With a lot of people tilting towards natural soaps to maintain great skin in recent times, it is easy to see why the K Brothers soaps have become more popular. With the branded regarded among the best in their category, their customer base has significantly grown over the years. K Brother Soaps have been praised for their quality and overall efficiency around the world.

In this post, we will take a look at the prices of some of the common K Brother soaps in Zambia today and how much they go for in the market.

k brothers soap price in zambia

Prices of K Brothers Soap in Zambia

K Brother Soaps are available in different sizes, types and they significantly vary in ingredient and functions. While some of their products have dominated this market over the years, some newly introduced types of soaps are starting to upsurge with exclusive results and skin-friendliness.

K Brothers soaps vary in prices. Given their different types, packaging and number of pieces per pack, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Here, we will take a look at prices of common K Brother Soaps available in Zambia today.

  • K Brothers Carrot Soap Beauty Care Face Out For Black Spots Remover Soap – KW1,500 – KW2,000
  • K Brothers ALPHA ARBUTIN Collagen Lightening Soap For Acne/Wrinkle – KW1000 – KW1500
  • K Brothers K. Brothers Baby Face Whitening Clarifying Soap With Turmeric (Pack Of 10) – KW8,500 – KW10,000
  • K Brothers K Brothers U.S.A Whitening Soap And Black Spot Remover-2 Pieces – KW2,000 – KW3,000
  • K Brothers Baby Face Whitening Clarifying Soap With AHA 10 Pieces – KW4,500 – KW5,000
  • K Brothers Baby Face Whitening Clarifying Soap With Turmeric (Pack Of 10) – KW4,800 – KW6,000
  • K Brothers Pomegranate Tablet Soap (Pack of 12) – KW6,800 – KW7,000
  • K Brothers Tumeric Soap With Vitamin E – 125g (Pack of 12) – KW8,800 – KW9,000
  • K Brothers Papaya Black Spots Remover Soap 3 Pieces – KW3,000 – KW3,800

The prices listed above highlight the prices of common K Brothers soap in the country today. Although this list shows an estimation of prices as collected in various online stores, it is advisable to go to the market to check the prices before you buy. The variation in prices is as a result of various factors, which include usually includes the place and period of purchase.

It should also be noted that additional ingredient and content might have an impact on how much the K Brothers soap goes for. For instance, a K Brother soap with extra papaya or Tumeric might be more expensive than ordinary soap. In addition, the number of pieces in a pack also affects the prices they go for. For instance, you’d expect a pack of 12 soaps to be more expensive than a pack of 10 soaps.

What You Will Like About the K Brothers Soap

The demand for K Brothers has drastically increased in recent times and it is easy to see why. Natural soaps, especially soaps with a blend of Papaya or Turmeric, have loads of benefits. Here, we will take a look at some of the common benefits of K Brothers soaps on the skin.

Keeps the Skin Moist – This perhaps, is what made the K brothers soap popular. According to users, K Brothers soaps, regardless of the ingredient, has a tendency to keep the skin moist for as long as possible. This adds  glow to an already scintillating soap and essentially makes it a great option for people whose skin are naturally dry.

Glow – Here comes another interesting one. While moat types of K Brothers soap have been praised for keeping in its best state, the Turmeric and Papaya soaps have been specially applauded for adding an extra touch of softness and radiance to the skin. Recent study shows that the soaps help significantly soften the skin and is not harsh on the skin, thereby serving as a great option that can be used even during harsh weather.

Readily Available – Let us talk about availability for a second. One of the advantages K Brother soaps over most other international soaps in this part of the world is its availability. Although the soap is not the most popular in Zambia, it relatively has presence enough to rule its category. They can be gotten in many cosmetic stores across the country. For ease, they can be purchased on various e-commerce platforms in Zambia.

Relatively Affordable – Soaps are expensive, no doubt and to have one as relatively affordable and as efficient as the K Brothers soap is a plus. While some of the K Brothers soaps are expensive, most are very affordable. One piece can be gotten for as low as KW1, 000 or even less, depending on the place and period of purchase.

What You May Not Like About the K-Brothers Soaps

They can be reactive – This perhaps is one of the greatest and most obvious disadvantages of the K Brothers soap. Although this is not peculiar to just the soap, a few users have complained about the negative reaction they experience when they use the soap on their faces. This particularly happens with the K Brothers soap for the treatment of acne and pimples. In those cases, users’ skins were left even in a worse condition than it was before they initiate the use of the cream. This is down to the fact that human skins are not the same and they react differently to soaps and creams.

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