GOtv is a popular digital terrestrial pay TV service in Zambia, providing a wide range of entertainment, movies, sports, news, kids and other channels. GOtv offers various packages to suit different budgets and interests. This article provides a comprehensive overview of GOtv packages, channels, and pricing in Zambia for 2024.

Overview of GOtv Packages

GOtv has six main packages available with between 15 to 75+ channels. The packages range from the top-end Supa+ package to the basic GOtv Lite package.

Here is an overview of the different GOtv subscription packages in Zambia and the number of channels they offer:

  • GOtv Supa+ – 75+ channels
  • GOtv Supa – 65+ channels
  • GOtv Max – 55+ channels
  • GOtv Plus – 40+ channels
  • GOtv Value – 25+ channels
  • GOtv Lite – 15+ channels

The channel line-up differs across packages, with more variety, choices and exclusives available on the higher-end packages.

GOtv Supa+ Package

The GOtv Supa+ package is the most premium package available from GOtv Zambia. It offers over 75+ channels spanning different genres and interests.

Key details of the GOtv Supa+ package include:

  • 75+ channels – The most channels of any GOtv package
  • Price – K520 per month
  • Premier League – Includes SuperSport channels and a dedicated Premier League channel
  • Movies & Series – Wide range of movie, series and telenovela channels
  • Kids – Several kids entertainment channels
  • News & Lifestyle – Leading global and local news and lifestyle channels
  • Sports – Comprehensive sports coverage including WWE, La Liga, Serie A etc.

For TV enthusiasts looking for the maximum variety and top channels, GOtv Supa+ provides the ultimate entertainment package. The significant number of channels covering major genres makes it a premium all-round package.

GOtv Supa Package

For those looking for a step down from the top-tier offering, the GOtv Supa package offers 65+ channels focused on popular entertainment genres.

Details of the GOtv Supa package:

  • 65+ channels – Slightly reduced channel selection
  • Price – K300 per month
  • Sports – Includes Premier League, WWE and other sports
  • Kids – Great selection of kids entertainment channels
  • Movies & Series – Range of movie, telenovela and series channels
  • News & Music – Leading news, music and lifestyle channels

The GOtv Supa package retains coverage of most major entertainment categories while trimming some channel options compared to Supa+. At K300 per month, it delivers excellent value and variety.

GOtv Max Package

The GOtv Max package hits a middle ground with 55+ channels covering popular categories at an affordable price.

GOtv Max package overview:

  • 55+ channels – Wide range of entertainment and channel genres
  • Price – K255 per month
  • Sports – Includes sports highlights and some live matches
  • Local Content – Wide local Zambian channel selection
  • Movies & Series – Decent range of movie and series channels
  • Kids – Good choice of kids entertainment channels
  • News & Music – Mix of news, music and lifestyle channels

GOtv Max provides very good channel variety at a reasonable K255 monthly price point. Though it lacks some exclusives in certain categories, it delivers a quality mix covering the most popular entertainment areas.

GOtv Plus Package

The GOtv Plus package offers a 40+ channel line-up focused on the core essentials at an affordable access price.

GOtv Plus package key details:

  • 40+ channels – Covers major entertainment categories
  • Price – K190 per month
  • Local Content – Wide range of local Zambian channels
  • Sports Highlights – Includes sports highlights
  • Movies & Series – Range of popular movie and series channels
  • News & Music – Mix of top news and music channels

Though channel choice is reduced compared to higher packages, GOtv Plus retains leading channels across core categories from local content to movies at an economical K190 monthly fee.

GOtv Value Package

GOtv Value keeps the package simple and affordable with a 25+ channel line-up and a budget price point.

GOtv Value package overview:

  • 25+ channels – Focused channel selection
  • Price – K120 per month
  • Local Favourites – Top local Zambian channels
  • Sports Highlights – Football highlights included
  • Education – Kids edutainment channels
  • News & Music – Range of news and music

The GOtv Value package cuts down the channel count to deliver a concise mix of local favourites, sports highlights, kids content and news at an highly affordable K120 access fee.

GOtv Lite Package

GOtv Lite is the most basic and cheapest package, perfect for those wanting selected channels on a tight budget.

GOtv Lite package details:

  • 15+ channels – Selected channels only
  • Price:
    • Monthly – K35 per month
    • Quarterly – K95 per quarter
    • Annually – K360 per year
  • Local Channels – Top local free-to-air Zambian channels
  • News & Education – Range of news and kids channels

With just 15+ channels focused on local free-to-air content, news and kids entertainment, GOtv Lite provides selected viewing at the lowest subscription rates. Quarterly and annual payment options make this targeted package even more affordable.

Additional GOtv Details

Besides its entertainment packages, some other key GOtv details to note include:

  • GOtv decoder is required to view channels priced at K599
  • GOtv has an online streaming service called GOtv Stream allowing packages to be viewed anywhere
  • Packages and channels can be compared on the GOtv website to identify the optimal choice
  • Flexible payment options are available including monthly, quarterly and annual payments

How to Subscribe to GOtv

Subscribing to GOtv packages is quick and convenient through multiple options:

  • Online – Packages can be purchased directly through the GOtv website or MyGOtv app
  • In-Store – Available for purchase at GOtv branches across Zambia
  • Dealers – Wide network of authorized GOtv agents and dealers

Additional installation and technical support is available from accredited GOtv installers and technicians listed online.


GOtv provides Zambian audiences with a wide range of entertainment and TV channel options through its varied packages. Packages span from the premium GOtv Supa+ with 75+ channels down to the affordable GOtv Lite basic package. With accessible subscription rates and flexibility in payments, GOtv offers quality digital TV entertainment for different preferences and budgets.

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