Fireproof Safe Price in Zambia (2022)

Fireproof Safe Price in Zambia

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Safes are very important as they help to protect your valuables and documents from all kinds of dangers. From floods to burglary and other disasters, safes are the best place to keep your valuables. Fireproof safes take protection a notch higher as they ensure that your valuables do not get burnt in case of a fire outbreak.

We understand how difficult it is to find fireproof safes in Zambia as well as getting how much they cost. This is why we have taken the time to comb the market on your behalf. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the most popular fireproof safes in Zambia and their prices.

Fireproof Safe Price in Zambia (2022)

Prices of Fireproof Safes in Zambia

Most individuals like to have fireproof safes in their offices and homes these days. These items have proven to be one of the best ways to store documents and other valuables over the years. There are different types and brands of fireproof safes on the market. Without further ado, we will introduce you to some of them in this section.

Ultimate Fireproof Safe Prices in Zambia

Ultimate is one of the top fireproof safe brands in Zambia. Check below to see some of their popular products and their prices:

  • Ultimate DS 10 Fireproof Safe – KW360,000 – KW390,000
  • Ultimate ESD 102 Fireproof Safe – KW160,000 – KW180,000
  • Ultimate ESD 103 Fireproof Safe – KW163,000 – KW183,000
  • Ultimate ESD 104A Fireproof Safe – KW325,000 – KW345,000
  • Ultimate ESD 105 Fireproof Safe – KW310,000 – KW320,000
  • Ultimate ESD 106 Fireproof Safe – KW345,000 – KW360,000
  • Ultimate SD 104 Fireproof Safe – KW250,000 – KW260,000
  • Ultimate SD 108 Fireproof Safe – KW410,000 – KW430,000
  • Ultimate SD 109 Fireproof Safe – KW440,000 – KW460,000
  • Ultimate 2-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet (Digital Lock) – KW370,000 – KW380,000
  • Ultimate 3-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet (Digital Lock) – KW440,000 – KW460,000
  • Ultimate 4-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet (Combination Lock) – KW510,000 – KW550,000

Valberg Fireproof Safe Prices in Zambia

Valberg isn’t so famous on the market. However, products from this company are recognized for their high quality and affordability. Check some of them out below:

  • Valberg Fireproof Safe FRS120 – KW370,000 – KW385,000
  • Valberg Fireproof Safe FRS170 – KW740,000 – KW780,000
  • Valberg Fireproof Safe FRS67 – KW230,000 – KW250,000
  • Valberg Fireproof Safe FRS133 – KW390,000 – KW400,000
  • Valberg Fireproof Safe FRS75 – KW215,000 – KW235,000
  • Valberg Fireproof Safe FRS49 – KW190,000 – KW215,000
  • Valberg Fireproof Safe FRS30 – KW150,000 – KW160,000

Global Fireproof Safe Prices in Zambia

Global is one of the renowned fireproof sale brands on the market. Over time, this brand has proven to be durable, formidable, and worth spending on. Below are some of their products along with their prices:

  • Global Fireproof Safe T310 – KW135,000 – KW145,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe T360 – KW165,000 – KW175,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe D670 – KW235,000 – KW245,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe T610 – KW230,000 – KW240,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe T1000 – KW315,000 – KW325,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe T880 – KW280,000 – KW295,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe D500 (Combination Lock) – KW1600,000 – KW180,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe T750 – KW310,000 – KW325,000
  • Global Fireproof Safe D670 – KW240,000 – KW250,000
  • Global 4-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet (Combination Lock) – KW520,000 – KW540,000
  • Global 3-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet (Combination Lock) – KW430,000 – KW450,000

Gubabi Fireproof Safes Price in Zambia

This brand is regarded by many as one of the best on the Zambian market. Because of this, it is the most desired of all the fireproof safe brands in Zambia. Their products come in different sizes and have various fire ratings. We have put together the most popular of the lot in the list below along with their prices.

  • Gubabi Fireproof Safe Model 101 – KW80,000 – KW85,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Electronic and Digital Safe ESD101 – KW130,000 – KW140,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Safe Model SD 102T – KW100,000 – KW110,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Safe Model SD 103 – KW105,000 – KW115,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Safe Analog Model SD 103 – KW85,000 – KW90,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Manual Safe GB 104 – KW330,000 – KW360,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Manual Safe GB 104A – KW260,000 – KW290,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Manual Safe GB 105 – KW350,000 – KW370,000
  • Gubabi Analog Fireproof Filing Safe DSF680-4 – KW420,000 – KW460,000
  • Gubabi Digital Fireproof Filing Safe DSF680-3EA – KW510,000 – KW550,000
  • Gubabi Analog Fireproof Filing Safe DSF680-3 – KW410,000 – KW440,000
  • Gubabi Electronic and Digital Fireproof Safe SD 109 – KW1.2 million – KW1.3 million
  • Gubabi Electronic and Digital Fireproof Safe SD 108 – KW1.5 million – KW1.6 million
  • Gubabi Electronic and Digital Fireproof Safe SD 107 – KW1.1 million – KW1.25 million

Factors To Consider When Buying Fireproof Safes

Considering the number of fireproof safe brands on the market, you need to be careful when making a purchase. In rounding up this post, we will show you some factors to consider before purchasing a fireproof safe:

  • Size
  • Possible contents.
  • Budget
  • Fire rating.
  • Waterproof level.

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