German household appliances are considered one of the best in the world, along with Japanese and Swiss products. Though such appliances are not that cheap. To be able to buy one you should save some money or test your luck and win the jackpot at 22Bet online live betting Uganda. This applies to almost all devices, in particular kitchen hoods. Despite the rather high cost of such devices, the idea of ​​buying a German range hood is always a great idea. Since you get great quality, long service life, the ability to clean the air in the room, modern stylish design, and a high level of energy efficiency.

When choosing specific brands and appliances, it is important to pay attention not only to where the head office is located. Also, pay attention to which countries the factories are located in. As a rule, premium brands open their factories either only in Germany or, as they grow and develop, in other European countries. Companies that create mass-market equipment usually assemble it in Asian countries.

Another fundamental difference is between luxury brands. Luxury brands are assembled by hand, which makes it possible to achieve unsurpassed quality.

German Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen Hoods Gaggenau

Gaggenau is a German manufacturer of premium kitchen appliances. The company specializes in large household appliances. Those are the refrigerators, hobs, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, and, of course, hoods. The Gaggenau collection includes different types of cooker hoods:

  • Built-in hoods are mounted under the facades of the upper cabinets of kitchen furniture (Gaggenau AC 200 or AF 210).
  • Wall-mounted hoods are mounted on the wall above the hob (Gaggenau AW 442, AI 240, AW 240).
  • Island hoods are also called T-shaped, like wall-mounted ones. They are only mounted above the hob located on the kitchen island (Gaggenau AI 442).
  • Ceiling hoods are mounted in the ceiling of the kitchen (Gaggenau AC 402, AC 230 and AC 270 models can be classified as both ceiling and island, depending on where exactly you place them).
  • Desktop hoods are installed on the worktop of the work area (Gaggenau VL 200, AL 400, VL 414, and a unique model with a retractable glass screen AL 200).

All Gaggenau hoods are quite. They are highly energy efficient. They have built-in lighting. Also, can operate in exhaust and recirculation modes, and require ventilation ducts for connection.

Kitchen Hoods Bosch

The German manufacturer Bosch traditionally deserves very high ratings from both users and professionals. Therefore, many people who are interested in a kitchen hood made in Germany decide to stop at this particular brand.

The company produces models of various types. All of them are distinguished by impeccable quality and precision of execution. And some are also incredibly stylish designs.

Kitchen Hoods Miele

The German manufacturer Miele is one of the most famous premium manufacturers of kitchen appliances in different markets. In the line of their products, of course, there are also hoods. They are valued for functionality, performance, and great design. The company produces various types of hoods, including desktop ones, which not all brands have.

In terms of design, wall models are especially interesting, which have three curved panels resembling sails – Miele DA7198WGRGR and DA7198WOBSW.

   Kitchen Hoods Gutmann

The Gutmann brand is usually talked about when looking for island hoods. Although this manufacturer produces products of various types, it is the T-shaped models that are distinguished by their special grace and beauty.

Products can not be attributed to the budget, but it is really famous for its excellent quality, great design, and impressive lightness of appearance. Products include glass dome options (such as Gutmann Solo-Double or Solo-Design), very thin flat panel options (Gutmann Sombra or Tierra), and luxurious cylindrical options (Gutmann Rotonda).

Kitchen Hoods Kaiser

The Kaiser company is registered in Germany and has its own production facilities both at home and in other European countries. These models are distinguished by their unusual design, high performance, and affordable price. The brightest products are wall-mounted, made in retro style: Kaiser A 6315 ElfEm Eco, A 9315 ElfEm Eco, A 6423 ElfBe Eco, and expressive, red hood Kaiser A 6315 Rotem Eco.

But the collection also has modern-looking models that will fit into a high-tech or minimalist kitchen.

Hoods Neff

German kitchen hoods Neff are stylish, concise, and versatile in design models that are characterized by high efficiency, low noise, and durability of use.

The line includes both affordable products (for example, Neff D46BR22X0) and very expensive models that are more suitable for premium kitchens (Neff D95IMW1N0).

Hoods Zigmund & Stain

Many German manufacturers of kitchen appliances have a very long and rich history. For example, Gaggenau is over 335 years old! But in Germany, they not only honor time-tested factories but also welcome the emergence and development of new businesses.

Zigmund & Stain is a newcomer by German standards, the brand was founded in 1991. During these three decades, affordable, high-quality equipment has won the hearts of many Germans and entered the international market.

Hoods occupy a special place in the brand line. Among them, reliable built-in models stand out (one of the best is Zigmund & Shtain K 011.7 W), and elegant, stylish T-shaped wall hoods (Zigmund & Shtain K 141.6 W is interesting).

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