Chevron, by every means, rates among the top companies in Zambia. Apart from the fact that the oil and gas company is many young people’s dream place to work, its international reputation ranks it among the most sought after companies in the world.

Deservedly so, the American company boasts among the highest paying companies in several countries, including Zambia. If you desire to work in a firm that is dynamic, flexible, technical and at the same time runs a very comfortable salary scheme, then Chevron is a place you should look to.

chevron zambia salary

Truth be told, Chevron needs no introduction. Its global reputation and identity speaks loudly for the firm. Ranked with the likes of Shell and Exxon-Mobil, it is easy to see why Chevron is almost everyone’s dream place to work in most countries.

The great news is that contrary to what people think, the highly rated oil company gives room to various professions. The fact that it is an oil and gas company does not suggest it is restricted to professions solely in that field like Petroleum engineering, geology, geophysics, civil engineering, exploration engineering, drilling or other related fields.

In fact, fields like accounting, statistics, mathematics, business relations, human resources, project management and other out of the box professions are held in high regards. However, when it comes to salary structure, the core professions tend to earn more than others.

For instance, Petroleum engineers are among the highest earners in Chevron. Geologists and other geoscientists also earn considerably high. Don’t take away the place of accountants, human resource managers and other professions in the industry though.

The big question is; how much does Chevron pay their staff? If you have always wondered how much Chevron staffs earn, this post is for you. Here, we will take a look at how much Chevron pay their staffs, considering different professions in the industry.

Chevron Zambia Salary: How Much Does Chevron Pay?

Chevron is among the top paying oil and gas companies in the world. They rank among the industry top companies and rate with the likes of Exxon-Mobil, Total and Shell in terms of salary structure. While they may not be the highest paying oil and gas company in Zambia today, Chevron rank among the most flexible and dynamic companies in the country. They give room for several other professions and offer bonuses that are mouth-watering and impressive. With relatively flexible working hours and reasonable leave periods, Chevron staff is staff-friendly in many spheres of it.

As expected, salaries of Chevron workers vary. The variation is based on job specification which has a lot to do with the profession, level of experience, rank, location and other similar factors. It should be noted that workers that are mobilized offshore and/or on the field are paid more and have access to more bonuses compared with workers in the “office”. This is one reason petroleum engineers and geoscientists are paid more. Don’t be surprised experienced accountants and high level project managers are paid much more than some engineers. This is where the concept of rank and years of experience come in.

Let us take a look at how much Chevron pays.

Chevron Salary for Engineers

On the average, engineers are the highest paid in Chevron. Petroleum engineers and engineers from other fields enjoy bulky pay because most of them work from the field. They spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years in the field. AN entry level engineer in Chevron earns between KW250, 00 – KW500, 000 depending on the job description, location and other similar factors.

Chevron Salary for Geoscientists

Geologists, geochemists and geophysicists play a very important role in the oil and gas industry and this reflects in how much Chevron pays them. Although the sometimes don’t earn as much as the engineers, they earn relatively comfortable pay. For a start, Geoscientists earn between KW1, 800, 000 – KW2, 300, 000 in Chevron and increases with time.

Chevron Salary for Administrators/Accountants/Human Resources

Chevron rate administrators. If you are an accountant, project manager, human resource officer or in any other similar field in Chevron, you should expect an annual salary between KW1, 500, 000 – KW2, 000, 000 as a starter. The figures significantly increase with time.

On the average, staffs in Chevron earn between KW2 million – KW25 million per annum depending on the level, year of experience and job description.

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