There is a reason why LG is regarded among the best brands in the world. They tend to dominate and rule whichever market they dive into. Although they are not the most popular names when it comes to kitchen appliances, the brand is gradually becoming a force in the gas cooker market. You will expect nothing less from a brand that has maintained a strong desire to customers. With LG, one thing is always sure – Life is good.

LG gas cookers are gradually becoming the trend in the market today. Thanks to their durability, style, reliability and efficiency, it is easy to see why their products are becoming people’s favourite. If you are a fan of gas cookers that are easy to operate, strong, durable and easy to maintain, then LG gas cookers should be among the top options on your list. The beautiful design of the gas cookers gives your kitchen a special classy look. When it comes to full operation and control, it is difficult to look beyond LG gas cookers.

lg gas cooker prices in zambia

Latest models of the gas cookers boast of huger safety features. The safety features enable the gas to silently escape without causing any damage when there is flame failure. Their controls are lit. They are so easy to understand that you don’t need to be an expert to be able to use the gas cooker. Some models of this gas cooker boast of auto-ignition features while some others are manually lightened up.

LG gas cookers have been such a success in the Zambian market. They comfortably stand among the most sought after cookers in the country. Just like other gas cookers, these cookers are available in different sizes, grades and designs. These various types vary in features, grade and control design. These are among the major factors that determine the prices of these cookers. The LG table top gas cooker is among the brand’s most popular products.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of the various LG gas cookers available. We will also state reasons why LG gas cookers are rated among the best today.

Prices of LG Gas Cookers in Zambia

They may not have the largest gas cooker market in Zambia, but LG are surely among the most rated today. Their gas cookers are on a class of their own. From their exquisite neat designs to their amazing functionality, it is only a matter of time before the gas cookers climb to the peak of the market. If you know LG well enough, you will understand they will never manufacture a product with no quality; their gas cookers also confirm that.

LG gas cookers come in different types, sizes and designs. They also come in various colours although most of them are white. They manufacture table top gas cookers with varying number of gas burners and also produce bigger cookers with built-in ovens.

LG products are relatively cheap. Compared to some other brands with similar quality, their gas cookers are affordable depending on the size and additional features of the cooker. Just like other gas cookers, LG cookers have varying prices, most of which is a factor of the size, number of burners, control and operation mechanics and other related factors.

LG gas cookers can be bought directly from the manufacturer or LG outlets across the country. They can also be gotten from online stores and other kitchen appliance stores. It is always advisable to purchase LG products directly from the manufacturer or brand distributors. Products can easily be returned and changed when need be in such situations.

Here, we will take a look at prices of the various LG gas cookers available in the market.

  • LG Table Top Gas Cooker (2 burners): KW12, 000 – KW25, 000
  • LG Table Top Gas Cooker (3 burners): KW13, 000 – KW25, 000
  • LG Table Top Gas Cooker (4 burners): KW17, 000 – KW30, 000
  • LG 60cm Gas Cooker with Rotisserie Grilling: KW185, 000 – KW200, 000
  • LG 90cm Gas Cooker with Dual Heating: KW310, 000 – KW330, 000

Please note that the variation in the prices listed above is as a result of some factors. Some of these factors have ben explained earlier and they include the sizes, additional features, operation and control mechanics, etc. However, some other factors like the place and period of purchase also have a huge effect on the prices. For instance, a particular LG cook may cost KW50, 000 in places like Lusaka or Lusaka and cost say, KW40, 000 in other parts of the state. Also, LG products are cheaper in their LG outlets.

Things You Will Like About LG Gas Cookers

LG is rated among the best brand around for many reasons. Apart from the fact that they have stamped their names in the sands of time, their products speak of their quality and overall brand identity.  Here are some of the things you will like about their gas cookers.

  • Durable: If you desire a gas cooker that you can use for a long time and still maintain its overall efficiency, then LG gas cooker might be the answer. They have proven overtime to be among the most reliable cookers out there. They are designed in a way as to withstand several environmental conditions.
  • Nice Design: This is one thing about LG products; they are always on top when it comes to product designs. LG gas cookers add a touch of class to your kitchen. Most of their cookers are white and can be very easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Safety: LG gas cookers are safe. Their controls are strategically located in spots that are easy to reach whenever there is fire failure or gas leakage.
  • Cheap: Considering the quality of their products, they are considerably c heap and affordable. Although there are some high tech cookers that are quite expensive. Even with that, you can guarantee value for your money.

Things You May Not Like About LG Gas Cookers

  • LG gas cookers with high tech features are relatively expensive (but they are worth the price).

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