Makeup kits have become one of the must-haves for all modern women in recent time. Makeup is not only seen as a must-do daily routine for ladies, but it has also become a source of income to many, with statistics rating Makeup business among the top five trending businesses today

While some have gotten a grasp of the kind of cosmetic that fits their completion and have found a way to manage it properly, some still find it a tad difficult to get the best of makeup kits and a box to organize their kits, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

There are hundreds of cosmetic products in the market today, with limitless brands and varying prices to choose from, and even more, being added every day. As a result, it has become even more difficult to catch up with the makeup world and have a grasp of the latest prices of these various products. Routing the world of makeup shopping can be overwhelming, especially if you are on a budget. This, and more, is exactly why you need to continue reading this piece.

makeup box kit price in zambia

Makeup kits and boxes are things you absolutely should invest in, especially if you are used to going for occasions and special events. It also opens a great business opportunity for extra income. It is important to prep your skin with good conditioners and apply perfect makeup products. Moisturizer is another product that you should not try to save on–your skin will thank you for it later. In addition, having a quality moisturizer and foundation only makes the process easier, classier and better for you. You can use the two products as an underlay for eye shadow, eliminating the need to spend extra cash on an eye shadow primer.

Here, we will take a look at some of the most common Makeup kits and how much they go for in the current market. We will also consider basic kits to be kept in a makeup box.

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on the prices of makeup boxes and kits in Zambia. The world of makeup can be dazzling, with a myriad of options, brands, and tools available. At the heart of it all lies an essential piece of equipment: the makeup box or kit. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of these magical containers, their price ranges, influencing factors, and where to find them in Zambia.

What is a Makeup Box & Kit?

A makeup box or kit is a container designed to store and organize makeup products and tools. It typically comes with compartments of various sizes to accommodate different makeup items, from eyeshadow palettes to brushes. Some kits even come pre-filled with makeup essentials, catering to a wide range of beauty needs. So whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, having a reliable makeup box or kit is crucial for keeping your cosmetics in order and at your fingertips.

Prices of Makeup Kits and Boxes in Zambia

The makeup market is one of the trickiest market you can imagine. This is because you can see two similar products and the difference in how much they go for is high. In the makeup market, brands sell, so does quality. While it is important to consider these factors, it is essential to know basic prices of makeup kits before you go to the market to purchase one.

In this section, we will take a look at some popular makeup kits and how much they go for in the market.

Makeup Boxes & Prices in Zambia

As a makeup artist, the first thing you need to purchase is the makeup box. Luckily, these boxes are available everywhere and can be purchased even in online stores. The tricky part is that these boxes are available in various sizes and are built with various materials. There are also different types available, with several brands sporting unique designs and qualities.

On average, a professional make up box costs between KW15, 000 – KW60, 000 depending on the size, type, material and brand. Generally, medium size makeup boxes cost between KW10, 000 – KW30, 000 while bigger ones go for over KW30, 000. The variation could be as a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase.

Makeup Brush Sets & Prices in Zambia

Make-up brush sets are every makeup artists or makeup lovers’ must-have. The makeup rush is one of the most important makeup materials. Professional Brush Sets are usually made of good quality animal hair. Goat hair brush sets are usually expensive as the hair is extremely soft and they look really good. Professional goat hair brushes or horse hair brushes are an investment as they last a really long time.

Makeup brushes are available in different types, sizes and sets. On the average, makeup bush sets cost between KW2, 000 and KW5, 000 depending on the material and number of brushes in a set. Usually, you should expect at least five different types of brushes in a set.

Eye Pencils & Prices in Zambia

One sure way to make your eyes pop and create drama in your look is to use pencil and liner. This beauty enhancement is one of the oldest and is still popular today. Eye pencils are available in numerous colours, allowing you to achieve the specific effect you want. On the average, they can be purchased for between KW500 and KW3, 000 depending on the type, size and quality.

Concealers & Prices in Zambia

Concealers are mainly used to remove problem spots, improve dark areas, and to even out complexions. The best ones would have numerous traits that would go with different skin types. For example, concealers can be used to cover up faultiness such as dark circles, fine lines, under eye circles, wrinkles, pimples, birthmarks, and spider veins. They can be used for touch-ups on the road or when you only have five minutes to do your make-up. Concealers can be purchased between KW1, 800 – KW5,000.

Foundation & Prices in Zambia

Applying a good foundation is the key to the best makeup and finding the best makeup for your skin is very important to keep you looking gorgeous. People with mature skin should always go for a foundation that can suit their skin type. Foundations are available in various types and levels. They are available for purchase between KW3, 000 – KW8, 000 although some special types cost way more.

Mascara & Prices in Zambia

Currently, you will notice many kinds associated with mascara obtainable in the market. They are available in different types and comes in various shapes. You can easily find many main reasons why waterproof mascara is effective and also well-known in between along with women of all ages. They are available between KW2, 000 – KW6, 000 depending on the type and quality.

Brow Gel & Prices in Zambia

This is another important makeup kit to have, especially for professionals. It supports and beautifies the brow. It can be purchased between KW3, 000 – KW5, 500 depending on the type you are going for.

Makeup Box & Kit Prices in Zambia

Price Range for Makeup Boxes & Kits

The cost of makeup boxes and kits in Zambia varies widely, depending on several factors. On average, a professional makeup box costs between KW15,000 – KW60,000. This price range is similar to what we’ve seen with other products on ZambiaPrice, such as mobile phones and laptops.

Factors Influencing the Price of Makeup Boxes & Kits

Several factors can influence the price of a makeup box or kit in Zambia. Here are a few:

  • Size: Larger boxes or kits tend to cost more than smaller ones.
  • Type of makeup included: Kits with a wider variety of makeup products usually have a higher price tag.
  • Material of the box: Boxes made from high-quality, durable materials are typically more expensive.
  • Brand: Makeup boxes and kits from well-known, reputable brands often come with a higher price tag.

Where to Buy Makeup Boxes & Kits in Zambia

Online Stores

Online shopping platforms like Ubuy Zambia and Facebook Marketplace offer a wide range of makeup boxes and kits. These platforms provide the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home and having your purchase delivered to your doorstep.

Physical Stores

Physical stores also offer a variety of makeup boxes and kits. Shopping in-store allows you to see and feel the product before making a purchase, which can be a significant advantage for many shoppers.


Phew! That was quite a deep dive into the world of makeup boxes and kits in Zambia. But remember, the price isn’t everything. It’s important to choose a makeup box or kit that matches your personal needs and style. The perfect kit will not only keep your makeup collection organized but also add a touch of elegance to your daily makeup routine. Happy shopping!

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