With competition “office jobs” become stiffer by the day, many have resolved to establish their own businesses in Zambia. The CCTV industry has been one of the very lucrative industries over the past few years. The installation bit of the industry has especially been more commanding, with the importance of CCTV installation in offices, homes, supermarkets, and other places, growing by the day.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) installation has become increasingly popular in Zambia, with many businesses and homeowners seeking to improve their security. If you want to become a CCTV installer for a living or just want to learn how to set up a CCTV system for your own use, you might be wondering how much CCTV installation training costs in Zambia. Here, we will discuss the top 10 CCTV installation training providers in Zambia and their prices, as well as answer some common questions related to CCTV installation training.

Top 10 CCTV Installation Training Providers and Prices in Zambia:

ZEETECH Zambia: ZMW 1,500-2,500
Allied Institute of Technology Zambia: ZMW 2,000-3,000
RedDot Zambia: ZMW 1,500-2,500
Zambian Training Centre for Electronics: ZMW 2,500-3,500
ICT College Zambia: ZMW 1,500-2,500
SADC Technical Services: ZMW 3,000-4,000
WiseTech College Zambia: ZMW 2,500-3,500
Zambia Business and Technical College: ZMW 2,000-3,000
Tech Zone Zambia: ZMW 1,500-2,500
MoscoTech Training Institute: ZMW 2,500-3,500
The advantage of CCTV installation training is the ability to gain practical skills and knowledge in the field, allowing for a better understanding of how to install and maintain CCTV systems. Additionally, having this skill set can open up opportunities for employment or even starting your own CCTV installation business.

CCTV Installation Training Cost in Zambia

If you are looking to know more about CCTV installation training in Zambia today, you are on the right page. Here, we will take a look at core details about the training and how much they cost in various cities in the country.

CCTV installation Training Cost in Zambia Today

CCTV installation training does not have a fixed price and estimating how much it goes for can be quite tricky. This is because there are many factors that play a part in how much the training costs. One of the most important factors is the organization conducting the training. The bigger the organization, the more expensive the training costs. While some organizations that certify their candidates after the training, some others just train the candidates without offering them certificates of training.

Let us take a look at how much CCTV installation training cost in various cities in the country. The prices as highlighted below are as gathered in the current market from various sources.

CCTV Installation Training in Lusaka

Lusaka has the highest number of companies and is also one of the most populated cities in Zambia. Hence, it also marks the city with the stiffest competition when it comes to CCTV installation. There are so many agencies in Lusaka that conduct CCTV installation training. The training comes in various forms and modes. One should however, budget between KW20, 000 – KW100, 000 for a standard CCTV installation training, depending on the organization conducting the training, duration of the training and ode of the training.

Usually, the longer the number of days the training is scheduled for, the more expensive the training charges are. This is because the longer the training, the more the scope that’s be covered during the training. This could even avail the candidates opportunity to have enough practical classes to further stablish them on what they have learnt. Another factor that also determine the eventual cost of the training is the scope to be covered. While some training focuses mainly on the installation of CCTV only, some others take it a step further by teaching the candidates the engineering and maintenance of CCTV. The latter usually attract more learning charges and would likely cost more than the former.

CCTV Installation Training in Lusaka

Lusaka is another huge market for CCTV installation training. Just like in Lusaka, there are many organizations that conduct CCTV installation training in Lusaka. One can expect a standard training here to cost between KW40, 000 – KW100, 000 depending on the organization, the number of days the training is scheduled for, the general scope of the training.

Majority of the training agencies in Lusaka offer certificates of training or certificate of attendance after the training. I most cases though, the certificates are issued only after the agency is convinced of the candidates’ ability to install CTV without issues. To confirm this, the agencies organize mock examination and/or practical exercises for the candidates after the training. All these though, come at more expense, thereby making the overall training more expensive than the basic ones.

CCTV Installation Training in Port-Harcourt

The demand for surveillance cameras has increased in recent times and the need for the installation has also increased across the country. While the market here may not be as competitive as in Lusaka and Lusaka, it is still large enough to accommodate many agencies that conduct CCTV installation training. A standard CCTV installation training is not as expensive as in Lusaka. One should budget between KW20, 000 – KW60, 000 for a standard training on CCTV installation, depending on the factors already establish above.

While majority of these training agencies are locally based, a few of them are affiliated with bigger organizations within and outside the country. Most of the organizations conduct physical in-person training as online classes would not afford the candidates the opportunity for practical sections, which will limit their technical skills in the field.

CCTV Installation Training in Other Parts of Zambia

CCTV training courses are mainly designed to train Technicians through the various technical requirements required for the proper installation of a modern CCTV system. The training is readily available in various parts of the country. There are many training agencies that conduct this training in various cities including Enugu, Benin City, Akure, Kaduna, Jos, Kano, and many other cities across the country. Although training institutes may be limited in these areas, there are a few that are well recognized.

Training in these cities are not as expensive as in Lusaka. One can budget between KW20, 000 – KW50, 000 for a CCTV installation training in these parts of the country, depending on the factors already established, including the number of days the training is scheduled for, the organization conducting the training, the mode of the training, and the scope to be covered. In many cases, the classes are more practical than theory. Some agencies even conduct practical examinations for the candidates before they are awarded certificate of completion of training.

Question 1: Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to take CCTV installation training?

No prior knowledge or experience is required to take CCTV installation training. Most training providers offer basic courses that cover the fundamentals of CCTV installation, making it accessible to anyone interested in the field.

Question 2: How long does CCTV installation training take?

CCTV installation training can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the specific course and training provider. Basic courses generally take around 3-5 days to complete, while more advanced courses can take up to several weeks.

Question 3: What topics are covered in CCTV installation training?

CCTV installation training covers a range of topics, including CCTV system components, installation procedures, wiring and cabling, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Some training providers may also cover topics such as network connectivity, remote viewing, and storage solutions.

In conclusion, taking CCTV installation training in Zambia is a valuable investment for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field or looking to improve their security at home or work. By understanding the cost and options available, as well as the topics covered in the training, you can make an informed decision and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to install and maintain CCTV systems in Zambia.

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