Remember when “discussion ended” with Honda sedans around 2004? Right! The discussion continued with the Honda Evil Spirit around 2008.

Beyond the regular shape of Honda vehicles; beyond the general problems known with Honda; beyond the ordinary style, Honda introduced another road masterclass, a revelation on the road, sleek handle and undoubtedly one of the brand’s sleekest designs till date. Again, Honda proved to be on top of their game with the introduction of a new dimension Honda Accord in 2008.

honda accord evil spirit

The wonderfully designed road magic was a top sensation when it was first released. It took Zambians less than a year of its introduction for them to develop a name for this beautiful darling on the road; a name that speaks to its efficiency, ruggedness and most importantly, catches the attention of the people, on and off the road.

“Evil Spirit” is not the sleekest name to give a vehicle but this Honda invention just has to stick with that. Honda is well known for building creative and strong vehicles and was widely applauded for their success both in the market and in the automobile industry. What else would you expect from a brand that competes with the very best in the world?

Released just a year after Toyota launched the Toyota “Muscle”, Honda Accord was seen as the closest competitor to the Toyota Camry. Deservedly so, the two vehicles share a lot in common. They are durable, strong and both maintain firm handling and stability.

The production of Honda Accord Evil spirit lasted 4 years, starting from 2008 to 2012. Although the productions stopped about 6 years ago, the vehicle is still among the most sought after till date and still maintains as great value as possible. This Honda model is definitely a great choice for consumers wanting a sedan or coupe that does just about everything right.

Prices of Brand new Honda Accord (Evil Spirit) in Zambia

Honda Accord Evil Spirit was among the very best Honda vehicles when it was first launched in 2008. It still remains among the most successful Honda sedans to ever grace the earth. This encouraged manufacture to go on till it was eventually recalled by the company in 2012. This means that brand new Honda Accord Evil Spirit (2008 – 2012) is no longer available for purchase. Honda has since then moved on to another design and still release their vehicles every year.

Prices of Honda Accord Evil Spirit in Zambia (Foreign Used/ Tokunbo)

Let us take a quick look at prices of various tokunbo models of Honda Accord from 2008 to 2012

  • Honda Accord 2008 – KW2, 000, 000 – KW2, 800, 000
  • Honda Accord 2009 – KW2, 200, 000 – KW3, 000, 000
  • Honda Accord 2010 – KW2, 300, 000 – KW3, 450, 000
  • Honda Accord 2011 – KW2, 800, 000 – KW4, 200, 000
  • Honda Accord 2012 – KW3, 200, 000 – KW4, 400, 000

For vehicles that are no longer produced by the brand, the best versions are usually the Tokunbo version. Zambia has become one of the top African countries that embraces the importation of used vehicles from outside the country. In recent years, research has revealed that there is a higher consumption or patronage of Tokunbo cars compared to that of brand new cars. This is because it makes it easier for end users to get a cheaper deal, financially. It also removes the stress of importation and custom clearance. Although, foreign currency exchange rates and custom duties and tariff usually affect the prices of these vehicles, they are still relatively affordable and valuable.

One of the selling points of Honda Accord, Evil Spirit, is that it has a high resale and second hand value that’s to its ruggedness and durability. This means that the usage of the car of about 3 to 5 years does not affect the efficiency and quality of the car, thereby maintaining its value.

Prices of Locally Used Honda Accord Evil Spirit in Zambia

  • Honda Accord 2008 – KW1, 000, 000 – KW1, 800, 000
  • Honda Accord 2009 – KW1, 300, 000 – KW2, 300, 000
  • Honda Accord 2010 – KW1, 300, 000 – KW2, 300, 000
  • Honda Accord 2011 – KW1, 600, 000 – KW3, 000, 000
  • Honda Accord 2012 – KW1, 800, 000 – KW3, 000, 000

There has been a considerable increase in the demand and purchase of locally used vehicles in Zambia in recent times. This could be as a result of the economic derailment and a larger number og the middle class compared to the upper class in the country. Although locally used vehicles may not be as neat and close to perfect as brand new or foreign used versions, they are still a much-appreciated option.

The car brands that have much appeal for second hand usage are those ones whose parts are readily available in the auto market in cases of repair.

For durable and rugged cars, one might not really feel the difference, especially when it is still neat and well managed. The list below shows the varying prices of locally used Honda Accord Evil Spirit in Zambia. The prices variation is due to certain factors including the fuel mileage, general condition of the car and the year of production.

Things you will like about the Honda Accord Evil Spirit

Still wondering why Honda Accord Evil Spirit is the talk of the town and one of Honda’s biggest sedans till date? This section is for you. Here are some things you will surely like about this Honda Accord.

  • Beautiful Interior: If you are a lover of style and class, then you will surely be happy with this sedan. This Honda Accord is brightly lit with easy to read gauges and conveniently placed instrument controls. The interior is simple and speaks class.
  • Strong Engine Performance: The engines are powerful. The performance of this vehicle is top notch and deserves some accolades.
  • Comfortable: The seats are padded with nice materials and you can be guaranteed of lovely comfort while driving.
  • Smooth Handling: This sedan is balance on the road and the handling is firm. It isn’t the best of sport cars but gives you a feel of amazing experience when driving.
  • Durable: if you desire a vehicle that is durable and easy to maintain, then you wouldn’t be disappointed with this Honda Accord. The spare parts are readily available and are easy to fix. The great news is, you might not need to visit the mechanic workshop too often.

Things you may not like Honda Accord Evil Spirit

  • Fuel economy is not pocket friendly.
  • Higher trim levels and options can get pricey.

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