In Zambia, the hair dryer market is as diverse as it is vibrant. With a variety of brands, models, and price points, there’s a hair dryer for every budget and need. Understanding the prices of these essential hair care tools is crucial for making an informed purchase. So, let’s dive into the world of hair dryers in Zambia!

hair dryer price in zambia

Prices of Hair Dryers in Zambia

Hair dryers come in different forms and designs. While some specific brands have ruled this part of the industry for a lot of years, some more modern companies are starting to run the market with more exclusive and top quality fire extinguishers that are easier to operate.

Hair dryers vary in prices. Given their different sizes, designs, and functionalities, this should be expected. This section takes a look at prices of common hair dryers available in Zambia today.

Nova Hair Dryers

  • Nova mini Foldable Air Dryer – N, 500 – KW3, 000
  • Nova Mini Air Dryer with Hair Straightener – KW3, 200 – KW5, 500
  • Nova Professional Foldable Air Dryer – KW5, 500 – KW9, 000
  • Nova Professional Air Dryer with Hair Straightener – KW12, 000 – KW19, 000

CHOBHA Hair Dryers

  • Chobha Professional Air Dryer 1500 Watts – KW4, 000 – KW7, 000
  • Chobha Professional Air Dryer 2300 Watts – KW6, 000 – KW8, 500

Riwa Hair Dryers

  • Riwa Professional 2000 W Large Power Hair Dryer Blow Dryer With Wind Collecting Nozzle – KW4, 000 – KW6, 000
  • Riwa Professional 1600 W Large Power Hair Dryer Blow Dryer With Wind Collecting Nozzle – KW4, 000 – KW6, 000
  • Riwa Professional 2200 W Large Power Hair Dryer Blow Dryer With Wind Collecting Nozzle – KW5, 500 – KW8, 000
  • Riwa Professional 1800 W Large Power Hair Dryer Blow Dryer With Wind Collecting Nozzle – KW4, 500 – KW6, 000

Bopai Hair Dryers

  • Bopai Hair Dryer Professional 4000 W Blow Dryer With 2 Speed And 3 Heat Settings – KW5, 500 – KW7, 000
  • Bopai Hair Dryer Professional 5000 W Blow Dryer With 2 Speed And 3 Heat Settings – KW5, 000 – KW7, 500

Equator Hair Dryers

  • Equator Standing Hair Dryer – KW20, 000 – KW39, 000
  • Equator Wall Mounted Hair Dryer – KW40, 000 – KW55, 000

Kiki Hair Dryers

  • Kiki Professional Hair Dryer 1300 Watts – KW5, 000 – KW7, 000
  • Kiki Professional Hair Dryer 1800 Watts – KW7, 000 – KW9, 000

Posh Hair Dryers

  • Posh Mango Standing Hair Dryer – KW20, 000 – KW28, 000
  • Posh Professional Mango Wall Mounted Hair Dryer – KW38, 000 – KW45, 000

Ceriotte Hair Dryers

  • Ceriotti Super GEK 3000 Professional Hairdryer Hand Dryer – KW7, 000 – KW9, 000

Anabell Hair Dryers

  • Anabell Professional Hand Hair Dryer – KW2, 500 – KW5, 000

The prices listed above were gathered from various reliable sources in the current market and are largely dependable. However, it is still necessary to check these prices in the market before you make a purchase as the prices could have considerably changed. The variation in prices is as a result of various factors, which usually includes the place and period of purchase and currency exchange rate at the period of purchase.

It should also be noted that power output rate and types of hair dryers significantly affect the eventual prices they go for. In addition, the size of the hair dryer has one or two things to do with the price. For instance, a wall-mounted or standing hair dryer will be more expensive than handheld ones.

Things To Consider When Buying a Hair Dryer

Your choice of hair dryer is vital to the healthiness of your hairs. Inasmuch as it is very fitting for you to dry your hairs by blasting it with warm air rather than just letting it dry on its own, you can damage your hair if you don’t use the right kind of dryer. Your locks can end up arid, dull, feeble and weak. If you are buying a hair dryer, you may need to carefully consider some factors before buying one.

There are various types and designs of hair dryer. The variety available today makes it difficult to know the exact type of hair dryer to buy. Here are some of the very significant factors to consider when purchasing a hair dryer.

Consider Your Hair Type – This is the first factor you should consider when planning to buy a hair dryer. If you are buying a hair dryer and you do not know your hair type, you’d most likely make mistakes. Hair dryers come with compatibility to different types of hair. Some are explicitly good for thin and soft, some for dense and curled and some for thick and wavy. So, the first step is to know your type of hair and go for the hair dryer that suits it.

Consider the Power of the Hair Dryer – Usually, you should go for 1500 watts power output or even more. For thick and curly hair, you should choose one between 1800 – 1900 watts. The power of hair dryer should be decided carefully because a low power tool might consume more time and high-power ones could snatch away wetness and damage your hair.

Consider the Heat Setting and Other Extra Options: The dryer with the most diverse setting would certainly help you get perfect and smooth hair without any extra serious efforts. Just ensure that the hair dryer you are going has multiple heat settings, which include “high, medium, and low”, so that you can easily set the temperature according to what you require for your hair. Also, ensure that the dryer has air – speed-controlling switches for easy regulation.

Consider the Weight and Quality – While picking a hair dryer, it is necessary for you to check the weight. If you feel the dryer is heavy when you hold it, you might need to consider picking a lighter one for ease and convenience. Even if you are purchasing the hair dryer online, just ensure you read its specifications carefully. Ensure you buy a brand you can guarantee. A cheap branded product might be easily affordable but might not be as durable and efficient.

Affordable Hair Dryers

If you’re on a budget, don’t fret! There are plenty of affordable hair dryers available in Zambia. For instance, you can find a variety of options on the Facebook Marketplace, with prices ranging from $1 to $2,200.

On the other hand, Radian Online Zambia offers a Decakila 2200W hair dryer at an affordable price of K319.50.

Mid-Range Hair Dryers

For those willing to spend a bit more on additional features and durability, there are several mid-range hair dryers available. These often come with multiple heat settings, cool shot buttons, and other handy features. Prices vary depending on the brand and model, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best deal.

Just like with affordable options, you can find mid-range hair dryers on various online platforms. For instance, ZambiaPrice often features a range of hair dryers at different price points.

High-End Hair Dryers

For the ultimate hair drying experience, high-end hair dryers are the way to go. These premium models often feature advanced technologies like ionic and ceramic heating, multiple speed and heat settings, and even smart capabilities.

You can find high-end hair dryers on platforms like Desertcart, which offers a variety of hair dryer products in Lusaka at discounted prices.

Tips for Choosing a Hair Dryer

Choosing the right hair dryer is not just about price. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Power: Higher wattage means more heat and more heat means faster drying times. But remember, too much heat can damage your hair. So, choose a hair dryer with adjustable heat settings.
  • Technology: Look for hair dryers with ionic or ceramic technology. These help reduce frizz and add shine to your hair.
  • Attachments: Consider what attachments come with the hair dryer. Diffusers can help enhance natural curls, while concentrators can direct airflow for more precise styling.
  • Your Hair Type: If you have fine or thin hair, a hair dryer with a lower heat setting would be ideal. For thick or coarse hair, a hair dryer with a higher heat setting would be more effective.


In conclusion, the price of hair dryers in Zambia varies greatly depending on the brand, model, and features. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or a high-end model, there’s a hair dryer out there for you. So, take your time, do your research, and find the perfect hair dryer for your needs. Happy shopping!

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