The importance of self-monitoring blood pressure at home cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that it helps one monitor blood pressure levels on a steady basis without the stress of having to leave the house, it also enables more accurate diagnosis and treatment in the follow-up of blood pressure-rrelated conditions like hypertension. While many brands manufacture blood pressure machines, one brand stands out—Omron.

Keeping track of your blood pressure is an important aspect of maintaining good health. Omron blood pressure machines offer a reliable and accurate way to monitor your blood pressure at home. With a variety of models available in Zambia, it’s essential to know about the different prices and features before making a purchase. In this article, we will provide you with the top 10 Omron blood pressure machine prices in Zambia.

Top 10 Omron Blood Pressure Machine Prices in Zambia

1. Omron HEM-7121 Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 1,199

2. Omron M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 1,299

3. Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 1,699

4. Omron M7 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 2,999

5. Omron M6 Comfort IT Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 2,499

6. Omron Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 3,499

7. Omron Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 3,299

8. Omron RS8 Blood Pressure Monitor: ZMW 3,799

9. Omron HeartGuide Blood Pressure Smartwatch: ZMW 6,999

10. Omron Complete Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG: ZMW 5,999

Please note that these prices are subject to change, and you should confirm the current price before making a purchase.

Omron Blood Pressure Machine Prices in Zambia

Omron blood pressure machine is one of the most sought after in Zambia today. They have been clinically tested to be accurate and largely reliable. This post considers the common types available and how much they go for.

Omron Blood Pressure Machine Prices in Zambia Today

Omron Blood Pressure machines come in different types and slightly vary in terms of features. They range from the basic M2 Eco Blood Pressure Machine to more sophisticated series. Below are the most sought after Omron blood pressure machines in the Zambian market today and how much they sell for in the current market.

  • Omron STANDARD M2 ECO Blood Pressure MONITOR – KW15, 000 – KW20, 000
  • Omron M6 Comfort Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Intellisense – KW42, 000 – KW50, 000
  • Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor Intellisense – KW30, 000 – KW40, 000
  • Omron AUTOMATIC BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR HEM 7322 – KW30, 000 – KW37, 000
  • Omron 10 Series Wireless Bluetooth UpperArm Blood Pressure Monitor –KW38, 000 – KW48, 000
  • Omron HEM-7600T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor SmartElite – KW30, 000 – KW40, 000
  • Omron Healthcare Omron M2 Basic Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – KW18, 000 – KW27, 000
  • Omron M7 Intelli IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – KW44, 000 – KW52, 000
  • Omron RS2 Intellisense Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – KW23, 000 – KW30, 000
  • Omron 5 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – KW24, 000 – KW30, 000
  • Omron Hem7280T Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – KW35, 000 – KW45, 000

The list above shows the common Omron Blood Pressure Machines available and accessible in Zambia today. The prices are as gathered in the current market and are largely reliable. However, due to the unpredictable changes in the currency exchange rate, these prices could change anytime. Hence, it is important to confirm the current prices of these machines before you buy one. It should be noted that when there are changes in prices, we will update the price list above to effect the changes.

The variation in prices as a highlight above could be a result of the inconsistent currency exchange rate. Prices could also vary based on the place and period of purchase. For instance, one could expect the machine to be more expensive in certain parts of Lusaka and Lusaka, than some other places in the country.

Omron Blood Pressure machines are readily available in Zambia. They can be purchased from various top-rated pharmacies or medical equipment stores across the country. With the internet making things easier, one can place an order for a blood pressure machine via the various e-commerce channels available within and outside the country. You can expect delivery within 3 – 30 days, depending on the channel you ordered from. Also, note that the delivery period could be extended if you are ordering from an international eCommerce channel.

Things to Consider Before Buying Blood Pressure Machine 

Blood Pressure machines come in different types and they vary in features. This has made it even trickier for potential buyers to just pick one. If you want to pick the one that is best for you, there are some factors to put in mind when looking to buy one. Here are some of these factors:

  • Get The Right Size Cuff – This is one of the most important factors to consider. If you get a wrong sized arm cuff blood pressure machine, there is a tendency that the reading might not be accurate and could be misleading. Blood Pressure machine comes in different cuff sizes. Before you get one, make sure you measure your bare arm using, say a measuring tape, to have an idea of your cuff size. Make sure the one you are going for fits your upper arm seamlessly. Make sure you check the specification of the machine and be sure it fits you firmly before buying it.
  • Type of Blood Pressure Machine – It is important to discuss with your doctor or pharmacist when you are looking to buy a blood pressure machine as they could help you pick the right one for you. There are different types of blood pressure machines. You may have to choose between one that is electric or powered by a battery. Some are manually operated, semi-automated, and completed automated. The manual blood pressure machines usually require to be pumped up using a bulb attached to the cuff. The semi-automatic ones will also require the cuff to the wrapped around the arm but automatically inflates when you press the button. Once this is done, it measures the blood pressure and displays it on the monitor.
  • Extra Features – There are various types and categories of blood pressure machines today. Some manufacturers have decided to add extra features that will further make the operation very easy and comfortable to use. You should consider whether the machine has extra features like adjustable inflation levels, memory storage which helps store results for a particular period, and many other features. You should also consider the connectivity of the machine. Some machines can connect easily to computer systems to allow flexibility.

Commonly Asked Questions About Omron Blood Pressure Machine Prices in Zambia

1. What are the advantages of buying an Omron blood pressure machine?
Omron blood pressure machines are highly accurate and reliable, making them an excellent tool for monitoring your health at home. They are easy to use and provide a fast and convenient way to check your blood pressure.

2. How much do Omron blood pressure machines cost in Zambia?
The cost of Omron blood pressure machines in Zambia can range from ZMW 1,199 to ZMW 6,999, depending on the model and features.

3. Where can I buy Omron blood pressure machines in Zambia?
Omron blood pressure machines can be purchased from pharmacies, electronics retailers, and online marketplaces like Jumia and Zambezi. It’s essential to ensure that you are buying from a reputable seller to ensure that you are getting a genuine product.

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