In Zambia, being a fashion designer can come with its own challenges, especially when it comes to delivering to clients before deadlines. You are faced with the task of sitting in a spot every day, and ensuring that the all fabrics handed to you, are converted to ready-to-wear outfits. The one way to make the job less stressful is by owning a sewing machine that’s easy to operate, has neater stitches and is easy to maintain. Electric sewing machines have proven to be the solution to the challenges that fashion designers in Zambia.

While electric sewing machine has been widely embraced in Zambia, the main challenge is the epileptic and unpredictable power supply in the nation. Even with this, fashion designers still opt for the electric sewing machine, believing they can always use a backup generator whenever there is no power supply. In fact, electric sewing machine are beginning to gain more ground than other types of sewing machines in the market. Deservedly so, they make sewing easier, smoother and works better for some specific operations and functions. Also, electric sewing machines are believed to be way faster and quieter than other types of sewing machines. This means you can work on your sewing machine and not disturb you neighbor in anyway.

prices of electric sewing machines in zambia

With the fashion industry growing every day, designers need faster, smoother and sturdier machines to satisfy their customers and make their work faster. Electric sewing machines come with these advantages and lots more. This post shows you how much you will need to get one for yourself and basic things to consider before getting one.

Prices of Electric Sewing Machines in Zambia

Just like everything else, electric sewing machines come in various brands.  They vary in sizes, features and general functionality. Here, we will take a look at prices of common types and brands of electric sewing machines available in the market today.

  • Singer Electric Sewing Machine: KW50,000 –KW55,000
  • Butterfly Electrical Sewing Machine: KW45,000 – KW52,000
  • Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine: KW40,000 – KW60,000
  • Universal Two Lions Electric Sewing Machine: KW45,000 – KW52,000
  • Brother Electric Sewing Machine: KW50,000 – KW60,000

It should be noted that the list above exempt industrial sewing machines. All industrial sewing machines are electrical and have been covered in previous posts.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Sewing Machine

The market for electric sewing machine has grown over the last decade with lots of manufacturers pumping new products into the market. Unlike the days when there were just two or three different electric sewing machines to pick from, there are lots of different machines available today. They vary in designs, shapes, sizes, power capacities, quality and ultimately, prices.

Also, there are some electric sewing machines that are built for specific purposes. It is essential for you to consider how well the `machine fits into your purpose of buying it. Here are some tips to consider when buying an electric sewing machine.

  • Consider The Functionality: The first and probably most important factor to consider when buying an electric machine is why you are buying the sewing machine and for what purpose. Is it to just to make your sewing faster and neater? Almost all electric sewing machines make your sewing faster and neater, no need to be too specific. But if you want other functions, like bigger or slimmer stitches, you might need to consider machines that are specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Ease of Use: Some electric sewing machines are easier to use than others. While some are advisable for starters, some others will be more useful and efficient for professionals. Depending on your preference, you might need to consider the technicality of the machine before buying.
  • Flexibility: This is another important factor. There are some electric machines that can also function as manual machines when there is no power supply. If you are not always guaranteed continuous power supply or have no option of alternative power supply, it might be safer to go for electric machines that can also function as manual when need be.
  • Power Capacity: Electric sewing machines, like most other electrical equipment, vary in power capacity. Some are higher than the other and while some can function with low voltage, some others might require stronger voltage to operate. Consider your power options before picking an electric sewing machine.
  • Brand: Believe it or not, there are some brands of electric sewing machines that are superior to the others. Ensure that you are buying a recognized and guaranteed brand. Also ensure that you are buying from a dealer from the brand. Also remember that with some very good brand, comes some special features. Not all brands have both electric fittings and batteries for times without power. So it is important that you put that into consideration.

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