Kings vegetable oil is one of the most popular vegetable cooking oil brands on the Zambian market. The original name is Devon King’s Cooking Oil and it has been on the Zambian market for over 50 years. Over the years, this brand has improved on the quality of its vegetable oil making it healthy for consumption.

Because of its popularity, Devon King’s vegetable oil is now produced in Zambia. This guarantees its freshness and affordability. So, how much does King’s vegetable oil cost in Zambia? Read on to find out.

Kings Vegetable Oil Prices

Cost of Kings Vegetable Oil in Zambia

Most imported oils stay for about 6 months on the high sea before getting to Zambia. At this point, it has reduced considerably in quality. One of the major selling points of King’s vegetable oil is that it is now produced in Zambia. As such, it is very fresh and healthy for human consumption.

This brand is sold all over the country. However, prices may vary depending on location and vendor. Notwithstanding, we have combed the market to get you the average prices of different sizes of Kings vegetable oil. Let’s show you in the list below:

  • DEVON Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil (1 liter) pack of 12 – KW19,000 – KW22,000
  • DEVON Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil (5 liters) – KW6,000 – KW8,000
  • DEVON Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil (2 liters) pack of 6 – KW17,500 – KW21,500
  • DEVON Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil (10 liters) – KW13,500 – KW16,500
  • DEVON Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil (3 liters) – KW4,000 – KW6,000
  • DEVON Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil (1 liter) – KW1,900 – KW2,200
  • DEVON Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil (2 liters) – KW2,750 – KW3,500

Health Benefits of Consuming Vegetable Oil

Do you know that consuming high-quality vegetable oil presents you with amazing health benefits? This is because vegetable oil is gotten from plants that possess properties that help to keep us healthy. There are so many reasons why you should incorporate vegetable oil into your daily diet. In this section, we will look at some of the benefits of consuming quality vegetable oil:

Improves heart health

It is no secret that the quality of the vegetable oil that you use has an impact on your food. Beyond the taste or flavor of the food, the oil also has an impact on your heart health. How is this possible?

Quality vegetable oils have a unique fatty acid profile. This makes it possible to keep your cholesterol levels at a minimal level. Vegetable oils contain polyunsaturated fatty acids also known as essential fatty acids. The implication of this is that you reduce the risk of suffering from heart diseases.

Relieves menopausal symptoms

When women get to a certain age, they begin to experience menopausal symptoms. While these symptoms are mild in some women, they are somewhat unbearable in others. Certain research results show that some of the symptoms such as hot flushes reduce considerably from consuming vegetable oil.

What this means is that vegetable oils are helpful to create hormonal balance in women approaching or experiencing menopause. If you fall into this category, this must be great news for you.

Loads of vitamins

Pregnant mothers and their babies are at more risk of suffering vitamin deficiencies. This puts both mother and baby at risk. One of the easiest ways to deal with such vitamin deficiencies is to consume more vegetable oils.

Vegetable oils are loaded with several fat-soluble vitamins. These include A, D, E, and K. If you are currently suffering from vitamin deficiency, add some more vegetable oil to your diet.

Softens cracked feet

Asides from cooking food, do you know that you can apply vegetable oil to your skin? Doing this presents you with some amazing results. For example, vegetable oil acts as a moisturizer on the skin.

Do you have rough feet? A very potent remedy is to rub some vegetable oil over the cracked areas before turning into bed. After doing this, wear a pair of socks to cover your feet and keep the moisture in. Doing this helps to nourish the cracked areas and smoothen them.


We have just shown you how much Devon King’s vegetable oil costs in Zambia. Also, we shared some interesting benefits of consuming and using vegetable oil with you.

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