Suits are a must-have in the wardrobes of many Zambian men. If you’re one of them, then you’d agree that your suits are among your major style investments. From work to dinners, wedding parties and other events, wearing the right suits can help you create a good impression of yourself and your dress sense.

Cheap Suits in Zambia (2022 Collection & Prices)

Now, truth is, you don’t have to withdraw your life savings just to buy a suit — be it for a wedding or any other important event in your life. You can get top quality suits here in Zambia for amazingly cheap prices.

And no, it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re not talking about poorly made suits here. We’re talking about suits that are designed with extreme attention to detail and made to fit your body like a second skin. Suits that have been made with 100% top quality materials, with no compromise in the quality of any of its components. If that’s the kind of suits you’re looking for, then you’re just on the right page.

Cheap suits in Zambia: Amazing Bespoke Suit Styles from KW30,000 only!

Here, we’ll show you some of the different styles of top quality bespoke suits you can find in Zambia, and we’ll tell you how and where you can get them at amazingly cheap prices. See the styles after the cut…

Round collar suits in Zambia

As the name implies, this suit sports a round collar with no lapel. Rather what it has is a line of buttons — usually more than three — that run all the way up to the neck.

This unique suit style is perfect for semi-formal or informal outings. And if you’re looking for a kind of suit that will turn heads and attract accolades from fashion freaks, this is one option to go for. Unfortunately, this isn’t a kind of suit you’ll find in a boutique or ready-made wears outlet. Read on to know how and where you can get this style in Zambia.

cheap suits round design

Tuxedo suits in Zambia

Tuxedos, also called dinner suits, are semi-formal suit types. What makes a tuxedo different from other suits is the presence of satin or grosgrain facings on its lapels and buttons. Most of the time, there is a similar stripe along the outsteam of the trousers.

Most commonly, tuxedos are blue or black and are worn with a formal shirt, cool shoes, and other accessories. They are most suitable for dinners, weddings, and other semi-formal fun events.

Double-breasted suits in Zambia

What makes a double-breasted suit different from the regular suit you see every day is its sporting of wide overlapping front flaps and two symmetrical columns of buttons.

And due to its construction, a double-breasted suit is always worn fully buttoned up, unlike the single-breasted type that can be left open or unbuttoned. For this reason, you may not wear a double-breasted suit to work or an event that demands pulling off your suit or undoing the buttons frequently.

Single-breasted suits in Zambia

This is by far the most commonly worn type of suit in Zambia. And that’s why we love to refer to it as “conventional suit”. Unlike the double-breasted type, it sports a single line of buttons — usually two or three, sometimes just one — and a notch lapel.

If you’re looking for the right suit for work environments and other formal settings, then you won’t be wrong with a single-breasted suit. This type of suit can be left unbuttoned or with only one of its buttons done. In fact, wearing it fully buttoned up is now widely regarded as “old-school”.


Blazer suits in Zambia

Blazer suits resemble suit jackets, but they differ slightly in that they are designed to look more casual. They are usually made from solid colour fabrics and may have navy-style metal buttons attached, indicating that they were originally worn by boating club members.

Blazers are usually made from durable fabric because it is usually worn as outdoor wear. While it is a favored style for uniforms and team outfits, it can be worn to other events and settings.


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How and where to get your cheap suits in Zambia

When you’re badly in need of suits and are on a tight budget, you might be tempted to walk right into the nearest boutique or ready-made wears outlet. You’ll definitely find suits that fit your budget in these places. But the truth is, you might end up regretting that decision — for various reasons.

First, you’ll most likely end up buying low-quality suits made from subpar fabric. You sure don’t want a suit that would become threadbare after some months. But the truth about buying ready-made suits is that, “you get what you pay for”. We are not saying you won’t get good quality ready-made suits, but they are expensive. And the cheap ones are usually of poor quality.

Secondly, you might end up with a suit that doesn’t fit perfectly on you. And that’s because the suit wasn’t made specifically for you. There’s more to a well-fitting suit than chest width and sleeve length. What you’ll get from most ready-made suits is an almost. Why settle for that when you can get one that fits perfectly?

So, how can you get top-quality suits at affordable prices in Zambia?

There are lots of tailoring outfits out there, with many of them offering to design men’s suits. But for those who are on a tight budget and still want suits of world-class quality, we can only recommend Grandeur Tailors. Just so you know, all the suits displayed above were designed by Grandeur Tailors, a tailoring firm that specializes in bespoke suits for Zambian men.

From Grandeur Tailors, you can get suits that fit perfectly on you. Whether you’re looking for a wedding suit, work suit, or suit for other purposes, you’re covered. They will help you pick the best and most suitable fabric and other materials for your suit. And your suits would be crafted with your body structure, complexion, and other minute details in mind.

We understand that there are lots of world-class tailors in Zambia, but we are cocksure that virtually all of them command prices that are not cheap at all. But from Grandeur Tailors, you can get suits of better quality at yet affordable prices. No bragging intended. Your search for a reliable source of Zambian suits just ended!

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