China has overtime proven to be the world factory. Apart from the fact that they produce top quality products, they maintain a relatively cheap market. Little wonder they have boomed in various markets in Zambia, one of which is the door manufacturing market. When it comes to china doors, only a few other types of doors can boast of their quality, ruggedness, durability and overall style. It goes beyond the name, it speaks of the class, the excellence, the superiority.

China Doors are a popular choice in Zambia for both residential and commercial buildings. They offer a wide range of styles, designs, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect door to meet your specific needs and budget.

The prices of China Doors in Zambia vary based on several factors, including the type of door, the material used, and the size. On average, a standard-sized, steel-framed China Door starts at around ZMK 1,500 and can go up to ZMK 6,000 or more for higher-end models.

For those looking for a more secure option, China Doors with reinforced steel frames and additional security features are available starting at ZMK 2,500.

Wooden China Doors, made from high-quality timber, offer a more traditional look and can cost anywhere from ZMK 3,000 to ZMK 10,000 or more, depending on the size and design.

In addition to their affordable prices, China Doors in Zambia also offer quick and easy installation, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for those looking to upgrade their doors.

China Doors in Zambia offer a wide range of options for those looking to upgrade their doors. With its affordable prices and easy installation, it is an accessible and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial properties.

Gone are the days when people install some random doors in their homes, offices, commercial buildings and lots more. These days, the importance of picking the right door for the right purpose cannot be overestimated. Apart from the fact that they form a part of the general house security, they add elegance and a touch of class to the building.

china door prices in zambia

China doors get top marks in all area you can think of when it comes to doors. They are strong, they are reliable, they are durable and also classy. These doors, like Turkish doors, are among the most sought after doors in the market today. Whatever good thing you have heard about China doors are probably true. In fact, China doors are one of those few door types, you can absolutely rely on without any fear of them wearing out or losing quality. The doors are made from materials that enhance their strength and toughness, hence making them one of the most long-lasting doors in Zambia.

Just like other types of doors, China doors are available in different grades and classes. They vary in sizes, materials and strength, although they all maintain high quality and overall efficiency. They manufacture doors suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, offices, rooms, living rooms, malls, event centres and lots mores.

The Zambian market has embraced China doors. The fact that they are very affordable and readily available places them higher in the market with the market appreciating their value and overall efficiency. The prices of these doors are dependent on sizes, thickness, design and materials used in manufacturing them. For instance, steel doors are generally more expensive than wooden doors, although this depends on the type of wood.

In this post, we will take a look at the prices of some of the most common China doors in the market in Zambia.

Prices of China Doors in Zambia

China doors are one of the most sought after doors in Zambia. You wouldn’t expect anything less for Chinese brands that have proven to be on top of their game over the years. The fact that they are readily available and relatively cheap puts them in the class of “people’s favourites”.  They are available in various sizes, designs and types, hence, they vary in prices. Their prices depend heavily on the material, design and quality of the ones you are going for. In most cases, China doors made from steel and other similar materials are more expensive than ones made from other materials.

China doors can be purchased directly from the manufacturers or distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be purchased via online stores and other contemporary building material stores around.

Here are prices of some of the China doors available in the market today:

  • China Wooden Door: KW30, 000 – KW50, 000
  • Watson Times Chinese Door 6 feet: KW60, 000 – KW90, 000
  • Watson Times Chinese Door (4 and 5 feet): KW60, 000 – KW75, 000
  • China Steel Doors: KW32, 000 – KW55, 000
  • China Security Door: KW65, 000 – KW120, 000

It should be noted that the prices are dependent on the size and thickness of the doors. For instance, doors with thickness of 70mm are more expensive with doors with thickness of 50mm. Also, the strength, materials and features also determine how cheap or expensive China doors are. Other factors that affect the variation in prices include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other related factors.

Things You Will Like about China Doors

  • Design: If design, colour, and style are among the factors you consider when picking a door, then China doors are designed for you. When it comes to sophistication, these doors are among the best available. They are available in different styles and can be designed in different colours.
  • Cheap: Talk about affordability, China doors are on top of the list. This is one of the reasons they are well appreciated in the market. Despite being cheap, they maintain high quality.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: Unlike some other types of doors, China doors boast of nice fringes that are very easy to install. The doors are also generally easy to clean and maintain.

Things You May Not Like about Turkey Doors

  • Some China doors are not very durable and might diminish in quality after some few years

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