When it comes to Hisense brand, there is always this expectation of top quality and excellence. The brand has not only competed excellently in all the industries they have dived into, they have also made a significant mark. Why Hisense might not be the first name to rushes to mind when it comes to washing machine brands, there is no denying their quality.

Hisense Washing Machine Review & Prices in Zambia

With a lot of standout brands in the washing machine section of the home appliance industry today, it is amazing to see how well Hisense has fared. This post takes a look at various Hisense’s washing machines available in Zambia today and how much they go for.

Hisense Washing Machine Review & Prices in Zambia Today

There are many Hisense washing machine available in the Zambian market today. The various models of the washing machine mainly vary in sizes and mode of operation. While some are semi-automated, others are fully automated. Generally, the bigger the washing machine, the more expensive they are. Here are some of their popular Hisense washing machine models available in the country and how much they go for.

  • Hisense Automatic Washing Machine 6 kg – KW114, 000 – KW132, 000
  • Hisense Twin Tub Washing Machine 5 kg – KW48, 000- KW65, 000
  • Hisense Twin Tub Washing Machine 7 kg – KW64, 000- KW70, 000
  • Hisense Top Loader Washing Machine 7.2 kg – KW55, 000 – KW70, 000
  • Hisense Top Loader Automatic Washing Machine 8 kg – KW90, 000 – KW110, 000
  • Hisense 10kg Washing Machine Semi-Automatic Twin Tub – KW78, 000 – KW90, 000
  • Hisense 10 KG Wash / 7KG Dry Washing Machine With Inverter Technology – KW223, 000 – KW250, 000
  • Hisense 13 KG Full Automatic Smart Washing Machine – KW150, 000 – KW180, 000

The variation in the prices listed above is a result of some factors which include the place of purchase, the period of purchase, and more importantly, the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase. Hisense washing machines are readily available in Zambia. They can be bought directly from brand manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers. Hisense needs no introduction. The brand ranks among the reputable brands in the washing machine industry.

Things you will like about Hisense Washing Machines

Hisense washing machines are gradually building their niche in the market today. The washing machine, regardless of the size, type, and operation mechanism, guarantee value for your money. They have been appreciated by many users over the years. Here are some factors that make them one of the best in the washing machine market.

Durable – One of the standout features, as confirmed by various customer reviews, is that Hisense washing machines are very durable and reliable. They compete with the very best in the market in this department and have staked their claims among the brands that can be trusted. One can be guaranteed to use the fridge for a very long time without the fear of having to constantly repair the washing machine. Although a few people have complained about the automatic models not being as durable as the semi-automatic models. Regardless, Hisense Washing machines are generally durable.

Highly Efficient – Hisense has been compared with the likes of LG and Samsung over the years and one wouldn’t expect anything less in terms of quality of products and overall delivery. Although some still argue that Hisense washing machines can still not be compared with the likes of Samsung, Thermocool, LG and other very high profile products, the definitely compare with these models in many areas, including overall efficiency, quality and ease of use. They also serve as cheaper alternatives.

Variety – Like many other brands, Hisense washing machines come in various types and sizes. Regardless of the type and size you are looking for, you can be sure Hisense has you covered. They have washing machines as small as 5kg and as large as 13 to 15kg. There are also specially designed washing machines that even have more capacity. Also, the have fully-automatic washing machines and ones that are semi-automatic. Depending on the type you want you can go for one that is a top loader or front loader washing machines. There are also ones that have special cabin for dryer. Depending on your need, you can pick between these various types.

Affordable – Perhaps the main advantage Hisense washing machines have over other brands in the same category – their washing machines are relatively cheap compared to many other brands. The fact that Hisense washing machines compete well with these other brands in terms of quality and overall efficiency, and still sells for cheaper prices have attracted even more customers and fans to the brand.

Easy to Use – Most Hisense washing machine models boast features that are easy to use. The control knobs are very easy to regulate. The timers are also very responsive and relatively easy to setup. You wouldn’t have much problem controlling the washing machine timer and other controls.

What you may not like about Hisense Washing Machines

Although there is no notable factor or feature one might not particularly like about the Hisense washing machine, some have complained about the fact that some of the models can be quite noisy when in use. This particularly happens with the semi-automatic models. When in use, some of these models tend to make some noise which can be particularly uncomfortable. This happens mostly when the dryer is spinning the washed cloths to dry.

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