Following the discovery of fire, electricity has become one of the most indispensable discoveries man has ever made. Generators are one of the several means by which electricity can be made available for safe consumption.

Are you planning to buy an Elepaq generator? Are you wondering which type of Elepaq generator to buy? Do you want to know what factors to consider when buying portable electric power generators for your home or small business? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are at the right place.

Elepaq Generator Prices in Zambia (2021 Update)

Elepaq Generator Prices in Zambia (Plus Review)

Compiled in this post is a comprehensive review on Elepaq generators in Zambia.

Advantages of Elepaq generators

  • Compared to other brands of generators, Elepaq generators are cost effective for homes or small businesses.
  • Great value for money is what Elepaq generators offer with its key start, recoil start, built-in AVR and overload protection.
  • Using an Elepaq generator translates to saving on fuel cost as it consumes low fuel.
  • To ensure longevity and durability, Elepaq generators come with fuel sediment cups which prevents dirt or water from flowing to the carburetor from the fuel tank.
  • They are very easy to maintain and fix, and their spare parts are readily available in Zambia.

Elepaq generators range from as low as 800KW to 2.5KVA, 2.5KVA to 4KVA and from 4KVA to 10KVA.

Elepaq Generator Prices in Zambia

Disadvantage(s) of Elepaq generators

  • Elepaq generators can be a bit noisier when compared with other brands.

Current Prices of Elepaq Generators

Contained in the table below are the different products available and their current price range.

Brand product Capacity Price range
Elepaq Key Start Generator SV5200E2 3.5KVA 78,000 –  95,000
Elepaq Key Start Generator SV6500E2 4.5KVA 90,000 – 100,000
Elepaq Generator ECO1990 1.4KVA 35, 000 – 38,000
Elepaq Generator ECO1990 1.8KVA 57,000 –  69,000
Elepaq Generator EC3500 2.5KVA 78,000 –  85,000
Elepaq Generator EC3800cx 2.7KVA 60,000 – 67,000
Elepaq Generator Ec3800cx 3.5KVA 73,000 – 85,900
Elepaq Generator SV3500E2 2.5KVA 98, 00 – 120,000


Elepaq Generator SV4800 2.5KVA 105,000 –  110,000,
Elepaq Generator SV4800 3.0KVA 66,700 –  75990
Elepaq Generator SV2200 1.3KVA 30,000 –  60,000
Elepaq Generator SV2200 7.5KVA 190,000 – 210, 000
Elepaq Generator SV3800E2 3.5KVA 78,000 – 90,000
Elepaq Generator SPG 2200 1.8KVA 54,000 – 62, 000
Elepaq Generator ECO4990ES 3.2KVA 76,000 –  85,000
Elepaq Generator EC5200cx 3KVA 80,000 –  95,000
Elepaq Generator EC5200cx 2.2KVA 59,000 – 70,000


Elepaq Generator SV20000E2 7.5KVA 165,000 – 172, 000
Elepaq Generator SV20000E2 10KVA 170,000 –  197,000
Elepaq Generator SV15000E2 6.5KVA 178,000 – 185,000
Elepaq Generator SV15000E2 7.5KVA 180,000 –  215,000
Elepaq Generator SV18000E2 10KVA 215,000 – 250,000
Elepaq Generator SV7200E2 4.5KVA 93,000 – 100,000
Elepaq Generator SV7200E2 5.0KVA 99,000 – 110,000
Elepaq Generator DG6LE 5KVA 107,000 – 111,000
Elepaq Generator DG4LE 5KVA 97,000 – 104,000

The purchasing price of Elepaq Generators differ based on the following:

  • Characteristics/rating
  • Brand type
  • Features

What to look out for before buying an Elepaq Generator

It is important to understand the characteristics of a generator before making a purchase. These characteristics are otherwise known as the generator rating. A knowledge of the important ratings of Elepaq generators and how they affect their performance will help you make an informed buying decision.

The following are some of the important rating/characteristics you should look out for before making a purchase.

Output Voltage: The value of voltage supplied by the generator set is the output voltage. Ideally,  it ranges from 210V to 250V for most generators in Zambia. For Elepaq generators, the output voltage is usually about 220V.

Rated Power: This is the load that a generator can carry under normal operations. At this power rating,  generators are designed for standby supply and not continuous usage. This rating is in KVA or VA or W. KVA simply means 1000 VA. Hence, a 1.5KVA generator is the same as 1500 VA. To enjoy optimal power supply,  it is advisable to buy Elepaq generators with rated power above your need, so that you don’t exceed rated power.

Maximum Power: There is a maximum load or power that a generator can carry over a very short period (less than 30 minutes). Under no circumstances must this power be exceeded. Although most Elepaq generators can carry load up to maximum power, it is recommended that you operate generators within rated power. Always ask to see rated power and maximum power on any Elepaq generators panel before you make purchase.

Rated Output frequency: This is the frequency of your generators output voltage. In Zambia, it must be 50Hz, in some other countries it is 60Hz. When buying any Elepaq generator,  always ensure that the rated frequency is similar to public power supply.

Fuel type: Diesel or Petrol. Most Elepaq generators run on petrol. However,  there are a few that usues diesel fuel.

Recommended Engine Oil: The recommended engine oil for each brand of generator can differ. Other times,  it can be the same.

Presence or absence of an Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR): One of the unique qualities of Elepaq generators is that they come with AVR as Elepaq generator manufacturers do not produce small size generators.

Dimension: You should also consider the available space for operating and storing the generator.

Starting method (excitation method): Elepaq generators comes with either key (kick starter), recoil starter (rope & grip), or both. The ones with key starter are easier to use, but will cost more. If your budget allows for it,  key start generators are highly recommended.

Portability Kit: This includes everything that makes moving your generators easier such as wheels and rollers, and handles. Elepaq generators with wheels or rollers and handles are easier to handle. Though they will cost more but you are sure to get value for your money.

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