Modelling is one of the most looked into careers outside education, especially for young women and men in Zambia today. Apart from the fact that this career line, which can easily slide in as a part-time job, is quite exciting and thrilling, it is also lucrative.

With a lot of young people looking to go into this career line in recent times, whether on the part-time basis or full time, it is necessary to take a look at the various types available and how much they can expect to earn.

how much do models earn in zambia

How Much Models Earn in Zambia: Full Breakdown

The modelling business is becoming a real deal in recent times and it is easy to see why. With a lot of companies and enterprises looking to advertise their products and reach out to as many people as they can, the need to use the services of models to showcase their products has become paramount.

There are various types of modelling and the amount that comes with each type vary greatly. It should also be noted that various factors affect the amount models earn in various spheres. One of the most important factors that determine how much a model earns is the company. You wouldn’t expect a model that affiliates with a well-recognized modelling agency to earn the same amount as a model with a local agency. Also, face models don’t usually earn as much as full-body models.

Here are some of the various types of modelling and how much models in this line earn in Zambia today.

Runway Models

This is the most common modelling line in Zambia today. It is almost among the choosiest model lines at the moment. Unlike some other types of modelling, runway modelling usually requires models of certain height and overall stature. Designers generally use runway models to showcase their products during fashion events and runways.

On the average, runway models earn between KW20, 000 and KW80, 000 per event. It should be noted that while there are modelling agencies that pay lesser, the price range as highlighted here is the average for models in this category.

Commercial Models

This is largely one of the highest paying modelling types out there today. Usually, this type of modelling does not require many rules. Models are signed as brand ambassadors and are usually paid based on contract.

Models in this category appear in products’ packs as they are mostly involved in product advertisements. Models in this category can earn as much as KW5 million per contract or as low as KW100, 000 depending on the company they are contracted to and the product they are advertising.

Fashion Models

Also called editorial models, this category of modelling include fashion models that feature in magazines, fashion blogs, fashion websites, and other similar platforms. Like runway models, models in this field are required to have specific height range, usually about 5’88’’ at the least.

It is one of the most sought after modelling lines as it is not as stressful as runway modelling. Depending on the magazine or editorial platform, fashion models earn between KW20, 000 and KW150, 000 per feature.

Glamour Models

This is one of the most popular modelling categories today, especially among university students and young women. These models are hired to look attractive to the audience. This is quite similar to fashion models as they also pose for photographs and appear in magazines, but they are also used as ushers in certain gatherings and are sometimes more regarded as ushers than models.

Models in this category earn between KW5, 000 and KW60, 000 per event, depending on the nature of the event.

Fitness Models

This category of modelling attracts physically fit ladies and guys. Usually, they are used to model sport-clothing manufacturers and sometimes, fitness equipment. This type of modelling attracts more of macho men and fit ladies. They are not as common as most other modelling categories on the list. On the average, models in this category earn between KW10, 000 and KW80, 000 per shoot.

Top Modelling Agencies in Zambia

Are you looking to start a modelling career in Zambia? Here are some of the top modelling agencies in Zambia today.

Exquisite Models International – Exquisite models international is one of the most rated modelling agencies in Zambia today. The agency looks to recruit young models in various categories and train them to become world-class. They have done that over the years and they still rate among the best to date.

Y-Ray Models – if you are familiar with the modelling world, you would have heard this name a couple times. The agency is one of the biggest in the country and thanks to an outstanding track record, they remain one of the very best in the country today. They are also involved in all categories of modelling.

Beth Modelling Agency – Talk about attractive pay in the modelling industry; Beth Modelling agency rates among the top-paying modelling agencies in Lusaka today.

Wave Model Management – The list of the very best and most popular modelling agency in Zambia wouldn’t be complete without the mention of one of the few international modelling agencies – Wave Model management. With the headquarters in Italy, it is easy to see why the modelling agency has done so well since their affiliation with one of Zambia’s top modelling agencies. They offer smooth career growth in modelling for aspiring models.

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