Although Kia has been around for several decades, the automobile brand stormed Zambia around the turn of the century. Specifically, the parent body Hyundai was established in 1998. Kia Motors hit the shores of Zambia at a time the automobile industry was experiencing a surge. Everyone just wanted to own a car or two. Personally, I can say they’ve had it good over the years.

Kia Car Prices in Zambia: Top 10 Cars to Consider

Kia Motors is a popular brand known for producing quality vehicles that offer reliability, comfort, and affordability. If you are in the market for a Kia car in Zambia, it’s important to know about the different options available and their corresponding prices. Here is a list of the top 10 Kia cars in Zambia, along with their prices:

1. Kia Seltos

Price: ZMW 550,000

2. Kia Sportage

Price: ZMW 520,000

3. Kia Sorento

Price: ZMW 480,000

4. Kia Soul

Price: ZMW 400,000

5. Kia Rio

Price: ZMW 350,000

6. Kia Cerato

Price: ZMW 330,000

7. Kia Picanto

Price: ZMW 300,000

8. Kia Optima

Price: ZMW 280,000

9. Kia Stinger

Price: ZMW 250,000

10. Kia Carnival

Price: ZMW 220,000

Kia Motors is the second largest automobile producer in South Korea, just behind Hyundai Motors. Nonetheless, both production outlets are almost inseparable in ownership and management, with each owning significant shares in each’s equity. This relationship is almost very evident in their designs, with similarities existing between models of the two brands.

kia car prices in zambia

One amazing thing that the Kia brand brought to Zambia at the time was a cheaper alternative to seemingly luxury cars. Its models were slightly less expensive compared to what you might consider mainstream exotic brands. Many believe that this tells on the quality of the brand too, but that claim may have been defeated as Kia has treated us to some amazing products over the years.

My favorite Kia model is the Kia Sportage. Not just because I love Mini SUVs, but because the ride is pretty smooth, and has some of the qualities that great brands possess, including durability and traction. It also has a great external profile and that look of maturity that commands the respect of car lovers. The Kia Sorento is another fantastic model for many reasons.

Prices of Kia Cars in Zambia

So in case you’re thinking about buying a kia product and you don’t even know how to go about it, you have stumbled on the right page. Prices of Kia vehicles vary, depending on the model, whether it is new or used, mileage, and several other qualities that people look out for in a vehicle.

Notably, Kia has a lot of offices and sales outlets in Zambia. There are several brand new models of the brand which will be highlighted here. There are also several Tokunbo options as well as locally used Kia cars in Zambia.

Brand New Kia Car Prices in Zambia

  • Kia Rio === KW7,800,000 – KW8,500,000
  • Kia Optima === KW13,000,000 – KW15,000,000
  • Kia Picanto === KW6,500,000 – KW8,500,000
  • Kia Sportage === KW14,000,000 – KW16,000,000

Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Kia Prices in Zambia

  • Kia Sportage EX 2015 === KW4,000,000 – KW6,000,000
  • Kia Sportage 2.0 L 4WD 2012 === KW5,000,000 – KW6,500,000
  • Kia Sportage 2007 === KW2,000,000 – KW3,000,000
  • Kia Sportage 1.6 GDi 2005 === KW1,500,000 – KW2,000,000
  • Kia Sorento 2011 === KW4,000,000 – KW5,200,000
  • Kia Soul 2010 === KW2,600,000 – KW3,600,000
  • Kia Mohave 2011 === KW4,000,000 – KW5,500,000
  • Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi 2012 === KW6,000,000 – KW7,500,000
  • Kia Optima EX 2013 === KW6,000,000 – KW7,000,000
  • Kia Spectra 2008 === KW2,200,000 – KW2,800,000
  • Kia Sorento 3.3 V6 2005 === KW950,000 – KW1,400,000
  • Kia Cerato 1.5 CRDi 2009 === KW1,500,000 -KW2,300,000
  • Kia Rondo EX 2009 === KW2,100,000 – KW2,800,000
  • Kia Soul 2010 === KW2,400,000 – KW3,000,000
  • Kia K2700 2007 === KW1,700,000 – KW2,400,000

