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One of the most inexpensive ways of giving your home a new look is to redecorate. Paint is your passport to colour and perhaps the easiest, least costly and most instant way to transform a home to any taste you desire. It can be as modest as brilliant white, but that would eliminate all the other drop-dead beautiful colours.

Dulux is a leading brand in the paint industry known for producing high-quality, long-lasting, and beautiful paint products. If you’re looking for Dulux paint prices in Zambia, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with the top 10 Dulux paint products and their prices in Zambia.

Top 10 Dulux Paint Products and Prices in Zambia

  1. Dulux Gloss Enamel (1L) – ZMW 122
  2. Dulux Matt Emulsion (5L) – ZMW 474
  3. Dulux Weathershield (5L) – ZMW 576
  4. Dulux Vinyl Silk (5L) – ZMW 584
  5. Dulux Luxurious Silk (5L) – ZMW 733
  6. Dulux High Gloss (1L) – ZMW 122
  7. Dulux Supermatt (5L) – ZMW 504
  8. Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt (5L) – ZMW 692
  9. Dulux Silk Emulsion (5L) – ZMW 537
  10. Dulux Quick Dry Gloss (1L) – ZMW 144

Ironically, it is the vast options and various classes of paints that often pose a problem. There are just so many types, classes and shades of paints that can get you really confused in the market. Of these types and brands though, one particular paint brand stands out and is largely rated among the very best – introducing the Dulux Paint.

dulux paint price zambia

Does that name ring a bell? Of course. If you are a painter or a fan of beautiful colours, an interior designer or a follower of paints, you wouldn’t need to be introduced to the Dulux paint. Apart from the fact that this paint brand offers top-drawer finishing and beauty, it is rated among the most lasting paints. It is one of the few reasons the paint rates among the most sought after in Zambia today. Its durability and quality apart, the paint allows for creativity and flexibility. You can easily mix separate colours and marvel at the amazing outcome.

With the importance of paints and the popularity of Dulux paint increasing by the day, it is essential to consider basic facts about the paint, most importantly, considering how much it goes for in the current market and the various types available. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of various types of Dulux paint and how much they go for in the current market.

