Nikon has long established itself among the very best camera brands in the global space. Apart from the fact that the brand has significantly dominated this industry, launching notably standout cameras, they have also been appreciated for their dynamism and versatility in the industry.

Nikon D750 Price

This post introduces another standout Nikon camera – the Nikon D750. Here, we will take a look at the core specs of the camera, overall review, and most importantly, how much the camera goes for in the current market. Let’s get into it!

Nikon D750 price in Zambia

Nikon is one of the most sought after camera brands in the country. Their products are readily available and can be purchased from various camera stores across the country. They can also be purchased from various eCommerce stores. Based on a recent report, the Nikon D750 can be purchased for anything between KW650, 000, and KW900, 000, depending on the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, the place of purchase, and the period of purchase.

Accompanying camera accessory also affects the eventual price the camera goes for. For instance, you can expect the camera to cost way more when accompanied by extra or specific lenses. This means that the camera, when accompanied with, say 24-120mm lens, can cost up to KW900, 000, depending on where you are buying it from.

Nikon D750 key specs

  • 24MP Full-frame CMOS sensor (with AA filter)
  • Flip-up/down 3.2″ 1,229k-dot RGBW LCD screen
  • 6.5 fps continuous shooting
  • Improved 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX II AF system (sensitive to -3EV)
  • 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor with face detection and spot-metering linked to AF point
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Highlight-weighted metering
  • 1080/60p video recording
  • Powered aperture for control during live view/video
  • Group Area AF mode
  • Simultaneous internal recording and HDMI output

Nikon D750 review 

Nikon is regarded as one of the most successful Nikon products in the Zambian market. The camera slots in between the highly-rated entry D610 and the much-appreciated D850, which offers way more high-tech specs and features. One can even place the D810 alongside these highlighted cameras, thanks to their similar features. Nikon D750 was first introduced in 2014 and is to date, regarded among the very successful Nikon products in the country. Although the introduction of newer models and the age of the camera means a drop in the price it used to go for, there is no diminish in the quality in any way.

Let us take a look at some of the core features of the camera.

Build and Design 

Nikon when for the monocoque construction for the design of the D750. The brand used a smooth combination of carbon fiber and manganese alloy, which gives the camera a very solid build without so much weight. The overall build and design ensure the camera is very comfortable to handle and use as its weight balances well enough so it does not feel too heavy. In terms of control and style, the camera is almost the same as the D610. If you are familiar with the D610, you might find it difficult to distinguish between the two at first sight. Just like it is on the D610, the dial features a lock button that allows it to rotate once pressed.

The D750, being an SLR, dons an optical viewfinder for composing images. This is a common feature for cameras in its category. While we can note that the camera is not the fanciest in the Nikon camera set up, it still looks attractive and catchy and does its job so well. The handling and overall build are smart and great enough for the work it does. There is also a sense of class around the build and design.

Auto Focus

Nikon D750 features the Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus module, which was newly introduced as at the period the camera was launched. This comes as an update to the autofocus module in the D810. This module features 51 autofocus point, 11 of which operates down to f/8, and 15 of which are considered way more sensitive cross-type. The AF mode was mainly introduced to assist particularly when shooting subjects are small and are against distracting background or very high contrast.

The autofocus does well when compared with a standard lens. For instance, when one is using a Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8, the lens gets the subjects very sharp in no time and can easily track the subject around the edge when the suitable mode is picked. The fact that the camera is sensitive down to about -3EV ensures that it also does very well in low-light conditions.


Nikon has established themselves among the very best when it comes to camera performance and you can be sure the D750 wouldn’t disappoint. The camera is capable of delivering sharp and lovely images with flawless exposure, natural color, and balanced details and noise in various situations and environments. The 91, 000-pixel RG sensor perfectly handles the exposure metering which enhances face detection metering, although the user would not be able to see when the face is detected, which is sometimes a problem.

The camera uses the EN-EL15 Li-on battery, which is the same as the one in D810. The battery can last for up to 430 shots when the flash is used. When the flash is not used, the battery can last for over 1, 230 shots. The camera also features Wi-Fi connectivity.

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