The medical profession is one of the most highly rated professions in Zambia today. Working in a hospital, a clinic or a teaching hospital has this glow about it.

Housemanship is an important stage in the medical profession, which is a one-year practical training program for medical graduates. It is an essential part of medical education and is important for developing the skills and knowledge necessary to practice as a doctor. In Zambia, the salary of house officers is an important consideration for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine. In this article, we will explore the average housemanship salary in Zambia, answer some popular questions related to this topic, and provide a list of the top 10 hospitals offering housemanship in Zambia.

Average Housemanship Salary in Zambia

The average housemanship salary in Zambia varies depending on the location and the hospital. On average, the salary of house officers in Zambia ranges from ZMK 4,000 to ZMK 5,000 per month. This salary is subject to review by the Ministry of Health on an annual basis.

Top 10 Hospitals Offering Housemanship in Zambia

  1. University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka – ZMK 4,500 per month
  2. Ndola Teaching Hospital, Ndola – ZMK 4,000 per month
  3. Kitwe Teaching Hospital, Kitwe – ZMK 4,000 per month
  4. Livingstone General Hospital, Livingstone – ZMK 4,000 per month
  5. Chipata General Hospital, Chipata – ZMK 4,000 per month
  6. Kabwe General Hospital, Kabwe – ZMK 4,000 per month
  7. Mansa General Hospital, Mansa – ZMK 4,000 per month
  8. Choma General Hospital, Choma – ZMK 4,000 per month
  9. Kasama General Hospital, Kasama – ZMK 4,000 per month
  10. Mongu General Hospital, Mongu – ZMK 4,000 per month

Whether as a medical lab scientist, a medical doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, a dentist, physiotherapist or any other medical professional, the medical profession is regarded among the most noble and respected professions in the country. It is also a very delicate profession that requires serious training; you wouldn’t expect less from a profession that deals with human lives.

Housemanship Salary in Zambia

The medical profession is one of the most coveted profession in Zambia. Apart from the fact that they are respected and rated highly because of their importance in the society, their monthly take home is another reason the profession is popular among the “wish list” of kids and youths. Although they are no longer among the highest paying professions in the country, they still remain among those professions you can be comfortable with the salary structure.

Before one can be fully certified in the medical profession, one very important phase is the housemanship or (internship for non-doctors). This is a compulsory one-year program where medical professionals are expected to work in a recognized and accredited hospital so as to gain better experience in their respective fields.

Medical professionals are expected to complete this phase before they can be enrolled for the National Youth Service Corps where they are expected to serve their motherland. The great news is this program comes with a pay. Salaries for housemanship or house job, like some other medical professions call it,

In this post, we will take a look at how much house officers are paid in various medical fields.

Housemanship or Internship Salaries in Zambia

If you are a medical student and wondering how much hospitals pay medical professionals during housemanship, you are in the right place. Being a medical professional comes at a cost and apparently, great reward as well.

Housemanship is a compulsory one-year program that medical professionals are expected to undergo after graduating from medical school. This compulsory program is usually done at most two years after graduating from the medical school.

While enrolling into the program used to be quite easy many years ago, the increasing number of medical graduates in Zambia today has only made it more difficult to get placed for housemanship. Hospitals have limited slots for house officers in various fields. This has led lots of government hospitals to conduct tests for prospective candidates and pick based on the result of the test.

It should also be noted the salaries during housemanship vary based on profession, field, job specification and hospitals. Usually, medical doctors and dentists earn the highest amount during the program while medical lab scientists are among the least paid. Federal hospitals pay more than most state hospitals.

Here, we will consider how much medical professionals earn per field. Please note that the figures started below are a first-hand information and are as at 2018, very accurate. There may be a slight variation though, as some hospitals review staff salaries often.

Salary of Dentists during Housemanship

Dentistry is one of the broadest fields in the medical profession. This delicate profession commands respect as much as other fields and is rated among the most coveted. They also rank among the medical professions with the highest pay during housemanship. On the average, Dentist earn between during house job. This excludes bonuses and some few other incentives they are entitled to. KW150, 000 – KW180, 000.

Salary of Pharmacists during Internship

Pharmacy is another broad aspect in the medical line. They work hand-in-hand with medical doctors and can also work on their own. Basically, they don’t earn as much as medical doctors, either during housemanship or in the real professional world. Asides bonuses, a pharmacist earns between KW130, 000 – KW170, 000 during housemanship.

Salary of Physiotherapists during Internship

Medical rehabilitation or physiotherapy is another core aspect of medical science. During housemanship, Physiotherapists earn between KW130, 000 – KW150, 000 depending on the hospital.

Salary of Medical Lab Scientists during Internship

Medical lab science, just like physiotherapy, is an important field in medical science. A medical lab scientist earns between N100, 000 – KW140, 000 during housemanship.

Popular Questions About Housemanship Salary in Zambia

  1. Q: What is the duration of housemanship in Zambia? A: Housemanship in Zambia is a one-year program.
  2. Q: Can the housemanship salary be increased? A: Yes, the salary of house officers in Zambia is subject to review by the Ministry of Health on an annual basis.
  3. Q: Do all hospitals in Zambia offer housemanship? A: No, not all hospitals in Zambia offer housemanship. Housemanship is only offered in designated teaching hospitals in the country.


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