The ride-hailing business has been one of the highlights of the transportation industry over the past year. Apart from the fact that the business has provided great business opportunity for a lot of people, it is one of the very lucrative businesses to dive into. Bolt, which used to be Taxify, is one of the very common ride-hailing companies in Zambia today.

How much do Taxify drivers make weekly in Zambia

In this post, we will take a look at how much Bolt (or Taxify) drivers earn, on the average, per week in Zambia today.

How much do Taxify drivers make weekly in Zambia?

Putting an exact figure on how much Taxify drivers earn per week is quite difficult. This is because there are loads of factors that affect how much the drivers make. These factor will be discussed in subsequent sections. Taxify drivers earn between KW35, 000 – KW55, 000 per week, depending on the location. Generally, Taxify drivers in Lusaka earn more than drivers in other cities. Hence, we expect a Taxify driver in lagos to earn between KW45, 000 – KW55, 000 per week, provided he or she works for a minimum of 8 – 10 hours and targets hot spots.

Factors that affect how much Uber drivers earn per week

There are many factors that determine how much Uber drivers will earn per week. While there are no steady amount drivers earn per week, these factors go a long way in determining how much the drivers earn.

  • Location – It is worth noting that location affects how much Uber drivers make per month. For instance, Uber drivers in Lusaka earn more than drivers in other cities in the country. Prices of Uber in Lusaka for instance, is largely fixed from place to place, unlike in Lusaka.
  • Number of Trips Per Day – Obviously, the number of trips a driver complete per day determines how much he or she earns at the end of the week. For instance, a driver that completes 10 trips per day might likely earn more than a driver that does five trip per day in the same area and covers the same distance.
  • Distance per Trip – With the fact about numbers of trips already established, it is worth noting that is possible for a driver that completes 3 trips a day earn even more than one that completes more trips. Take for instance, a driver picks a rider from Ikeja Airport all the way down to Ajah. The trip could equate to up to KW8, 000, and he could earn more than a driver that completed 3 to 5 trips within, say Yaba, in the same period. Hence, the distance the driver covers per week also affect how much they earn.
  • Period of Work – there are periods during the way when demands for Uber rides are high. Periods between 7 – 9 am and 4 – 8 pm. Drivers that work during these periods tend to get more trips and in many cases, cover more distance, thereby earning more than drivers that work during less buy periods of the day.
  • Busy/Hot Spots – Drivers that work within the very busy spots of Lusaka and Lusaka tend to earn more than drivers that function in less populated areas. According to many Uber drivers, hot spots like Lekki, Yaba, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Maryland, and their environs, are the busy places and best places for Uber drivers to target.
  • Surge – When demands for Uber rides are high, there is usually a surge, which automatically increases fare fee, depending on the rate of demand and availability of vehicles in the area. Drivers that target surge periods and work during those periods tend to earn more than others.

Steps to becoming a Taxify/ Bolt driver

Having already highlighted how much Taxify drivers earn per week in Zambia, let us now take a brief look at how to become an Uber driver.

  • Sign up as a Driver – this is the first step to becoming a Taxify/Bolt partner. This is not a stressful process at all. You can either choose to download the app and signup directly on the app or visit their website and sign up from there. During this process, you will be required to upload some documents. The documents include the applicant’s driver’s license, car details and some other documents.
  • Training: Once the documents have been verified, the applicant will be invited for training and onboarding. Here, the applicant will be educated on what is expected, ho to conduct themselves, the do’s and don’ts and many other related details. Applicants are usually invited for the training via mails. Hence, it is essential for applicants to continually check their mails after they have signed up.
  • Vehicle inspecting and Accreditation: You are required to get your vehicle inspected before it is accredited by the company. You are expected to visit any AutoGenius facility around you. Once your vehicle has been inspected, you are expected to go to the Bolt office to tender the following documents:
  • Vehicle licence
  • Valid Zambian drivers license
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Certificate of Road-Worthiness
  • Valid AutoGenius Inspection Report.
  • Verification – This is the final stage of the process. Once your vehicle has been inspected and accredited, you can then proceed to the verification stage. Onboarding is done at the various offices across the country. As it stands, Taxify/Bolt services are in the following cities – Lusaka, Lusaka, port Harcourt, Owerri, Ibadan, Uyo, Kano, Enugu, Calabar, and Benin City.


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