Oud Touch Perfume was designed by Franck Olivier. It is a woody aromatic fragrance that was designed for men specifically. This brand was first launched in 2014 and has since grown to become one of the top brands on the market.

How much does Oud Touch Perfume cost in Zambia? We intend to answer this question in this post. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the prices.Oud Touch Perfume Prices in Zambia (2022)

Now that we know these, let’s look at the different Oud Touch Perfumes on the Zambian market and their prices.

  • Franck Olivier Oud Touch EDP For Men – 100ml – KW9,000 – KW10,500
  • Franck Olivier Frank Olivier OudTouch (EDP) 100ML + Ubermen Attraction (EDT) Perfume 100ML – KW13,000 – KW17,000
  • Franck Olivier Oud Vanille EDP 100ml For Men – KW8,000 – KW10,000
  • Franck Olivier Oud Vanille + Oud Touch (2 In 1) – 2 ×100ml Combo Pack – KW16,000 – KW22,000
  • Franck Olivier NIGHT TOUCH EDT Perfume For Men — 100ml. – KW15,000 – KW18,000
  • Franck Olivier Bamboo Men Eau De Toilette. – KW9,500 – KW12,000
  • Franck Olivier BlackTouch Perfume (100ML) – KW7,000 – KW9,500
  • Franck Olivier White Touch EDP – 100ml – KW8,000 – KW10,000
  • Franck Olivier Oud Touch Body Mist Spray – 236ml – 3 Pieces – KW12,000 – KW16,000
  • Franck Olivier Blue Touch Perfume – KW6,000 – KW8,000
  • Franck Olivier FRANCK OLIVER Eau De Passion Man Intense EDT 75ml – KW3,500 – KW5,500

Note that these prices were gotten from a survey of offline and online stores. As a result, prices may vary slightly around you because of several factors including location and the vendor that you patronize.

How to Apply Perfumes to Your Body

You don’t just pick up a bottle of perfume and spray it all over your body. That’s not how to apply perfumes. You must have been around certain people that have used too much of their perfume. While they aimed to smell nice, they end up being overwhelming and off-putting.

We don’t want you to make this mistake so we want to help you out by showing you how to apply perfumes.

Dry your skin before spraying perfume

The best time to spray perfume is just after a shower. Now, ensure that you first dry your skin before spraying the perfume. You should spray the perfume directly onto your skin. Hold the bottle about 3 to 6 inches away from your skin during application.

Begin light

If you just got a new perfume, you shouldn’t begin spraying heavily. You should always begin lightly. This means that you should start one spray around your chest region. Doing this makes your body system get more knowledgeable and comfortable with the new cologne. After doing this for a while, you can graduate to more sprays but never spray excessively.

Apply your perfume to heat areas

Basically, this means spraying your perfume on parts of your body that are more prone to heat. Why should you do this? Because your body heat helps you to push out the scent of the perfume all day long. This creates a nice trail of fragrance wherever you go.

So which parts of the body fall into the “heat area” category? The neck, chest, forearm, shoulder, inner elbow, wrist, and lower jaw. You shouldn’t spray all of these points at the same time else the scent will be excessive. Instead, choose two or three spots per spray.

Avoid walking into your spray

Many people like to spray their perfume in the air before walking into it. The notion is that it drops all over their body and keeps them smelling nice. Here’s the truth. Most of the perfume drops to the floor when you do this. If you don’t spray the heat areas, soon, you wouldn’t be smelling nice.


That’s it for the prices of Oud Touch Perfume in Zambia. We have also shown you how to spray perfumes to get better results.

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