The English language is seen as the official language in the world. While there are some other popular languages like French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, English Language has been rated the most recognized.

So, to study outside the country, most foreign universities require a test of one’s understanding of English Language and how they can effectively communicate in the language.  One of the most popular and generally recognized exams to test one’s proficiency in the language is TOEFL.

Here, we will consider the cost of TOEFL in Zambia today and also take a look at how to enroll and important steps to take when preparing for the test.

cost of toefl in zambia

Cost of TOEFL in Zambia in 2019

Unlike most other professional English proficiency examinations, the price of TOEFL vary per country and vary per exam location. This is largely due to the variation in the type and mode of the examination. Some have settled solely for paper-based while others are computer-based tests.

As at 2019, please see below the list of recognized exam locations and how much the test goes for in those locations/state.

  • Aba (Abia State) – Paper Based Test – KW60, 000 – KW70, 000
  • Lusaka (FCT) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000
  • Asaba (Delta State) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000
  • Enugu (Enugu State) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000
  • Ibadan (Oyo State) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000
  • Jos (Plateau State) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000
  • Lusaka (Lusaka State) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000
  • Owerri (Imo State) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000
  • Port Harcourt (Rivers State) – iBT – KW68, 000 – KW75, 000

While there is largely the same fee charged all over the country, the variation in price is as a result of the inconsistent currency exchange rate. It is advisable to register for this test when the currency exchange rate is relatively balanced and fair.

When is the TOEFL Examination Date in 2019?

With the importance of the TOEFL examination increasing as the day rolls by, one of the most important question to answer is the actual day the exams take place. Usually, the test is written almost every month in various locations. For instance, in Lusaka, Lusaka and Port Harcourt, the test is written at least once every month within that period. Also, the governing body in charge of the examination has fixed specific dates for most states.

Dues to the rate at which people enroll for the examination, it is highly important for candidates to register as early as possible so as to pick a convenient examination date.

Please see below the selected date for the already fixed examination dates for June and July 2019

  • June 1, 2019
  • June 15, 2019
  • June 29, 2019
  • July 12, 2019
  • July 13, 2019
  • July 27, 2019

How to Enrol for TOEFL in Zambia

TOEFL is one of the most popular and highly rated English proficiency tests in the world today. It is recognized worldwide and is one of the core requirements if you one to study outside the country.

Here are simple steps to take when registering for TOEFL. Please note that these steps are easy and stress-free.  If these steps are followed, you should expect a smooth registration.

  1. Understand the Test: This should be the first thing on your list. Get all understanding you require about the test and be sure you are ready to register for it. Enquire about the fees, examination type, examination centres available and dates. Then, you should be ready to proceed.
  2. Pick Exam Date and Centre: You should understand that the exam comes in various formats. Pick the location that is most convenient for you while also noting the mode of test you are comfortable with. For instance, some centres only focus on paper-based modes. You can check the TOEFL website for available dates and exact venue of the exam.
  3. Get Required Documents Ready: The registration for TOEFL does not require so much. Just scan your international passport and other basic documents. Make sure you upload the passport photograph in png, jpeg or gif format for easy readability. The scanned copy of your international passport should include basic information about you including your date of birth, ID expiration date, and signature.
  4. Payment: After all these, then you can proceed to make payments. There are various bank options available for payment. Pick any convenient bank on the listed, select a payment method that is convenient for you. Once completed, you will get a confirmation mail with the access code to online practice questions and other helpful materials.

How to Prepare for TOEFL Exam

If you are preparing to take TOEFL, the following will help you in the course of your preparation.

TOEFL Coaching Centres

Attending a coaching class is always a very good way to prepare for an examination. You get to learn more about the test and prepare sufficiently. Although there are limited numbers of TOEFL coaching centers in the country, you can be sure to locate some in Lusaka, Lusaka and Port Harcourt.

Online Tutoring

The Internet has made almost everything easy. If getting a TOEFL tutorial center is proving difficult, you can try online tutorials. You can register for live classes or download enough videos to help you adequately prepare for the test.

Study Tools and Self-Tutoring

This could perhaps be the best way to prepare for the test. Get study packs, go through test manuals and practice enough past questions to help you familiarize yourself with the type and mode of questions. Best of lucks.

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