Until recently, groundnut oil was the mainstay of Zambian kitchens. It’s used for a variety of meals and is a major ingredient for margarines. Groundnut oil is extracted using an extraction machine, and those who deal in it can attest to its lucrativeness. If you’re interested in groundnut oil production, you’ll need a quality extraction machine. But how much does it cost?

Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Prices in Zambia

People who deal in groundnut oil can clearly tell you how lucrative it is. A lot of the time, there are certain things we enjoy in life with no knowledge or idea of how they are made and what effort has gone into them. Groundnut oil for example requires an extraction process using an extraction machine. If you’re into groundnut oil production or you intend to start, a quality extraction machine is required. But just how much is it?

Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Prices in Zambia

Listed below are selected groundnut oil extraction machines in Zambia and their prices.

  1. Groundnut/Peanut Oil Press Machine === KW750,000

This machine is built for a much larger oil production from groundnut, soya and other nuts that contain oil. It is designed to use gear motor as well as electric-motor or engine with a belt drive. The type of machine is also largely determined by energy source.The choice of material used for fabrication also varies with price.

  1. Mini Oil Press Machine === KW100,000 – KW160,000

You can now make money from producing all kinds of oils, especially the popular groundnut oil and other expensive oils right from the comfort of your kitchen. With this mini oil press machine, there is no need for a big set up. It can press a number of seeds and nuts including Groundnuts, Sesame seeds, Linen Aberdeen, Walnut, etc. It can produce oil up to 6 kg per hour.

  1. Convertible Oil Extracting Machine === KW600,000

This is a complete grain oil extractor with an extraction capacity of up to 40 kg per hour. It’s great for pressing soya beans, groundnuts, coconut and several other nuts that produce oil.

  1. Guangxin Groundnut Oil Processing Machine === KW400,000

This Copra small cold press oil machine is made and distributed from China. It is regarded as one of the highest yield machines you can find. It guarantees you 92% of oil yield and does not affect the quality of the oil in any way.

  1. Auto Groundnut Oil Processing Machine by Zhengzhou QIE === KW550,000

This automatic oil extraction machine is produced and distributed by Zhengzhou QIE, a company with a mark of quality spanning over decades. It can process more than 20 different oil crops including groundnuts, castor bean, soybean, sesame, coconut, rice bran, palm fruit, and even cottonseed. It also possesses special features such as Power Save and Energy Save and still producing the same high yield.

  1. OIL MACHINE Vegetable Oil Refinery Equipment/ Groundnut Oil Extraction and Refine Machine/Palm Kernel Oil Refine and Processing Machine === KW600,000 – KW1,000,000

The producers of this one, Oil Machine, are regarded as the best edible oil refinery machinery supplier from China. The machine is durable, is ISO and CE listed, comes with a 6-year warranty and offers almost a 100% yield of all nuts.

  1. 6YL-95 High Efficiency Groundnut Oil Processing Machine === KW150,000 – KW300,000

This highly efficient machine is a product of Henan New Elephants Machinery. Its high productivity and high oil output rate are what have put the product on the map. It is reliable and very convenient to use. Plus, it can be used for various seed such as groundnut, sesame, soybean, sunflower, rape seeds and so on.

Groundnut Oil Extraction Process

Producing groundnut oil, using a mechanical method involves a range of technical activities. It follows a process that involves three main stages, namely;

  • Seeds Preparation
  • Pressing
  • Refining

Seed Preparation

This is a very manual process that simply involves selecting the good groundnut seeds from the bad ones. Also, cleaning is done here to take away all dust components like sand, plant debris, stalk, and tiny rock particles. Breaking the seeds into smaller pieces so they can be easily milled is also done here. Furthermore, the moisture content is controlled through a conditioning process before they are heated up and made ready for the next stage.

Groundnut Pressing

This is the second phase and it is the production stage. The presser, usually a screw pressing machine, is loaded with the selected groundnut seeds. The screw of the machine warm presses the ground as they are driven further into the narrow part of the chamber. This constant pressure and rising temperature then force oil out of the groundnut. As the temperature rises, output increases. The oil squeezed out of the groundnut is then released through small holes made under the chamber. There you have your fresh, but crude groundnut oil.

Oil Refining

This is the final process. Here, the fresh groundnut oil obtained from the presser is pumped through a filter to purify it. After filtering is done, the groundnut oil will then be taken to a refining machine for another three stages of refining. These are neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization.

However, for the sake of this post, we’re focusing only on extraction and the prices of machines you can use for the process. As I mentioned earlier, there are different types of groundnut oil extraction machines with different capacities and for different prices. Some are for large-scale industrial production. Others are for small-scale production.

Final Words

With the current economic situation, many people are considering starting businesses. Oil extraction and processing seems like a profitable choice. It’s a product that people will always need as long as they continue to eat. So, the market is not the problem. Your indecision might be. Consider investing in a groundnut oil extraction machine today.


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