The Nokia Maze Monster is the new big deal in the mobile market. While lots of smartphone lovers still stick with more popular brands in Samsung and Apple, Nokia has made a massive statement with the Maze Monster.

The evergreen brand has put together a powerful, dynamic, classy and a technically standard piece of smartphone in the Maze Monster and the world can only savor this smartphone magic.

Let us consider its core specifications, reviews and how much it goes for in the current market in Zambia.

nokia maze monster price in zambia

Price of Nokia Maze Monster in Zambia

The Nokia Maze Monster has not been launched or officially released into the Zambian market as it stands. Although based on recent reports and latest news, the Nokia Maze Monster should be launched in a few months and should be available in the market before the end of the year. We will update the price here once the smartphone is available for pre-order.

Nokia Maze Monster Specs

  • Release date: To be announced
  • Operating system: Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Screen Size: 6.0-inch Super AMOLED; capacitive touchscreen
  • Display: 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Internal memory: 128 GB/ 256 GB
  • Processor: Octa Core CPU: 2.8 GHz, Snapdragon 845
  • Networks: 4G LTE, 3G HSPA+, 2G EDGE & GPRS Networks
  • Camera: Triple Cameras: 24 MP Main Camera (f/1.7) + 24 MP LED flash, PDAF, HRD, Panorama rear camera
  • Front Camera: 13 MP front shooter for selfie
  • Battery: 7, 000 mAh, non-removable
  • Other Specifications: Gravity, Proximity, Light sensor.

Nokia Maze Monster Review

Whatever great thing you have heard about the Maze Monster is probably true. The introduction of the Maze series has not only brought Nokia back among the very best smartphone brands yet again, it also shows the consistency in quality delivery of the brand.

Given the price the smartphone might likely go for, you wouldn’t expect anything less than a top quality piece in all spheres. Do you want to know more about this smartphone? Let us take a deeper look at the features and specifications.

Body and Design

While nothing is a hundred percent certain about the smartphone yet, one should still expect a high-end device with a glass body like most other modern top smartphones in the market today. The rear of the smartphone is as simple as you’d expect from a typical Nokia product. It features only two cameras at the back. Unlike most modern smartphones, Maze Monster uses an in-display fingerprint scanner, the very first of its kind in the Nokia series.

If you are a fan of sleek phones that you can easily slide into your pocket without feeling so much weight, then the Maze could be an issue as you can expect it to be quite bulky and slightly heavy, thanks to its very massive battery.


This is one of the most dazzling features of the smartphone. With a screen resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels – 4l resolution-, you should definitely expect a very sharp and colorful display. The immense 6.0-inch super AMOLED technology provides lovely color blends when viewing contents on the smartphone.

Operating System and Processor

Nokia never disappoints when it comes to their smartphone’s processors and operating systems so don’t expect anything less than superb from this masterpiece. Based on review and research, you can expect the Maze Monster to boast a Snapdragon 845 SoC, which equates a 10nm octa-core processor that runs at 2.7 GHz sparklingly, combines with an Adreno GPU. It also features 8 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and two different storage options – 128 GB and 256 GB – depending on the type you are going for. As it stands, we are not sure whether there will be provision for external storage via MicroSD card or not.


The camera is one of the most anticipated features of the smartphone. With lots of smartphones boasting remarkable camera quality in recent times, you’d expect the Maze to be up there with the very best; and based on recent reviews and reports, the smartphone magic wouldn’t disappoint.

The main camera is a combination of two super-packed cameras both with 24 MP. It also boasts an option of panoramic pictures with HDR and LED flash to enhance low-light shots.

The phone also features a commendable 13 MP front shooter for selfies to ensure top-notch picture quality. This is another outstanding feat for Nokia and will be appreciated even in years to come.


Nokia Maze Monster will come with lots of expectation in terms of battery and the smartphone, as review shows, will meet the expectation and even exceed it. In fact, it might rate among the very best smartphones in terms of battery capacity ever. Its 7,0 00 mAh ensures an exceptional battery capacity. This means that when fully charged, you can easily use this smartphone for two full days without needing to charge it. Quite an impressive one for a smartphone in its category.

Based on reports, the smartphone would most likely not boast fast charging features. This should not be a problem given the massive battery capacity it boasts.

Wrap-up on the Nokia Maze Monster

The Nokia Maze Monster is a real smartphone to look forward to. Its amazing features and remarkable spec will rate it among the very best smartphones when released and the mobile world should anticipate another smartphone magic from a brand that has shown over time to be among the best in the smartphone industry.

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