LaserJet Printers are the most common and most in-demand printer types in Zambia today. They are considered to be very efficient and highly durable. They come in different types, designs, quality, and power rating.

Laserjet Printer Prices in Zambia (2022)

Consider the paper Handling – Another thing you need to consider is the paper size the printer supports. Most printers can handle paper up to the A4 size, so you might need to look more carefully if you are looking to get one that will be able to also print documents on say, A3-sized paper. For printers that have multi-tray, envelopes and heavier paper can be easily printed with them.  It is also essential to take note of the number of papers the tray can take per time. If you are looking to use the printer for commercial purposes for instance, you might need one with larger paper tray.

Consider the Connectivity Options – Connectivity option is also important. All printers come standard with USB connectivity option, but I you are planning to install the printer in an office environment, it will be important you go for one with Ethernet, which will allow you connect the printer to the office network for easier usage. In this case, the printer will be installed on all computers in the office network.

Consider Power Consumption and Noise – This is another core factor to consider. If you are planning to install the printer in office environment, then you need to go for one that is not noisy while in use. Also, it is very important to consider the power consumption.

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