Types of Dulux Paints and Prices in Zambia

Pure Brilliant White 5L 26735
Light Base 5L 28623
Light Base 2.5L 17367
Light Base 1L 7137
Medium Base 5L 26735
Medium Base 2.5L 15027
Medium Base 1L 7137
Extra Deep Base 5L 26735
Extra Deep Base 2.5L 15027
Extra Deep Base 1L 7137
Vinyl Matt Pure Brilliant White 7.5L 36894
Vinyl Matt Light Base 10L 46369
Pure Brilliant White 5L 31323
Light Base 5L 32250
Light Base 2.5L 18036
Light Base 1L 8664
Medium Base 5L 31323
Medium Base 2.5L 17032
Extra Deep Base 5L 31323
Extra Deep Base 2.5L 17032
Pure Brilliant White 5L 32700
Pure Brilliant White 2.5L 17823
Light Base 5L 33810
Light Base 2.5L 18275
Light Base 1L 9263
Medium Base 5L 32700
Medium Base 2.5L 17823
Extra Deep Base 2.5L 17823
Extra Deep Base 5L 32700
Dulux Trad V/Silk Light Base 10L 58206
Light Base 5L 30949
Medium Base 5L 29410
Extra Deep Base 5L 29410
Light Base 5L 31966
Medium Base 5L 31966
Extra Deep Base 5L 31966
Light Base 2.5L 18974
Light Base 5L 31768
Medium Base 5L 31768
Medium Base 1L 7892
Extra Deep Base 2.5L 18974
Extra Deep Base 5L 31768
Extra Deep Base 1L 7892
White 4L 11661
Black 4L 13245
Light Colour 4L 11288
Deep Colour 4L 12370
Extra Deep Colour 4L 12511
Rich Extra Deep Colour 4L 15325
Brilliant White 4L 7525
Light Colour 4L 7450
Deep Colour 4L 8577
Extra Deep Colour 4L 8653
Rich Extra Deep Colour 4L 8653
Brilliant White 20L 34821
Light Colour 20L 33987
Deep Colour 20L 40445
Extra Deep Colour 20L 42468
Rich Extra Deep Colour 20L 42468
Brilliant White 20L 37869
Light Colour 20L 36161
Deep Colour 20L 39143
Extra Deep Colour 20L 39538
Rich Extra Deep Colour 20L 46375
Brilliant White 20L 45805
Light Colour 20L 42201
Deep Colour 20L 42877
Extra Deep Colour 20L 44742
Rich Extra Deep Colour 20L 51453
Brilliant White 20L 42071
Light Colour 20L 35324
Deep Colour 20L 41667
Extra Deep Colour 20L 42088
Rich Extra Deep Colour 20L 42088
Brilliant White 20L 45150
Light Colour 20L 38506
Deep Colour 20L 43563
Extra Deep Colour 20L 44003
Rich Extra Deep Colour 20L 44003
Brilliant White 4L 10704
Light Colour 4L 9513
Deep Colour 4L 10196
Extra Deep Colour 4L 10299
Rich Extra Deep Colour 4L 10299
Brilliant White 20L 44595
Light Colour 20L 40513
Deep Colour 20L 49191
Extra Deep Colour 20L 49688
Rich Extra Deep Colour 20L 49688
Brilliant White 4L 11616
Black 4L 11456
Light Colour 4L 10042
Deep Colour 4L 12749
Extra Deep Colour 4L 13698
Rich Extra Deep Colour 4L 13698
White 4L 6131
Light Colour 4L 5601
Deep Colour 4L 6449
Extra Deep Colour 4L 6950
White 20L 28595
Light Colour 20L 28213
Deep Colour 20L 30022
Extra Deep Colour 20L 30877
White 4L 7048
Light Colour 4L 6906
Deep Colour 4L 7695
Extra Deep Colour 4L 7767
White 4L 3427
Light Colour 4L 3785
Deep Colour 4L 3835
Extra Deep Colour 4L 3865
White 20L 14464
Light Colour 20L 15875
Deep Colour 20L 17031
Extra Deep Colour 20L 17193
White 20L 20655
Light Colour 20L 19714
Deep Colour 20L 21533
Extra Deep Colour 20L 22463
CAP Screeding Filler 20L 11233
Thinner 41 4L 3880
Undercoat White 4L 7021
Dulux Alkali Resisting Primer 4L 8333
Biocidal Wash 4L 4416
DA DLX Rainshield Grey 20L 39775
DA DLX Rainshield Grey 5L 9675
DA DLX Rainshield White 20L 37625
DA DLX Rainshied White 5L 10750
FT Dulux Prepaint Dampshield 1L 1075
FT Dulux Prepaint Dampshield 5L 9675
DA DLX Supergrip All Purpose Primer White 1L 5375
DA DLX Supergrip All Purpose Primer White 5L 21500
DA DLX Primer for Steel 1L 5375
DF DLX-Trade Tuffcote Water Based Epoxy Light Grey 5L 21500
DF DLX-Trade Tuffcote Water Based Epoxy Dairywhite 5L 19350
DF DLX-Trade Floorcote Red Oxide 5L 8600
DF DLX-Trade Floorcote Dark Sea Grey 5L 9675
DF DLX-Trade Floorcote Black 5L 8600
DF DLX-Trade Floorcote Brilliant Green 5L 10750
DF DLX-Trade Hi-Chem Enamel Light Grey 5L 13975
DF DLX-Trade Hi-Chem Enamel White 5L 16125
DF DLX-Trade Bonding Liquid 20L 29025
DF DLX-Trade Bonding Liquid 5L 7525
DA DLX Primer for Wood 1L 3225
DA DLX Primer for Wood 5L 10750
DA DLX Primer for Galvanised Iron 5L 15050
DA DLX Cleaner for Galvanised Iron 5L 8600
DA DLX Roofguard Cottage White 20L 32250
DA DLX Roofguard Cottage White 5L 8600
DA DLX Roofguard Atlantic Blue 20L 37625
DA DLX Roofguard Atlantic Blue 5L 9675
DA DLX Roofguard Reddened Clay 20L 37625
DA DLX Roofguard Reddened Clay 5L 9675
DA DLX Roofguard Grecian Grey 20L 30100
DA DLX Roofguard Grecian Grey 5L 8600
DA DLX Roofguard Basic Black 20L 30100
DA DLX Roofguard Basic Black 5L 8600
HS Hammerite No. 1 Rust Beater Primer 1L 5375
HS Hammerite No. 1 Rust Beater Primer 5L 19350
FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller 10KG 8600
FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller 2KG 2150
FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller 0.5KG 1075

Here are common types of Dulux Paints and some details you need to know about each.

