Laptops have become an essential gadget for work, education, and entertainment. As Zambia continues its rapid development, more Zambians are looking to purchase laptops. However, finding affordable options can be challenging. This comprehensive guide explores laptop prices in Zambia and the best places to purchase quality devices on a budget.

Overview of the Laptop Market in Zambia

The laptop market in Zambia is still developing but growing steadily. According to market research, the computing market in Zambia is projected to reach $605 million by 2028, with an expected 7.6% compound annual growth rate from 2024-2028. Laptops comprise a significant portion of this market.

As internet and computer literacy rises, personal and business demand for laptops increases correspondingly. Another key driver is Zambia’s youthful population, with over 60% under the age of 25. Younger, tech-savvy generations are eager for the flexibility and connectivity laptops provide for work and leisure.

The Zambian government has also prioritized computerization and improving digital skills. Initiatives like smart classrooms in schools are expanding the need for laptops and other devices nationwide.

Factors Influencing Laptop Prices in Zambia

Laptop prices in Zambia depend on several key factors:

Brand: Popular brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell and Apple tend to be more expensive, while lesser-known brands are typically cheaper. Prices also vary across model lines from the same manufacturer.

Specifications: Higher processing power, graphics capability, RAM, and storage space increase cost. Touchscreens, backlit keyboards, premium materials like metal casings also bump up prices.

New vs Used: Buying refurbished and second-hand laptops can mean big savings compared to brand new models. However, lifespan may be reduced.

Accessories & Software: Laptops that include accessories like bags and mice and have paid software pre-installed are usually pricier. Accessories and software can be purchased separately to save money.

Where Purchased: Buying from authorized local retailers generally costs more than purchasing imported models online or in markets. However, warranty and after-sales support is better through official vendors.

Currency Exchange Rates: Since most laptops are imported, shifts in exchange rates impact pricing. A weaker Kwacha means laptops are more expensive.

Import Duties & Taxes: Import regulations and taxes also influence laptop costs for retailers and consumers. Reductions on electronics duties can make devices more affordable.

Average Laptop Prices in Zambia

Laptop prices span a wide spectrum, ranging from a few hundred Kwacha for basic second-hand models to over 10,000 Kwacha for high-end brands.

Here is an overview of average laptop prices in Zambia by type:

  • Basic Laptop – K1,800 – K3,500
    • Suitable for simple tasks like browsing, streaming, paperwork
    • Limited processing power, storage space
    • Example: HP 250 G8, Lenovo Ideapad, Dell Inspiron
  • Mid-Range Laptop – K3,500 – K7,000
    • Good performance for most home and office needs
    • Moderate RAM, storage space
    • Example: HP ProBook, Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell Latitude
  • High-End Laptop – K7,000+
    • Top processing speed, graphics, storage for intensive applications like gaming, video editing, programming etc.
    • Example: Dell XPS, HP Spectre, Apple MacBook Pro

Within each tier, prices vary widely based on exact specifications. Checking details like processor generation, RAM capacity, and hard drive type is important to ascertain true value.

Where to Buy Affordable Laptops in Zambia

Finding genuine laptops at reasonable prices requires knowing where to look. Here are top places Zambians can purchase affordable, quality laptop devices:

Online Retailers

  • Ubuy Zambia – Stocks wide range of laptop brands/models with competitive pricing, fast delivery.
  • MojaKart Zambia – Local retailer selling laptops online, acceptable prices.

Physical Stores

  • Computer Plaza (Lusaka) – Variety of new and second-hand laptops from known brands as well as lesser known.
  • Arcades malls – Shops like Computer Point, Sofcomp often have decent laptop offers.
  • Markets – Areas like City Market may have imported models at low costs – but warranty is unlikely.

Social Media Forums

  • Facebook Groups – Zambian IT and gadget sale groups frequently post laptop deals.
  • Instagram Shops – Some vendors advertise laptop offers via Instagram.

Refurbished Specialists

  • Mr Laptops Zambia – Professional computer store selling guaranteed used/refurbished laptops.

When purchasing laptops anywhere, carefully inspecting condition and validating authenticity is essential for affordable finds. Comparing prices across multiple vendors helps locate the best deals too.

Final Tips for Finding Cheap Laptops in Zambia

Follow these top tips for securing an affordable, quality laptop in Zambia:

  • Set a Budget: Decide what you can realistically spend based on your needs and finances. Remember to factor in accessories too.
  • Prioritize Features: Determine must-have specs aligned with planned laptop usage rather than chasing maximums. This balances utility and cost.
  • Consider Refurbished: Pre-owned, off-lease business laptops can function like new for much lower prices.
  • Verify Sellers: Check vendor reputations and product sources to avoid counterfeit devices.
  • Compare Prices: Search multiple stores online and locally to find the best deal for chosen model.
  • Watch for Sales: Retailers often discount laptops during seasonal sales. Black Friday and Back to School sales are worth monitoring.


The expanding laptop market makes these versatile, portable computers more accessible for Zambian consumers and businesses. While high-end laptops carry premium pricing, budget and mid-range options are available to suit different needs and financial situations. By following savvy shopping tips and comparing prices at legitimate, trusted vendors, Zambians can find quality laptops at affordable rates.

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