There is a reason JBL ranks among the very best portable speaker brands in the world today. Apart from the fact that the brand has established a remarkable reputation for manufacturing outstanding products with great sound quality, their creativity and dynamism have also been widely applauded.

This post introduces another JBL masterclass – Charge 4. If you are familiar with JBL products, then you wouldn’t be particularly surprised with the outstanding build and exceptional sound quality the JBL Charge 4 boasts. Here, we will take a closer look at the Charge 4 and more importantly, highlight how much it sells for in the current market in Zambia.

jbl charge 4 price in zambia

Price of JBL Charge 4 in Zambia

JBL products are not particularly expensive. While they may not be the cheapest in the market, you wouldn’t rank them in the class of overrated portable speakers, especially considering their quality. As it stands, JBL Charge 4 sells for anything between KW60, 000 – KW67, 000 depending on where you are buying it from.

The variation in price could also be a result of the fluctuation in the currency exchange rate. Gadgets like this are also cheaper when purchased directly from gadget stores. The prices go a bit higher when ordered online stores.

JBL Charge 4 Review

When it comes to top-class portable speakers, it is difficult to look beyond JBL. They have overtime shown their dynamism, class, and creativity in various ways in the industry. The JBL Charge 4 succeeds a widely successful Charge 3, which is still highly appreciated. Here, will at a closer look at the core specs of the JBL Charge 4 and what differentiates it from the Charge 3.


When it comes to the design and build, there is not so much difference between Charge 3 and Charge 4. In fact, you can easily take one as the other. On a closer and more careful look though, you will see slight differences between the two.

The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is that the Charge 4 seems slightly bigger than the previous Charge 3 and is also slightly heavier. This does not particularly come as good news to many fans hoping the Charge 4 would even be smaller than the Charge 3. This takes something slightly of the portability of the speaker.

The speaker is waterproof and has the IPX7 certification which allows you to submerge the device in water for up to 30 minutes. It was also designed to float on water for a while, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to bother about that bit, even if it falls off a deck or a boat.

Sound quality

You wouldn’t expect anything less than brilliant from JBL. While there is no much improvement here when compared with Charge 3, the device still boasts great sound balance and quality. If you are a fan of high-end, you will appreciate this gadget even more as the sounds are properly mixed. Charge 3 was one of the very best portable speakers in its category and the Charge 4 has taken it even to a new high.


There is an obvious improvement in the battery department – the Charge 4 boasts a much higher battery capacity than the Charge 3. Despite this, it is still a bit surprising to discover there is no much difference in the constant playback period. Both have a similar playback period of about 20 hours.

Although many reviewers and users suggested the Playback time for both devices was not up to 20 hours as stated. You can expect the playback time to dip even more if you are charging the gadget through the USB-A port at the back of the device.

There is also a 3.5 mm input and another USB Type- C port at the back. The Type-C port is dedicated to charging and is quite faster and makes the battery last longer.


Like many other HBL portable speakers, you can easily connect the speaker to your device. When you turn the device on, you need to click on the Bluetooth button clearly located by the side of the power button. Once done, you can then pair the gadget with the device by selecting the Bluetooth name of the device you want to pair.

The process is not different from the pairing mode for many other JBL Bluetooth devices. You shouldn’t experience serious difficulty connecting the gadget to any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

JBL Charge 4: What You Will Like about the Bluetooth Device

Great Sound Quality – If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker with powerful audio quality and great bass, then you will definitely love the JBL Charge 4. They are one of the devices you will purchase and get absolute value for your money. The speaker perfectly balances the sound mixes and delivers great overall sound output.

Waterproof – One of the great advantages the Charge 4 has over many other portable Bluetooth devices in its class is that it is waterproof. You can submerge the device in water for up to 30 minutes. It was also designed to float on water for a while, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to bother about the device sinking.

JBL Charge 4: What You May Not Like about the Bluetooth Device

There are not so many disadvantages that can be attributed to Charge 4. One could maybe point to the fact that the device is a bit bigger and heavier than the previous model.

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