Midea Air Conditioners rank among the very best in the market today. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a brand that dived into the air conditioner market over 30 years ago. Midea has not only established itself among the forerunners in the industry, the creativity and innovative technology applied to their air conditioners make them one of the leading brands in the sector. While they may not boast a great customer base like few other big air conditioner models like Samsung and LG, their products are right up there among the best in the market today.

Midea Air Conditioners Review Prices in Zambia

Here, we will take a look at the various types of Midea air conditioners in the market and how much they go for.

Latest Midea Air Conditioners Review & Prices in Zambia

Midea is one of the popular air conditioner brands in Zambia today. Just like many other brands, their air conditioners come in various types and models and they vary in prices. The main determinant of the prices the products go for are the capacity of the air conditioner (whether it is 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP, etc.) or the type (whether it is split unit, window unit, or standing). In this section, we will take a look at prices of the various types and capacities of Midea air conditioners available in Zambia today.

Midea Split Unit Air Conditioner

  • Midea Split Air Conditioner 1 HP – KW100,000 – KW130,000
  • Midea Split Air Conditioner 1.5 HP – KW125,000 – KW170,000
  • Midea Split Air Conditioner 2 HP – KW180,000 – KW250,000

Midea Standing Air Conditioner

  • Midea Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2 HP – KW250, 000 – KW350,000
  • Midea Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2.5 HP – KW250,000 – KW350,000
  • Midea Floor Standing Air Conditioner 3 HP – KW400, 000 – KW500, 000
  • Midea Floor Standing Air Conditioner 5 HP – KW800, 000 – KW900, 000

The prices as summarized above are gathered in the current market and can be largely relied on. However, considering the rate at which prices change drastically, it is advisable for people looking to buy these products to confirm the prices of the products they are looking to get before going to the market. The variation in prices could be a result of a change in the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase. Other factors like the place of purchase could also affect how much the products eventually go for.

What you should know about Midea Air Conditioners

Midea was established in 1968 and ranks among the most appreciated and respected in the industry Apart from the fact that they boast among the most successful private industries in China today, they have gained loads of international presence and accolades over the years. The Midea group have been widely appreciated for their consistency in delivering top-class products across various industries, including the air conditioners market, in which they have gained even more popularity over the years. They manufacture various types and categories of air conditioners that are known to be largely reliable and absolutely efficient.

Just like it is for many other big brands, Midea Air Conditioners are readily available across the country. You can confidently walk into any air conditioner store and be almost sure to see a Midea brand. The Horsepower determines the efficiency of the air conditioner. This is usually picked based on the size of rooms they are being installed in. The various types available vary in sizes, designs and other additional features.

Midea air conditioners can be purchased directly in any Midea outlet around the country. They are also available in many other conventional gadget or electronic stores. For convenience, these products can be purchased from online e-commerce stores. Some of these stores deliver the products for you at your doorstep. It is always more advisable to purchase these air conditioners directly from the manufacturers for lots of reasons. Apart from the fact that the products are cheaper coming directly from their end, products can be easily returned whenever there is any issue as long as they are within warranty period.

What you will like about Midea Air Conditioners

  • Their Products Are Efficient – One of the highlights of Midea products is that majority of their products, including their air conditioners are very efficient. Their products deliver in the best possible way without hitch in operation. You can be guaranteed of top-drawer performances from their air conditioners.
  • They are easy to Install and maintain – Midea air conditioners are among those products that are relatively easy to maintain. Based on the way the air conditioners are designed, they are very easy to install, although one would still require an expert in the field to help with the installation. They are also very easy to maintain.
  • Can Be Used for a Long time: Provided the air conditioners are maintained properly, one can expect to use them for a very long time. Midea air conditioners are built to be rugged and very durable, hence, they get an A grade in the durability department.

What you may not like about Midea Air Conditioners

Midea air conditioners are relatively expensive. When compared with many other air conditioner brands in its category, Midea air conditioners fall on the expensive side. Although they are not the most expensive air conditioner brand, there are cheaper alternatives.



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