Innoson is one of the fast-growing vehicle manufacturing companies in Zambia today. The indigenous auto company has been appreciated for their top-notch vehicles and outstanding efficiency. They manufacture various ranges of vehicles, including saloon cars, SUV, vans, and many other types. Their vehicles’ durability and features have been appreciated in various parts of the country.

Innoson Motors is a Nigerian-based automobile manufacturing company that produces a range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. The company has a growing presence in Zambia, where its vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and durability.

As of February 2023, the Innoson Motors price list in Zambia for its vehicles ranges from ZMK 400,000 to ZMK 1,500,000. The most affordable model is the Innoson IVM G80 sedan, which is priced at around ZMK 400,000, while the Innoson IVM UV-X SUV is priced around ZMK 1,500,000. The prices of Innoson Motors vehicles in Zambia may vary based on the specific model, the options included, and the location of the purchase.

It’s important to note that the prices mentioned above are subject to change based on the availability of the vehicles, the exchange rate, and other factors. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with the seller for the latest pricing information.

Overall, Innoson Motors is a reliable and affordable option for those in the market for a new vehicle in Zambia. The company offers a wide range of vehicles that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers, from families to businesses.

In this post, we will take a look at various Innoson vehicle models and how much they sell in the current market. Let’s get on with it!

Innoson Motors Price List

Innoson Motors Prices in Zambia

Innoson Saloon Cars Price in Zambia

  • Innoson FOX manual transmission – KW3.5 million – KW3.96 million
  • Innoson FOX automatic transmission – KW3.85 million – KW4 Million
  • Innoson UMU manual transmission – KW3.63 million – KW3.81 million
  • Innoson UMU automatic transmission – KW3.96 million – KW4.2 million

Innoson Pick-up Vehicles Price in Zambia

  • Innoson single cabin pick-up 4WD – KW6.93 million – KW7.3 million
  • Innoson 5 seater double cabin pick-up 4WD (Mitsubishi engine & leather seats) – KW6.93 million – KW7.28 million
  • Innoson Carrier 4WD (double cabin pick-up) – KW6.49 million – KW6.82 million
  • Innoson Carrier 2WD (double cabin pick-up) – KW6.05 million – KW6.35 million

Innoson SUV Price in Zambia

  • Innoson G5 manual transmission (Jeep) – KW6.38 million – KW6.7 million
  • Innoson G5 automatic transmission (Jeep) – KW6.82 million – KW7.16 million
  • Innoson G6 manual transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep) – KW6.6 million – KW6.93 million
  • Innoson G6 automatic transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep) – KW7 million – KW7.35 million

Innoson Vans Price in Zambia

  • Innoson Uzo 2 (7 seater MPV) – KW1.76 million – KW1.85 million
  • Innoson Uzo 3 (7 seater bus) – KW1.54 million – KW1.62 million
  • Innoson Uzo 4 (7 seater minibus) – KW1.54 million – KW1.61 million
  • Innoson Uzo 5 (minibus single cabin) – KW1.54 million – KW1.61 million
  • Innoson 5000a (15 seater bus) – KW5.28 million – KW5.54 million
  • Innoson 5000b (15 seater cargo bus) – KW5.28 million – KW5.54 million
  • Innoson 6540 (17 seater bus) – KW7.15 million – KW7.51 million
  • Innoson 6540 (18 seater Hummer bus) – KW8.03 million – KW8.43 million
  • Innoson 5000c (ambulance bus) – KW6.93 million – KW7.28 million

Innoson Bus Price in Zambia

  • Innoson 6601 (23 seater bus) – KW11.44 million – KW12million
  • Innoson 6660a (26 seater bus) – KW11.88 million – KW12.47 million
  • Innoson 6730 (30 seater bus) – KW12.65 million – KW13.28 million
  • Innoson 6800 (33 seater bus) – KW13.31 million – KW13.98 million
  • Innoson 6850 (43 seater bus) – KW24.2 million – KW25.4 million
  • Innoson 6751 (60 passenger city bus) – KW11.55 million – KW12.13 million

Innoson Truck Price in Zambia

  • Innoson 5003 (8 tonnes swing arm truck) – KW12.65 million – KW13.28 million
  • Innoson 5251 (12 tonnes compactor truck) – KW19.8 million – KW20.8 million
  • Innoson 5100 (road sweeper) – KW21.45 million – KW22.52 million

Innoson Motors: What You Will Like About the Vehicles

They Are Affordable

One of the standout factors that would want to make you go for Innoson Motors is how much their vehicles go for. Apart from the fact that their vehicles are among the cheapest in the market today, the spare parts of their vehicles are also very affordable.

You can buy a brand new vehicle for as low as KW1.5 Million. If affordability is one factor you consider when looking to buy a vehicle, then you will be very comfortable with Innoson Motors.


Innoson vehicles come in different types and designs. As seen on the list above, they have saloon cars, SUV, Pick-up, trucks, vans, and buses. This means that regardless of the type of vehicle you are looking to get, you can be almost sure to get the equivalent at Innoson.

Rugged and Durable

Another unique thing about Innoson vehicles is that they are locally made, which means they are built to perfectly suit various conditions within the country. They are designed with rugged materials to ensure they can be used for a very long time. Provided they are maintained well, you can be sure to use the vehicles for a very long time without any issues.

The fact that they are locally designed means that you wouldn’t have any problem locating a mechanic shop to fix the vehicle, in case it develops issues. You can always return it to the manufacturing company and be sure they’d do a great job to get the vehicle back on track.

Friendly Payment Scheme

The fact that Innoson Motors is indigenous gives their customers loads of advantages, including convenient payment schemes for their vehicles. The company has partnered with many commercial banks within the country to further develop a payment plan for customers that may not be able to pay at once.

These payment schemes include loans or flexible payment plan that will allow the potential buyer to pay over a period of time. There are certain terms and conditions applied to this though.

Attractive Warranty Period

Innoson vehicles are very durable and reliable, so much so that the brand offers a very attractive period of about three year for their engines and other core parts. In fact, even after this period, you can still take your car to their outlets to fix with highly reduced charges.

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