Dulux Trade High Gloss

This super-shiny paint gives a mirror-like texture and feels that looks amazing on all kinds of wood and wall and can be used indoors and outdoors, where it will beautify any design features. Take water-based enamel paints for indoor designs and use oil-based for outdoors. Gloss finishes are usually easiest to clean because they don’t grasp dirt so much.

Dulux Gloss

The gloss has a mid-to-high polish and is a common choice for metalwork and wood. If you need to save some time on painting, consider a one-coat or non-drip option.

Dulux Luxurious Silk

Dulux Luxurious Silk is flawless for use on interior walls. With its absolute stain resistance and lifelong luxury – this tough, durable mid-sheen paint is perfect in high traffic areas like kids’ bedrooms. Equally tough, Dulux Rich Matt offers a plush matt appearance that does a great job at masking surface imperfections, such as in ancient homes or on walls where you have recently removed wallpaper.

Dulux Ultra Matt

This is the type of paint you will need if you are after a matt finish. It is ultra than standard matt.

Dulux Water base Enamel

This has a lesser sheen and is moisture-resistant, so it is flawless for kitchen and bathroom walls, as well as kitchen cabinets and furniture. The finish is durable enough to be cleaned and can be easily touched up.

Dulux Weather Shield Textured Paint

This paint provides a smooth finish and can withstand harsh weathers

There are different types and classes of paint. While some of these paints have grown in popularity and reputation, the Dulux paint particular stands out. The paint, like most other paints, is available in various types and vary in functionality. If you pick a wrong type of paint for a particular function, there is a likelihood you would not get the best of output as desired.

The market for the various types of Dulux paints has increased in recent times. This is because people are getting more exposed to the different types of paints available and their usefulness. Various types are manufactured for various purposes and it is essential to consider the various types in the current market

It should be noted that the variation of prices highlighted above is as a result of various factors which include fluctuations in the currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase, among many others.

Things You Will Like About Dulux Paint

  1. Wonderful opacity with superior coverage: One of the utmost benefits of Dulux paint is that it offers you a superior opacity which makes it an awesome option if you are searching for better coverage. This means you will need little quantity to paint your home and this lowers home restyling cost for you.
  2. Washable and easy to clean: Dulux paints are easy to clean thus making it easy to maintain your internal walls. Unlike many other paints, which normally peel off when washing the surface, deluxe gives you the change to keep your home clean economically.
  3. Durable: When designing your home, you need a paint that is durable for both exterior and interior surfaces. Dulux paints are more durable on the surfaces even when exposed to diverse environmental features and consequently, you will find them ideal and reasonable.
  4. Antibacterial Element: Even though most paints available in the market are good, most of them are identified to provide a good breeding atmosphere for bacteria. However, Dulux paints are systematically developed to decrease the breeding ability of the bacteria which makes them ecologically safe for use on the ceiling and interior walls.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dulux Paint Price List in Zambia

1. What are the advantages of using Dulux paint? Dulux paint is known for its high-quality, durability, and vibrant colors. It is also easy to apply and has a low odor, making it a popular choice for homeowners and professional painters alike.

2. How do I choose the right Dulux paint for my project? Consider the type of surface you will be painting, the level of gloss you prefer, and the color you want. Dulux has a wide range of products for different surfaces and finishes, so choose the one that best fits your needs.

3. Are Dulux paints more expensive than other brands? Dulux paints may be slightly more expensive than some other brands, but their quality and durability make them a worthwhile investment. In the long run, you may end up saving money by not having to repaint as frequently.

4. Where can I buy Dulux paint in Zambia? Dulux paint is widely available in Zambia at paint and hardware stores. You can also purchase it online from various retailers. Check the Dulux Zambia website for a list of authorized dealers.

Finally, Dulux makes high-quality, long-lasting paint. With several options for various surfaces and finishes, you’ll discover the ideal one for your project. Their quality and endurance justify their premium pricing. Add color to your walls with Dulux paint!


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