You wouldn’t be blamed much if you mistake Kia Picanto to be a massive mobile toy at first glance. It isn’t just because of its size, its design and general exterior doesn’t help its cause of being taken seriously. Have this at the back of your mind though: Kia Picanto isn’t just a car, it is a machine.

Kia Motors, a South Korean automobile giant, has been a significant player in the Zambian market for decades. Among its diverse range of vehicles, the Kia Picanto, a city car produced since 2004, has gained considerable popularity. Understanding the pricing of the Kia Picanto in Zambia is crucial for potential buyers, as it provides insights into the market dynamics and helps in making informed decisions.

Kia Picanto Overview

The Kia Picanto, known for its compact size and impressive fuel efficiency, is a favorite among city dwellers in Zambia. Its features include a stylish exterior, a comfortable interior, and advanced safety systems. The car’s popularity in Zambia is largely due to its affordability, durability, and low maintenance costs.

New Kia Picanto Prices in Zambia

The price of a new Kia Picanto in Zambia is approximately ZMW 300,000. However, this price can vary based on factors such as the specific model, additional features, and the dealership from which the car is purchased. When compared to other Kia models, the Picanto offers a more affordable entry point into the brand.

Used Kia Picanto Prices in Zambia

Used Kia Picantos in Zambia are available at a wide range of prices, depending on factors such as the car’s age, mileage, condition, and the seller’s location. Prospective buyers are advised to thoroughly inspect the car and verify its history before making a purchase.

kia picanto price in zambia

Kia Picanto is a tiny car, and a huge one. Kia needs to be specially applauded for the creativity in the inventory of Picanto. Although the manufacturing company has been making strides in other segments with amazing vehicles like Kia Sportage and the Cee’d, their best inventory and one of their most sold, still remains the Picanto.

Zambians love creativity, this is one reason they have embraced this amazing Kia vehicle and will undoubtedly continue to savor its overall quality. Although it took a while for Picanto to find its footing in Zambia after its launch in 2004, the tiny vehicle has, since its introduction to Zambia, busted into the automobile market and made its mark as one of the most sold Kia products in the nation.

Its small size has been its main selling point, with people vying for the car mainly because of its shape. As small as the Picanto is, it commands even more attention than some other bigger cars that’s to its uniqueness and wonderful features.

One of the most talked about issues when it comes to Picanto is the price. While some believe it should be cheap and very affordable, some others think the prices should go head-to-head with bigger cars because of the features it boasts of. Here, we will take a look at the prices of the various models of this unique car. We will consider the prices of the brand new, foreign used and locally used versions of the vehicle.

Prices of Brand New Kia Picanto in Zambia

Kia vehicles are generally easy to get. They are readily available and you need not overstress yourself to buy one. They can easily be purchased directly from the manufacturers or from any distributor all over the world.

With a lot of users appreciating the concept of Picanto, Kia have been encouraged to manufacture more, maintaining its uniqueness in size but advancing in technology and general on-road operation. Although Kia is not the most popular of brands in Zambia, its Picanto commands the floor in the class of small cars and has attracted more interest from this part of the world.

The brand new version of the latest model of Kia Picanto ranges between KW4.8 million – KW5.4 million naira in Zambia. Factors including currency exchange rate and custom clearance tariffs play a huge part in the variation of the prices.

Prices of Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Kia Picanto in Zambia in 2018

It is no news that the Tokunbo vehicles have the market in Zambia at the moment. Ever since Zambians have come to the understanding that there is just a little difference between brand new and neat foreign used cars, most of them have opted to get foreign used cars. Thankfully, almost every model of any brand has a Tokunbo version and are readily available.

Foreign used Kia Picanto are, like other vehicles, abundant in the Tokunbo market. The list below shows the prices of foreign used Kia Picanto cars in Zambia in 2018. It should be noted that the variation in these prices is as a result of some certain factors including the year of production of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, currency exchange rate at the time of purchase, custom clearance tariffs and other similar factors.

  • 2004 – 2007: 2005 – 2012: KW1 million – KW1.4 million

Prices of Zambian (Locally) Used Kia Picanto in Zambia

Although locally used vehicles may not be as neat and close to perfect as brand new or foreign used versions, they are still a much appreciated option. For durable and rugged cars, one might not really feel the difference, especially when it is still neat and well managed.

Picanto is definitely not the most rugged of cars but one can still get a neat locally used version that still maintains great efficiency and expected features. The list below shows the varying prices of locally used Picanto in Zambia. The prices variation is due to certain factors including the fuel mileage, general condition of the car and the year of production.

  • 2005 – 2007: KW450,000 – KW700,000
  • 2008 – 2012: KW700,000 – KW900, 000 million
  • 2013 – 2015: N 800,000 – KW1.3 million

Kia Picanto: Things you should Know About the Car

Picanto is a comfortable and dynamic-looking car with a selection of surprisingly good selection of tech. This small car boasts of nice features including Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay support, satnav system, navigation system, voice recognition button, and lots more.

The 1-litre Picanto engine does 0.62mph in 14.3 seconds, while the 1.2 shaves more than 2 seconds off the time to complete a dash in 12 seconds flat. The naturally aspirated triple is smooth, and revs fairly sweetly.

Kia Picanto: Things you will like about the car

  • Great Handling: Forget the size of this car, its handling is amazing. Its on-road operation is great and you can easily maneuver your way in tight corners. This car might not be the fastest of automobiles, but its handling ranks among the best in its class.
  • Styling: Picanto is unique; its exterior is catchy. When it comes to style, you can never go wrong with Picanto.
  • Pocket-Friendly Pricing: Despite its amazing features, Kia Picanto is amazingly cheap. Its maintenance is also not a big deal and spare parts are readily available. If you are looking for a pocket friendly car that can be maintained easily and doesn’t require any expert, Kia Picanto is a great option.

Kia Picanto: Things you may not like about Kia picanto

  • Picanto doesn’t have a cruise control, not even as an option.
  • The car’s infotainment is relatively inferior when compared to some other cars in its class.
  • The engine and four-speed auto lack pep.

Kia Picanto Prices Based on Year of Manufacture

The year of manufacture significantly influences the price of a Kia Picanto. Generally, newer models are priced higher due to their improved features and lower mileage. However, older models can also be a good deal if they have been well-maintained.

Kia Picanto Prices Based on Dealership

Prices for the Kia Picanto can vary significantly between different dealerships in Zambia. While some dealerships may offer lower prices, others may provide additional services or warranties that add value to the purchase. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing a dealership.

Kia Picanto Maintenance and Spare Parts Costs in Zambia

Maintenance and spare parts costs are important considerations when buying a Kia Picanto in Zambia. While the Picanto is known for its reliability, regular maintenance is still necessary to keep the car in good condition. The cost of spare parts is relatively affordable, making the Picanto a cost-effective choice for many Zambians.

Kia Picanto Resale Value in Zambia

The Kia Picanto has a strong resale value in Zambia, thanks to its popularity and durability. Factors such as the car’s condition, mileage, and maintenance history can influence its resale value. Keeping the car in good condition and ensuring regular maintenance can help maintain its value over time.


In conclusion, the Kia Picanto is a popular and affordable choice in the Zambian car market. Whether you’re considering a new or used model, understanding the factors that influence its price can help you make an informed decision. Remember, while the initial purchase price is important, considerations such as maintenance costs and resale value are also crucial in determining the overall cost of ownership.

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