No vehicle is perfect, but the Lexus GX series of SUVs come close. Lexus has over the years stamped its mark as one of the stand out automobile manufacturing brands in the world. Apart from the fact that they are well known for their durable, stylish and commanding SUVs, they also have been recognized for their impeccable interior and exterior designs. With Lexus, you can be rest assured of a topnotch vehicle that will deliver almost everything you might need.

The Lexus GX470 continued the brand tradition of offering high quality levels of luxury in a vehicle that is both comfortable and quiet. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a popular midsize SUV in Zambia. Its classy design and appealing outlook has been well embraced in the Zambian automobile market. Coming from a class of amazing vehicles from the same brand, you’d expect a successful market for the SUV, rightly so.

lexus gx470 prices in zambia

Since the manufacture of the first model of GX470, it has commanded the SUV market in Zambia, thanks to it authoritative presence and firmness on the ground. Its success has also been credited to its strong v8 engine and proper handling. If you think of GX470 as a gold-plated Toyota 4Runner, you are almost right. The GX family was introduced in 2002 with the first model launched in 2003.

Although the manufacture of GX470 stopped in 2009, the GX family still rocks the automobile market till date, with the GX460 being the current version of the series. The brand has since maintained its top quality, durability, amazing design, classy interior and commanding exterior. GX470 also boosts of wonderful and user-friendly features that ensures dynamism, firm and proper handling, and overall efficiency.

Although the spare parts are relatively expensive compared to other automobile brands, they are readily available and you do not need a specialist to help fix a mechanical or electrical problems when the need arises. Luckily, Lexus GX470 is so string and durable that you might only need to visit the mechanic once in a blue moon.

In this piece, we will take a look at latest prices of Lexus GX470 in Zambia. We will consider prices for brand new, foreign used and Zambian used versions of the vehicle.

Brand new Lexus GX460 prices in Zambia

Lexus GX470 remains one of the strongest, durable and dependable sedans to be ever manufactured by Lexus. In fact, it still remains one of the most sold vehicles in the GX family till date. Unfortunately, the production of this brand stopped in 2009. It is not all bad news though, the GX manufactured after it maintains the top quality, class and swagger of GX470, adding more audacity to its already wonderful exterior.

Since the production stopped about 9 years ago, there is no available brand new version of this model.

Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Lexus GX470 prices in Zambia

Although the halt in production made the brand new completely unavailable, the foreign used version of the vehicle are still available in the automobile market in Zambia today. Zambia has a well-known ever growing market for foreign used cars. In fact, Zambia ranks among the top countries in the world where foreign used cars are more prominent. This is largely due to the fact that most Zambians believe there are no big difference between neat foreign used vehicles and brand new versions. Zambian automobile market has generally embraced Lexus brands with open market and has done well to also welcome GX470.

Lexus GX470 is still popular in the market today despite the halt of production, thanks to the fairly used (tokunbo) market. Below is a list that shows the prices of different models of Lexus GX470. It should be noted that certain factors have caused the variation in prices of the models. Factors including exchange rate, custom clearance charges and lots more go a long way in determining the final prices of the vehicle. Condition of the vehicle is rarely an issue when it comes to foreign used vehicles because vehicles are tested and confirmed to be in good shape before packaging for sale. Also, the year of production of vehicle also plays a part in the variation in the prices of the vehicle.

  • 2002 – 2005: 3.5 million – 7 million naira
  • 2006 – 2009: 5 million – 9.5 million naira

Zambian (Locally) Used Lexus GX470 prices in Zambia

Just like the foreign used version, the halt in production of Lexus GX470 has not in any way affected the availability of locally used versions in the automobile market in Zambia today. Unlike the Tokunbo version though, the condition of the vehicle varies and there is a vast variation in prices as a result. The variation also hugely depends on the year of production, fuel mileage, and other related factors. The good news is, Lexus GX470 is so durable that you will only notice little difference between the foreign used and the locally used version of the vehicle in terms of its operation and efficiency.

  • 2002 – 2004: 1.8 million – 4 million naira
  • 2005 – 2009: 4 million – 7 million naira

Lexus GX470: Some Things You Need to know        

Lexus GX470 is regarded as one of the most rugged, durable and efficient SUVs to be ever manufactured by Lexus. You would expect nothing less from a sedan than boasts of a strong V8 engine. With three seating rows, refined interior and outstanding design, GX470 is a top luxury SUV in every sense of it.

Throughout its time on the automobile market, GX470 boasts of amazing features including Downhill Assist Control, Optical Dynamic Suspension system, Hill-Start Assist Control, side curtain airbags, a tire pressure monitoring system, Bluetooth compatibility, vice commands, climate control, navigation systems and lots more. A sport trim joined the lineup for later models until the model gave a way to the Lexus GX460 in 2009/2010.

Lexus GX470 existed at a time when there are heavy productions of different SUVs by different brands. Although this vehicle stood out among its equals, its low fuel economy, higher weight and lesser space efficiency meant the Lexus was not the best choice for on-road driving, especially in Zambia.

Lexus GX470: Things You Will Like About the Car

  • Strong and Smooth Engine: If you desire a vehicle that is efficient and always reliable, then Lexus GX470 should be among the top cars on your list. Its strong V8 engine is evident enough to show its efficiency and ruggedness. The handling is majestic and with the strong engine, you can be sure of overall strong performance.
  • Quiet: A quiet SUV is always a delight to drive. Even when the acceleration is raised, this SUV still remains as quiet as ever. This can only improve its already outstanding features.
  • User-Friendly Safety Features: If safety is one of the things you prioritize in a vehicle, then Lexus GX470 is worth taking a look at. Like most other Lexus vehicles, this SUV boasts of wonderful safety features including an automatic braking technology among others.
  • Beauty: Lexus is one of the best automobile companies when it comes to car designs. You wouldn’t expect GX470 to disappoint. Simply put, Lexus GX470 is beauty.

Lexus GX470: Things You May Not Like About the Car

With its powerful engine, you won’t be surprised to know the vehicle has poor fuel mileage. This is not an excuse though, there are SUVs with strong engines that still maintain fair fuel economy, GX470 is not one of those.

The third row seats are also poor.

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