With Honda vehicles, discussion never stops! With each model radiating excellence allover, the successful automobile company is arguably one of the best when it comes to vehicle interior and exterior designs, originality and creativity. Don’t take away their models’ durability, flexibility and intimidating presence.

It is not a hidden truth that Honda automobiles are one of the most sought after cars in Zambia and the world at large. With its trademark exotic, luxurious yet comfy and well proportioned body frame, driving a Honda is a sure way to having a spectacular driving experience.

Honda Discussion Continues: Prices in Zambia 2021

The 2006/2007 Honda accord, Discussion Continues, is one of the older mid–sized sedans that is used till date as a bench mark for other vehicles of same class. This is not because it has the best engine, chassis and styling but simply because it is a brilliant combination of a sound engine with a well balanced chassis and incredible styling.

When this Accord model was released into the mainstream market, people were impressed by its compatibility, ease of navigation and efficiency; so much so that the Zambian market nicknamed it “Discussion Continues“.

Zambians are very expressive people. They tend to brand a product based on how it is perceived or based on its features and appearance. For example, the 2010 Honda Accord is nicknamed “evil spirit” and “Anaconda” because of how menacing it looks.

Honda Accord Discussion Continues is a major upgrade of 2003-2005 End of Discussion model.  It boasts better transmission, higher engine strength, improved body balance or chassis and a more appealing style. With the manufacture of this model, Zambian Honda fans agreed that they were too hasty in declaring a champion in 2003 – 2005. This Honda model is definitely a great choice for consumers wanting a sedan or coupe that does just about everything right.

Prices of Foreign used, (Tokunbo) “Discussion Continues” in Zambia

Zambia has become one of the top African countries whose markets and borders are freely open to receiving or acquiring foreign used cars, legally, of course.  This class of cars is called Tokunbo or Belgium cars.

In recent years, research has revealed that there is a higher consumption or patronage of Tokunbo cars compared to that of brand new cars. This is because it makes it easier for end users to get a cheaper deal, financially. It also removes the stress of importation and custom clearance. Although, foreign currency exchange rates and custom duties and tariff may cause a hike in prices, it still is at a fair price range.

Positively, one major point for the Honda Accord, Discussion Continues is that, it has a high resale and second – hand value. This simply implies that a usage of about one to two years does little or nothing to the strength or performance of the car.

Here is an average cost break down of the Honda Accord 2006/2006 Tokunbo prices

  • 2006 – 1.6 million Naira – 2.5 million Naira
  • 2007 – 1.8 million Naira – 2.6 million Naira

Prices of Locally Used Honda Accord 2006/2007 in Zambia

In Zambia today, there has also been a considerable increase in demand and purchase of locally used cars. This is as a result of the economic derailment and the large number of the middle class persons compared to the upper class in the society.

The car brands that have much appeal for second hand usage are those ones whose parts are readily available in the auto market in cases of repair. As stated earlier, the Honda Accord model has a good second – hand value in the market.  When you purchase a Zambian used one, you are guaranteed of a good driving experience.

There is no one specific price on locally used Discussion Continues because; the pricing depends on certain factors. These factors may include;

  • The cost expectation of the car owner/seller.
  • The engine capacity
  • Gear and transmission
  • Car body frame (evidence of Accident history or not)
  • Interior and dashboard condition

These factors can either reduce or increase the price of the car. From research carried out by observing car prices on various online and offline car selling point, the average price for a Honda accord 2006 (Discussion continues) is from 900 thousand Naira to 1.5 Million naira.

Things You Need to Know About the Honda Accord Discussion Continues

In the year 2005, which doubled as the 30 year anniversary of the Accord, the Honda Accord model underwent a mid – generation refresh for its 2006 model. The body style comes in four door sedan, two door coupe and Hybrid. Whether you want a practical family sedan or you are looking for a midsize car that is enjoyable to drive with proper handling, the Honda Accord Discussion Continues fits the bill.

The V6 power engine of this model was increased to 244 horse power (182 KW) and the 4 cylinder engine’s power was Increased to 166 horse power (124 KW) and the hybrid was also increased to 253 horse power.

The 2006 model was also the first year in which the V6 sedan was offered with a 6 speed manual transmission from the coupe as an option.

The Discussion Continues model is available in a number of trims: the base Value Package, the LX, the Special Edition, the EX, the SE V6, the EX-L, the LX V6, the EX-L V6 and the EX-L V6 6MT. In addition, all three EX-L models are available in a separate trim with the optional Honda satellite-linked navigation system.

In summary, the interior is quiet and features lots of premium materials. Both rows of seats are spacious, and there are plenty of standard and available tech features. Discussion Continues is an overall excellent sedan and earns a top mark when compared with other sedans in the same class.

Things you will like about the Honda Accord discussion continues

  • Excellent Engine performance: Both engines are powerful, be it the 4 cylinder or the 6 cylinder engine.
  • Stylish interior: if you are a lover of style, then this is for you. The Honda Accord 2006/2007 comes with a roomy and beautiful interior. It is brightly lit with easy to read gauges and conveniently placed instrument controls. These controls are also simple and easy to manipulate.
  • Because of its well balanced chassis, comfortable interior, powerful engine and sound transmission, you are assured of a smooth and reliable companion.
  • High resale value: as stated earlier, when you want to let go of your Discussion Continues, be rest assured that you are going to get good value for your car. It has a high second-hand value compared to other midsize sedans.

Things you may not like Honda Accord Discussion Continues

  • Disappointing fuel economy: especially for the Hybrid sedan.
  • Higher trim levels and options can get pricey.
  • Awkward unlocking/folding rear seats to the sedan’s trunk

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