW2.7 million – KW2.9 million
  • Mantrac 20 KVA GEP22 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW2.9 million – KW3.1 million
  • Mantrac 30 KVA GEP33 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW3.1 million – KW3.8 million
  • Mantrac 45 KVA GEP50 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW3.8 million – KW4.2 million
  • Mantrac 60 KVA GEP65 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW4.3 million – KW4.8 million
  • Mantrac 80 KVA GEP88 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW5.4 million – KW5.7 million
  • Mantrac 100 KVA GEP110 Mantrac Cat© Powered Generator Set – KW6.2 million – KW6.6 million

Kindly note that the variation in prices is as a result of some factors. These factors include place of purchase, currency exchange rate at the time of purchase and the period of purchase. For example, a CAT Generator that costs about two million in some parts of Lusaka or Lusaka may cost far less, or even more, in some other parts of the country.

Also, prices of industrial generators tend to increase during festive periods, especially towards the end of the year. Therefore, it is possible for a generator to cost KW4 million in the middle of the year and shoots up to KW4.5 million towards the end of the same year. All these factors have been considered in the estimated price ranges as listed above.

CAT Generators: Things You Will Like About Them

While the primary aim of a generator, whether industrial or smaller generators, is to serve as an alternative source of power, choosing a type of generator can be largely influenced by other core factors. The CAT industrial generator has been top choice for majority of the market in recent years and this section explains why. Here are some of the things you will surely like about CAT generators.

They are available in Different types: There are different types and classes of CAT industrial generators available. These types vary in output power. You can get one of as low as 12.5 KVA output rate and one as high as 100 KVA, or even more. This means regardless of the type and power output of the industrial generator you are searching for, you will most likely find it in the brand.

Efficiency: CAT industrial generators surely rates among the very best in the market today. The efficiency is at the very top and rates among the best around today. If you are looking to get an industrial generator that can serve you well at the needed efficiency, then the CAT generator should do.

Durability: To add to their efficiency, it is worth noting that CAT industrial generators are very durable. All their products have warranty that can be trusted to a very large extent. They are also easy to maintain and the warranty covers some faults that the generator might have within the specified period.

Value for Money: While some people might not feel very comfortable with the relatively expensive prices CAT industrial generators go for, there is no denying that the generators offer absolute value for the money. Considering the level of efficiency and durability, you wouldn’t be totally surprised by how much the products go for anyway. CAT is not the cheapest industrial generator brand in the market today, but when you use any of their products, you realise that the amount paid are probably worth it.

They are Easy to Operate: This is a vital factor to consider when buying an industrial generator. Unlike some other industrial generators in the market today, CAT generators are relatively easy to operate. While you might still require an expert to set up the generator, you wouldn’t need any serious supervision to operate the generator going forward. The CAT key start industrial generators are particularly easy to use and operate.

Products are Safe to use: Safety is another factor to consider when buying an industrial generator. In this part, CAT surely rates among the best. Most of CAT industrial generators boast of top-notch safety features. This reduces risk of accidents or fuel leakage.

Noise proof Design – Most CAT industrial generators are built with materials that will significantly reduce the noise when in use. Generally, industrial generators can be deafening when in use but the CAT generators do not make as much noise as most other brands.

CAT Generator: Things You May Not Like About The Generator 

Fuel Economy is not the Best: Generally, industrial generators consume a lot of fuel, hence they are not so economical. While some CAT industrial generators are quite fair in terms of fuel consumption, some are highly uneconomical.

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