Whether planned or unplanned, we have come across a grinding machine in our lives. Probably in the market, industry, or at home. So very huge while others as small as a handheld tool. It is quite easy to define what a grinding machine does; the name already tells the whole story.   They are numerous grinding machines out there today. The ones used for grinding food items, the ones for metalwork, and the ones for plastic and probably wooden materials.

Your need for a grinding machine depends solely on the purpose or type of work you want to do with it. The type of operation the grinding machine will perform helps you determine the type to buy, the size, and the means of operation.

Grinding Machine Prices in Zambia(2022)

Whatever type of grinding machine you decide to buy, it’s available in the market today, therefore below is a summary of the different types of grinding machines and their prices.

Prices of Grinding Machines in Zambia

The prices of grinding machines aren’t an easy one to say, because there are lots of factors that determine what the prices is. The brand manufacturer is a good determinant of price of any item. Some brand already has very good reputation in manufacturing mechanical tools, as a result their products are relatively expensive. A good example is Bosch, which have grown its reputation over the years.

If you are considering getting a grinding machine, below are the price range for most of them in Zambian Kwacha;

  • Plastic Hand Grinding Machine is priced between ZMW 107.73 – ZMW 242.40
  • Hand Grinding Machine ranges from ZMW 430.94 – ZMW 673.34
  • Petrol- or Diesel-powered Grinding Machine is tagged at ZMW 1,616.02 – ZMW 10,773.45

Other types of grinding machines include the ones for smoothing edges or for mechanical works, often referred to as grinders. These machines come in different sizes and shapes to suit various needs. The pricing for these grinders is as follows:

  • Hand-held Grinder: Starts from ZMW 943.27
  • Industrial-sized Grinder: Up to ZMW 16,160.18

These prices represent a range within which you can find a variety of options, with the hand-held grinders being the more affordable option, and the industrial-sized grinders being at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Note: The above prices are estimated values and subject to change by market factors; location, period of purchase and most importantly rate of exchange of the naira to international currencies at the time of purchase.

Grinding Machine Prices in Zambia

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Grinding Machine

So, you are ready to get yourself or organization a new grinding machine, no matter the type it is you are getting there are some factors to consider before getting a grinding machine

Below are some of the factors to consider before getting a grinding machine;

The type of material to be ground: The type of material or product the grinding machine will grind is the primary factor to consider when getting a grinding machine. If you need a grinding machine for fruits and vegetables it only makes sense to go for the Plastic Hand grinding Machines. Considering the type of material, the machines will grind helps to also make good decisions health-wise. This is because some metals are not meant to come in contact with food items. Therefore, any grinding machine that will be used for food items should be safe for food consumption.

 The Source of Power: The source of power for your grinding machine is another important decision to make. Grinding machines are either manually powered (human strength) or Electrically powered. This electric power is generated in two ways; either by a petrol or diesel engine or by direct source of electric power. If one lives in a place with good supply of electricity it is then advised for one to get an electrically powered grinding machine. Else you should opt for petrol or diesel powered. Or go for the simple manual ones.

 Size and Portability: The size and portability of your new grinding machine matters too. Apart from the heavy-duty industrial ones. Grinding machines should be considerably portable, this to ease movement during transportation or even during a change of location sometime later. They should have tires or a platform that ease the movement from place to place.

 Power Rating; If you decide to go for the electrical grinding machine, it is very important to consider the power rating of the grinder before purchase. This is necessary in two ways; first this is to ensure your means of electrical power has the capacity to power the machine. And secondly if you are buying from outside the country, some countries power rating differs from that of Zambia. A good example is the USA whose power rating is 50Hz 120V, this differs from ours which is 60Hz 240V. A devices rated at 120V will blow up or malfunction if plugged into a power output of 240V.

Price: The price of a product forms a major determinant in the purchase of any item. The money at hand determines what you will buy therefore good market survey should be done and one should go for the best their money can afford to avoid wasting money on fake products.

Brand: The manufacturer of a product oftentimes determines the quality and durability of a product. A good example id the Corona brand when it comes to hand grinding machines. They have built a reputation over the years. Therefore, their products can stand the test of time and you can get the value for your money.

Things to Know About Grinding Machines

After buying your grinding machine or perhaps you are still planning to buy for yourself or your organization. There are some things worth knowing about grinding machines.

  1. Dangerous: Despite the fact that grinding machines are very important and helpful engineering and household machine, they can also be very dangerous when mishandled and absolute care should be taken when using them.
  2. Regular Maintenance: A Grinding machine is majorly a mechanical machine which means it undergoes wear and tear during operation. Regular maintenance should be carried out to keep it in good working condition.

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