Perfume is a core part of everyone’s wardrobe. With a lot of attention being paid to perfumes and body sprays in recent times, many fragrance manufacturers have sprung up. There are lots of standout brands no doubt, but Jadore has smelt its way into the hearts of people. The female fragrance rates among the very best and most rated in the perfume world today.

With its quality already stamped, this post takes a look at how much it goes for in the current market in Zambia today.

jadore perfume price in zambia

Cost of Jadore Perfume in Zambia

Jadore, also known as J Adore or Dior J’Adore, may not be the most expensive perfumes in the fragrance market today, but it surely ranks among the pricey ones. The perfume is available in different sizes, although it largely comes in the same design and maintains same quality.

As it stands, 100 ml Jadore Perfume sells for anything between KW55,000 – KW60,000 while the slightly bigger 150 ml sells for anything between KW80,000 – KW85,000. It should be noted that the variation in prices is as a result of some factors which could include the place and period of purchase and the currency exchange rate at the period. Please note that there are lots of counterfeits products in the Zambian market today and customers have to be careful

Jadore perfume – What You Should Know about the Fragrance

Jadore Perfume is a trendy, feminine fragrance that boast beautiful blend of chic florals and fresh fruits with a dash of woody and basic notes. Its chief notes are an appealing combination of melon, peach, pear, magnolia, bergamot, and mandarin orange. Its core consists of commanding florals with a touch of fruit and freshness.

They comprise tuberose, orchid, lily of the valley, rose, violet, jasmine, plum, and freesia. Earthy musk, warm vanilla, fragrant cedar, and juicy blackberry custom the base notes of this stunning fragrance. Silage is relatively moderate and durability is quite high, which makes this the perfect fragrance for a long day or stressful evening. This commanding scent is wonderful especially when you are preparing for special occasions and you want to make an impression.

Jadore was fashioned by skilled perfumer Calice Becker and was launched by the renowned fragrance company Christian Dior way back in 1999. This top quality fragrance lives up to the company’s status and is a seen as one of the must-haves for true lovers fragrance.

J’Adore Perfume – Review

J’adore is a sweet-smelling, crowd-friendly scent that is difficult to go wrong with. Apart from the fact that the fragrance feels youthful and strong, it also boasts an edge of sophistication. The smoothness of the florals and fruit ensures it is more of a spring and summer perfume. It is a fresh day-time fragrance for work and so classically slots in as a perfect option for the weekends.

The fruit content makes the smell a bit sweet, no doubt, it is nevertheless a clean perfume that could be worn regardless of how old you are or your personality. With almost everything spectacular about the perfume, its main issue is its own popularity. J’adore is a bit universal at this point, and although it was very revolutionary when it was first launched, there have been lots of similar perfumes over the years. This might not be the most unique when it comes to smell, although it still maintains its top class and undoubtable quality.

How Does the Perfume Smell?

The first point to point out here is that if you do not like florals, you might have to change your opinion about this. The opening is absolutely fruity and lovely with considerable amount of pear, melon, and jasmine. The core notes are a true bunch of flowers mainly containing by floral notes of tuberose, lily of the valley and magnolia, and many other similar constituent. For the dry down, the presence of cedar and blackberry make a very last impression and more memorable scent. Despite all the florals, it makes a spotless rather than sticky impression.

How About the Packaging?

When it comes to packaging, it is quite difficult to find fault with Jarode. The packing is outstanding, comfy and stylish — you wouldn’t expect anything less from a brand as class as Dior. The bottle is apparently inspired by a Greek amphora with a gilt and glass cap covering the spray cap and teardrop fashioned bottle for the juice.

Things You Will Like about Jadore Perfume

Are you still wondering why Jarode rates among the most in-demand fragrance in the universe today? Here are some of the reasons the top-rated fragrance remains among the people’s favourite.

  • Fresh, fruity floral – It is very rare for you to find one that does not love the scent of fruits, talk less of mixture of fruits! When it comes to amazing and welcoming scent, it is quite difficult to pick one above Jadore perfumes. They are lovely and smell very nicely.
  • Sophisticated and elegant – jadore perfumes give you a sense of class with its sophisticating ooze and welcoming smell.
  • Perfect for daytime and Professional Wear– Nothing beats a perfume that is great for day time and still perfectly attracts even at night. This makes it a great option for professional environments. Although mild and simple, the perfume leaves a touch of class, even after the wearer is some distance away.

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