Blenders are regarded among the most important appliances in modern kitchens today. Apart from the fact that they help you make your own smoothies and baby food, they also help you prepare your cooking ingredients in a faster and more convenient manner. While lots of manufacturers have entered the blender industry in recent times, some still stand out among the very best; one of which is Kenwood.

Blenders usually come in 2 varieties; they are available as some people call the Wet Blenders, which are blenders used to grind fruits and vegetables/foods that have water in them e.g. Tomatoes, Onions, Beans, etc. They also come in the form of Dry Blenders, which are used to blend dry foods e.g. Egusi, Crayfish, Dried Peppers, Ogbono seeds, Pepper soup spices, Herbs, Coffee beans, nuts etc.

kenwood blender price in zambia

Knowing how women love their kitchen, they always want everything in their kitchen to be of high quality, and to be always in a good working condition. This makes women look for different brands of blenders in the market, and these brands could be expensive sometimes, but most women prefer quality to prices. Some of the popular brands of blenders in Zambia include Binatone, Moulinex, Kenwood, LG, Scanfrost etc. A lot of these brands have become overly expensive (due to exchange rates of the dollar), while some other brands are expensive to maintain, and get damaged easily. However, one brand that has managed to remain relevant in the Kitchen Appliance industry is Kenwood brand. Kenwood blenders are durable, and are very affordable, as well as they are long-lasting (they rarely get spoilt).

Kenwood blenders have dominated the market for many reasons. The fact that they are relatively easy to use and are highly efficient, blending you spice in the sleekest of manners, make the brand a darling to many people.

This review is to help you know the various Kenwood blenders available in Zambia, and what makes them popular in the Kitchen Appliance industry.

Kenwood Blender 1.5l – BL440a

Some people prefer blenders for everyday blending tasks, while some blenders are for professional purposes. The Kenwood Blender BL440A for everyday blending tasks. This blender has a 500W motor with 2 speeds plus pulse.

The 1.5 litre goblet has graduated markings on the side for left or right handed use and a handy pouring spout, plus a removable filler cap with oil drip feed to make it easy for you to slowly add ingredients to mayonnaise and dips without stopping the machine. The blender is very versatile in its design, in that it comes with a mill attachment (what you can call the Dry Blender cup) with a storage lid and sprinkler cap that is ideal for grinding herbs, coffee beans and nuts.

Price: KW32, 000 – KW38, 000

Kenwood 2-In-1 International Blender with Grinder

So you love to cook, and you have billions of recipes. But you just want your cooking prowess restricted to your close circle of family and friends. This blender is the perfect deal for the ambitious cook. The blender has a powerful 1000W motor alongside strong detachable stainless steel cutting blades.

I love this blender because it is a fantastic multifunctional blender, chops and pulses to perfection, making a wide range of culinary works simpler. It also has a 2-speed detachable 1.5L jug, which helps to achieve the right consistency of liquids. The ice crusher is great for keeping drinks refreshingly cool and impressing party guests with homemade cocktails and mouth-watering smoothies.

Price: KW27, 000 – KW30, 000

Kenwood 3 –In-1 Blender 1l & Smoothie- BL237

This blender is what I call “small but mighty” because of its many uses. It may look small, but you’ll find it’s a big help for in creating smoothies, soups and sauces in seconds. This blender has a 350W motor and a 1 litre plastic goblet with stainless steel blades, plus two blending speeds, a pulse function and a separate mill for herbs, nuts and coffee beans. It has 2 speeds stainless steel blades, with a usage of 350W.

The advantage of this blender is that it can also make smoothies, for those who love to keep fit. The disadvantage of this blender however lies in the size of the cup. But that should not be a deal breaker for you to use this amazing machine!

Price: KW37, 000 – KW40, 000

Kenwood 4–In-1 Juice Extractor, Blender and Mill Grinder

If you love to cook, and you want an all-in-one machine no matter the cost, then this machine is for you. I call it the “Beast of the Kitchen”. The Kenwood 4-in-1 is a juice extractor, blender and mill Grinder in one modern ergonomic design.

The blender has an inbuilt safety system and contains a 1500ml capacity pulp, 1000ml capacity juice container & 1000ml glass jar with power capacity AC220V-240V, 50HZ-60HZ that runs at 1000 Watts. The disadvantage of this machine however, is that the grinder part of the machine can only handle dry brittle foods, and one has to be extra careful with the glass jar.

Price: KW49, 000 – KW55,000

Things You Will Like About Kenwood Blender

Kenwood blender is regarded among the best blenders in the market for many reasons. They are among the most sought after and it is not difficult to see why. Here are some of the reasons Kenwood blenders are among the top in the market.

  • They are efficient
  • They are available in various types
  • They are relatively cheap
  • They are strong and durable.

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