Prices of locally used Kia cars in Zambia

  • Kia Sportage 2.0 4×4 Automatic 2015 === KW5,700,000 – KW6,800,000
  • Kia Sorento 2005 === KW900,000 – KW1,500,000
  • Kia Sportage 2.0 4×4 Automatic 2013 === KW3,500,000 – KW5,200,000
  • Kia SOUL + 2014 === KW1,900,000 – KW2,500,000
  • Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi 2014 === KW1,500,000 – KW2,000,000
  • Kia Sportage 2007 === KW800,000 – KW1,400,000
  • Kia Rio 2001 === KW600,000 – KW750,000
  • Kia Picanto 2010 === KW600,000 – KW1,000,000

What you should Know about Kia cars

The Kia brand has obviously come to stay. With several models in its fleet, the brand has proven time and again that it is ready to slug it out with the stiff competition in the industry. It is also fast becoming a corporate choice for many organizations, especially banks. It has models including saloon cars, SUVs, mini SUVs, and even trucks.

Let’s take a look at peculiarities of some current models of Kia as we cannot possibly review all of them. We will limit our spotlight to just saloon cars, Crossovers and SUVs.

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio was first produced in 2000 and has today seen modifications up to the fourth generation. It is an amazing subcompact car that has styles ranging from three to five-door hatchback, as well as the four-door sedan. There are also Rio versions that use the inline-four gasoline and diesel engines, as well as the front-wheel drive.

The first generation was produced between 2000 and 2005 and was replaced with a second generation model that lasted until 2011. While the third generation lasted from 2011 to 2017, the fourth generation is just in its second year of production haven been launched in 2017.

Kia Picanto

This model is another product in the Kia family with an urban flair. It has been produced since 2004 for the global market. Its 2017/2018 model, the GT-line, is a five-door hatchback that can run on any of the following engines; 1.0 L Kappa II MPI I3 (petrol)
1.0 L Kappa II MPI turbo I3 (petrol)
1.25 L Kappa II MPI I4 (petrol). It has a 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission.

Kia Sportage

This is an SUV model that has been produced since 1993. It is a five-door compact crossover SUV that can run on various engines including the 1.6 L I4 (gasoline), 1.6 L I4 (turbocharged petrol), 2.0 L Theta II I4 (turbocharged gasoline), 2.4 L Theta II I4 (gasoline)
1.7 L I4 (turbocharged diesel); and the 2.0 L 4l CRDI.

What you will like about Kia cars

  • Exterior/Interior Beauty: The Kia brand actually comes with a lot of style, especially the current models. This is one quality that makes the brand stand out within its league.
  • Affordability: I have mentioned this passively, but I think it’s important I emphasize it. Within its rank, Kia seems one of the most affordable brands out there.
  • Efficiency: The brand is also very efficient. It is great for personal, corporate and even family use. You can never go wrong with this one.
  • Added Features: From the sound system, AC, GPS and other amazing features, to great car chairs and pigeon area, you sure have a great companion with a Kia.

What you may not like about Kia cars

As much as it is an amazing car, there are quite a few things that may not go down well with you. First, the brand has a “not so good” reputation when it comes to durability. It is not as durable as some of the top brands around.

Another factor to watch out for is the “not so good” fuel economy. Compared to many brands, it is fair though, but is worthy of mention. These and other factors that deal with people’s mindset regarding cars not made in Japan, Germany, Europe or America, form some of the negatives about the brand.

1. What are the advantages of owning a Kia car in Zambia?

Kia cars are known for their reliability, durability, and fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice among car buyers in Zambia. Kia cars are also affordable, making them an ideal option for those who are on a budget. Additionally, Kia cars come equipped with a range of safety features, such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control, ensuring that you and your passengers stay safe on the road.

2. What factors affect Kia car prices in Zambia?

Several factors can affect Kia car prices in Zambia, including the model, features, and year of manufacture. Generally, newer models with more advanced features tend to be more expensive than older models with fewer features. Additionally, the demand for a particular model can also affect its price, with popular models being priced higher than less popular ones. Finally, the condition of the car can also affect its price, with well-maintained cars being more expensive than those that have been poorly maintained.

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