With the continuous uncertainty around the state of the economy and corporate jobs getting more difficult to come by, many have resorted to having their own businesses and some others have dived towards the ride-hailing sector, including Uber. As it stands, the Uber driving business, like other popular ride-hailing companies, is one of the very lucrative businesses in Zambia. Apart from the fact that one can earn so much money driving, drivers have relative control over how many hours they want to work for, making their job even more dynamic.

How Much do Uber Drivers Make Weekly in Zambia

Let us now take a look at how much Uber drivers earn per week in Zambia. We will also highlight some details about the business and how one can become an Uber driver.

How much do Uber drivers make weekly in Zambia?

Estimating how much Uber drivers make weekly in Zambia is a very tricky one. This is because there are loads of factors that affect how much the drivers make. For instance, a driver that completes, say 10 trips per day, will definitely earn more than a driver that completes five trips per day. Also, a driver that works for 12 hours per day will most likely earn more than one that works just five hours per day.

This being said, we will take a look at two scenarios, and estimate how much the drivers earn per week in both. A driver that works in Lusaka, works for an average of 10 hours per day, and targets busy zones in Lusaka like Victoria Island, Lekki and Lusaka mainland, is expected to earn between KW50, 000 – KW70, 000 per week, depending on the number of rides, surge, and many other similar factors.

For a driver that works in Lusaka, does the same number of trips and same period of time, in busy zones, is expected to earn between KW35, 000 – KW50, 000 per week depending on the number of trips, surge, and many other related factors. It should be noted that Uber drivers earn more in Lusaka that Lusaka, as there are more users of the app, traffic, and stiffer competition. Also, there are more tendencies to be surge in demand in Lusaka, and hence, more money for the driver.

Factors That Affect How Much Uber Drivers Earn Per Week

There are many factors that determine how much Uber drivers will earn per week. While there are no steady amount drivers earn per week, these factors go a long way in determining how much the drivers earn.

  • One of the factors that affect how much Uber drivers earn is the location. Generally, drivers in Lusaka tend to earn more than drivers in Lusaka.
  • Number of trips also affect how much Uber drivers earn per week.

Other factors include;

  • Surge
  • Distance covered per trip, etc.

 Steps To Becoming An Uber Driver

Having already highlighted how much Uber drivers earn per week in Zambia, let us now take a brief look at how to become an Uber driver.

  • Vehicle inspection – You should note that Uber does not accept any random vehicle for their services. Generally, the company does not allow a vehicle that is older than 2000 model year. They also do not accept vehicles that are have two doors, they require the standard 4-door vehicles. The car has to be in great working condition and the air conditioner must be operating very fine. The car must be spacious enough to carry at least four passengers conveniently and the windows must be functioning well. You have to take the car you intend to use for Uber to the company and they inspect to be sure it meets the minimum requirement of the company. It is essential to note that you must contact the company so as to fix a date for the inspection.
  • Upload Required Documents – Once your vehicle has been inspected and passes, you will then be required to upload some documents. Some of these documents include a valid driver’s license, the vehicle’s inspection report obtained from the Uber inspection department, the vehicle insurance document, certificate of vehicle roadworthiness, an International Identity card, which can be any of international passport or National ID, and a passport photograph.
  • Sign Up on the Online Platform – After you have uploaded the required documents and has been reviewed, you can then proceed to sign up on their website. You need to be sure you input all the required details, including your full name, your phone number, car details, and other core factors.
  • Onboarding – Once you have uploaded all the required documents and signed up on their website as a partner, the next process is the onboarding process. This process mainly educates the proposed partners on what is expected, ho to conduct themselves, the do’s and don’ts and many other related details. The process also includes the drivers being put through tests, including general knowledge on how to properly use the app, understanding how to use the map, aptitude tests, test of their knowledge of the city they’d be operating, and many more.
  • Background Check – This is the final step of the process. Here, the company does background check on the applicant to ensure he or she does not have any record of criminal history. They also check the motor vehicle history and driving history of the applicant, if available. Once these processes are completed, the applicant is good to go!

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