If you tired of seeing boring bikes or perhaps, dread the thought of riding one but still want a bike, then you should get ready for a new experience in Jincheng Motorcycles. These motorbikes are classy, dynamic and offer you everything else you need in a standard bike. Having been in the game for long, Jincheng automobile company has maintained the production of high standard, efficient and absolutely durable motorbikes. If you are familiar with bikes in Zambia, you will understand that the hype around Jincheng is real.

Easy to maintain, cheap to purchase and absolutely efficient, Jincheng defines the definition of an almost perfect motorcycle. The way the bikes are built make them dynamic in their operation; they can be used for commercial purposes and also for personal use. The fuel economy is top notch. In fact, these bikes rank among the best motorcycles in Zambia when it comes to fuel efficiency. You can comfortably go on several trips with reasonable amount of fuel without the fear of running out of gas at any time.

jincheng motorcycle prices in zambia

In Zambia, if you observe closely, you will find at least one Jincheng motorbike in one trip.  This is an evidence of the exploit of the brand in the automobile market. It remains one of the most sought after motorbikes in the country and one of the most rated in the world.

Jincheng motorbikes come in different sizes, forms and types. While some are primarily built for personal use, some others are more dynamic and can be used for commercial purposes. This well-built Chinese bikes are a revelation to ride and offers new experience for both the rider and the passenger.

Prices of Jincheng Motorcycles in Zambia (Brand New)

Zambians appreciate quality, class and style; characteristics which Jincheng bikes have in abundance. These bikes have been a revelation in the automobile market and based on customer reviews, you can expect more and more majestic innovations from the brand. The motorbikes are available in different models, with each model boasting of mouth-watering features.

Jincheng Motorcycles can be bought directly from the manufacturer or distributors across the world. Although they are also available for purchase in conventional automobile stores across the country, it is always advisable to purchase directly from brand distributors or the manufacturer. This makes it easier to return the bike when it develops and issue, provided it is with the warranty period. Let us take a look at prices of popular models of brand new Jincheng Motorcycles in Zambia.

  • Jincheng Ladies Bike: KW250,000 – KW300, 000
  • Jincheng JC Series: KW250,000 – KW350,000

Prices of Used Jincheng Motorcycles

Although nothing beats buying a new Jincheng bike, their durability and ruggedness make fairly used versions of the bikes a very considerable option. Fairly used versions of the bikes are in fact, more readily available in the country. They are cheaper, easier to purchase and if still in great condition, offer as much efficiency and dependability as brand new versions. This explains why more people opt for fairly used versions of the bike, especially when you need the bike for commercial purposes. The prices depend on the physical and operational state of the bike as at the time of purchase. Here are prices of some of the common fairly used Jincheng bikes in Zambia.

  • Jincheng Ladies Bike: KW120, 000 – KW170, 000
  • Jincheng Ax100: KW85, 000 – KW100, 000
  • Jincheng 110: N 70, 000 – 90, 000
  • Jincheng Baby Machine: KW120,000 – KW170,000
  • Jincheng JC150: KW150,000 –KW180
  • Jincheng Rubber Rubber Motorcycle: KW150,000 – 180, 000

Things You Should Know About Jincheng Motorcycle

Jincheng is regarded as one of the biggest motorcycle brands around today. They are one of the largest motorbike companies in china and export the largest numbers of motorcycles. They are available in various models. Since the release of Jincheng custom in 2003, the brand has gone on to manufacture top rated bikes.

The latest models of bikes produced boast of amazing features that guarantee wonderful riding experience. The features include front and back expanding drum breaks to enhance smooth handling, wheelbase of about 52.8 inches and ground clearance of 8.7 inches. The fuel tank takes about 3.30 gallons of petrol and given its economy, can last for many trips. They feature a single cylinder engine type and are available in various colours, including red, blue, maroon, black and white.  With Jincheng bike, the fun just begins.

Jincheng Motorcycle: Things You Will Like About the Bike

  • Jincheng bikes are relatively cheap.
  • They don’t make as much noise as some other bikes when ridden.

Jincheng Motorcycle: Things You Might Not Like About the Bike

Jincheng motorcycles are amazing to ride and offer wonderful experience but you should still expect some hiccups. Here are some things you might not like about the motorbike.

  • Jincheng motorbikes can be difficult to fix when they have issues. Unlike some other bikes, you might need a specialist to help check and fix the bike when need be.
  • Some models are fragile.

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