For good reasons, German shepherd dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in Zambia today. Apart from the fact that they are widely bought for security purposes, the breed’s intelligence makes them one of the favorite pets for many. Their versatility, courage and devotion are unmatched and they are one of the many reasons they are highly appreciated and sought after.

German Shepherds Prices in Zambia

Here, we will take a look at pieces of German shepherd dogs in the current market in Zambia.

German Shepherds prices in Zambia

It is quite tricky to estimate the exact amount German shepherd dogs go for in Zambia. This is because there are many factors that affect the prices of these breeds of dogs, one of which is the age of the dog. Generally, German shepherd puppies are cheaper than grown ones.

These being said, German shepherd dogs can be purchased for anything between KW80, 000 and KW250, 000 depending on the age of the dog and the place of purchase. Other factors like how trained the dog is and who trained the dog, for grown dogs, also play a part in how much the dogs sell for.

German Shepherds: About this breed

The German shepherd Dog, also called the Alsatian dog in some parts of the world, is one of the top three most popular dog breed in Zambia today, and rates among the most popular in the world. The dog breed can stand as high as over 25 inches at the shoulder and offers a picture of evenly beautiful curves instead of usual angles, when viewed in outline.

There are loads of reasons why the German shepherd dogs are among are at the forefront when it comes to canine royalty. According to experts, they are one of the most loyal and courageous breeds of dogs. Their strong ability to learn and willingness to but their lives on the line to defend their loved ones have made them even more valuable to their owners. Their confidence and intelligence have been tested and trusted over time. They can be calm family pets when with loved ones and unwavering guardians, although there is a school of thought that believes they can be very unfriendly when they are not with familiar faces.

While German shepherds have qualities to make them the very best pet dogs possible, it should be noted that they are not for everyone. They are generally high-energy dogs that usually need a lot of activities and exercises. Without these, it wouldn’t take the dogs so much time to express their frustration and boredom in annoying ways. They could start barking ceaselessly, which could be largely disturbing and uncomfortable.

The breed’s characteristics make them great options as a watchdog, but not the type of family pet that will easily welcome guests into the house. However, if a German shepherd is exposed to various different situations and people, they can easily learn to welcome new people and adapt to new environment with ease.

Caring for German Shepherd dogs

Nutrition – An excellent dog food suitable for the dog’s age, whether a puppy, adult, or senior dog, it is expected to have all the nutrients the breed requires. Table leftovers can cause digestive upset for German shepherds and dogs in general, so only feed them a little of this, and that is if necessary. It is essential to avoid cooked bones and foods that have high fat content. For trainings, pieces of biscuit or can be used as treats. If you are feeding the dog a highly nutritious food, mineral supplements might not be necessary, although adding little quantities of cooked vegetables to the food can be advantageous. You should learn about which human foods are healthy for the dog.

Grooming – most German shepherd dogs have medium-length, double coat which consist of a thick, harsh, and close-lying external coat with laxer undercoat. They are usually easy to maintain, they typically require just a fast brushing every few days to help remove loose hairs, but they do shed more profusely once or twice a year. During these periods, more frequent brushing will help control the amount of hair that ends up around the house and on the furniture. The German shepherds only require occasional bath. It is also very necessary to trim or grind the nails of the dogs every month if they do not worn down naturally, as excessively long nails can cause structural issues and pains.

Health – German Shepherds are generally healthy dogs. While this is a fact, it is still essential for responsible breeders to take cognizance of any changes the dog experiences. The dogs can experience bloat, which is an abrupt and dangerous swelling of the stomach, and it is essential for owners to learn about the symptoms and what to do when these happen.

Training – When it comes to training your German shepherd dogs, puppy training classes and socialization can be very important. Also, trainings like the obedience training will further ensure that the dog will grow to be adaptive and well-behaved. German shepherds are highly intelligent companion and amazing worker. They are very consistency and optimistic, and all these can be further enhanced with proper training. Training the dogs also mean they would be more adaptive to new environments and well-behaved with strange faces, although they could still bark. The more you train the dogs, the more cultured they get.

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